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Stoner Introductions

Welcome To Stoner Haven! Introduce yourself Here and Join The Fun!

  • 2,179 topics
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Stoner Activism & Events

Stoner Activism & Events from around the world!

  • 25 topics
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Stoner Swap Shop

  1. Swap, Barter or Sell Items,
  2. Wanted Items,
  3. Medical/Recreational Legal States Classifieds

Classified Advertisements

  • 2 topics
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Guest Questions

  1. Soil Grow Help,
  2. Hydroponics Grow Help,
  3. Stoner Help Hotline

Sick plant? Need help quick? log in as a guest and get help!

  • 5 topics
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Marijuana Grow Journals

  1. Indoor Grow Journals,
  2. Test Journals,
  3. Auto Grow Journals

A private area only seen and accessible by established members. Bots/Crawlers/Guests/Banned Members have no ability to view any of the journals.

  • 271 topics
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General Marijuana Growing

  1. New Growers Information,
  2. Marijuana Strains,
  3. Auto Flowers,
  4. Nutrients,
  5. Training Methods,
  6. Marijuana Plant Problems,
  7. Harvesting and Curing ,
  8. Smoke Reports,
  9. General Marijuana Growing

All General Marijuana Growing Threads.

  • 476 topics
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Stoner Haven Organic Garden

  1. Organic Marijuana Archive

Organic gardening done clean and easy

  • 42 topics
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Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

  1. Grow Room Design/Setup,
  2. Stealth and Micro Grows,
  3. Vertical Growing,
  4. HID Growing,
  5. CFL Growing,
  6. LED Growing,
  7. Hydroponics,
  8. 12/12 From Seed

All Indoor Related Growing Information.

  • 196 topics
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Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation

Learn To Grow Marijuana Naturally Outdoors With The Power Of The Sun.

  • 48 topics
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Advanced Marijuana Cultivation

  1. Breeding

Discuss advanced techniques of marijuana cultivation.

  • 61 topics
  • 1,759 replies

Marijuana Concentrates and Extracts

Learn How to Make Concentrates and Extracts from Marijuana.

  • 62 topics
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Cooking With Marijuana

  1. Cooking Without Marijuana

The best recipes and techniques for cooking with marijuana.

  • 64 topics
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Do It Yourself Projects for growing and smoking Marijuana

  • 57 topics
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MMJ States

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  2. Arizona,
  3. California,
  4. Colorado,
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  6. DC,
  7. Delaware,
  8. Hawaii,
  9. Maine,
  10. Massachusetts,
  11. Michigan,
  12. Minnesota,
  13. Montana,
  14. Nevada,
  15. New Jersey,
  16. New Mexico,
  17. Oregon,
  18. Rhode Island,
  19. Vermont,
  20. Washington

Medically Legal / Legal U.S. States

  • 67 topics
  • 853 replies


  1. Cancer,
  2. Chronic Pain,
  3. Depression,
  4. Anxiety

Where Patients Discuss Strains and Effects

  • 68 topics
  • 789 replies


Trade tips, Tricks, and Advice

  • 9 topics
  • 680 replies


Dispensary Discussion Center

  • 15 topics
  • 141 replies


News Around The Medical Marijuana World

  • 1,521 topics
  • 2,778 replies

Healing Arts/Health and Fitness

  1. Stoner Haven Herbal Compendium

CannaHealth and Fitness, Healing Arts Section Yoga, Acupressure, Meditation, Herbs Minerals and Vitamins and Much much more.

  • 20 topics
  • 560 replies

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Stoner Talk

Toke it up and Talk it out !

  • 590 topics
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Stoner Music

Favorite tunes to get baked to

  • 105 topics
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Stoner Haven Contests

Register To Win Prizes!!

  • 4 topics
  • 259 replies

Stoner Gear

Weapons of Choice... Show off your Bongs, Pipes, Vapes, etc...

  • 53 topics
  • 1,557 replies

Stoner Man Cave

Scratching,Burping,Blowing things up and taking things apart for no good reason- If you say "ugh fire good" This is your place.
Stonettes enter at your own risk!

  • 14 topics
  • 366 replies

Stonettes Unite

For the Ladies and Ladies only

  • 11 topics
  • 1,668 replies

Stoner Flicks

Favorite movies to watch while baked !

  • 117 topics
  • 617 replies

Stoner Haven Discounts

Discounts with Vendors, Affiliates, and Sponsors.

  • 14 topics
  • 227 replies

Buddhas Cave

Can You Handle The Truth of The Cave ? Get Your Stoner Haven BuddhaScope Here !

  • 8 topics
  • 1,184 replies

Toggle Hallucinatory Haven Hallucinatory Haven

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Magic Mushrooms

  • 40 topics
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Trippy Movies and Music

Check it out Man! You might want to watch and listen to some of our great Trippy Picks!

  • 14 topics
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Toggle General Discussion General Discussion

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  1. Poker,
  2. MMA,
  3. Baseball,
  4. Basketball,
  5. Football,
  6. StonerHaven NFL Pick'em Game

Lets Talk About Sports That Stoners Love!

  • 1,314 topics
  • 2,955 replies

Video Games

Where The Stoners Play!
Any and all Video Game Discussion!

  • 57 topics
  • 655 replies

News and Politics

News from around the Stonerverse!

  • 241 topics
  • 2,631 replies

General Gardening

Non cannabis related Growing, Flowers, Vegetables, Trees!
What are you Growing?

  • 39 topics
  • 988 replies


  1. Evolution of Consciousness

Philosophical Discussions

  • 40 topics
  • 552 replies

The Great Outdoors

Hunting, Fishing, Any and all outdoor activities welcome!

  • 20 topics
  • 1,299 replies

Cars / Trucks / SUVS

Stoner Car Talk.
Whats your favorite car? what are you driving?
Have a Mechanical Problem?

  • 18 topics
  • 517 replies


Discuss and show off your pets !

  • 16 topics
  • 1,683 replies

Science and Technology

  1. Computer Talk

Talk about Science and Technology Stoner Haven Style

  • 34 topics
  • 266 replies


  1. Creative Writing

From Collections to Building Model Cars ...

  • 33 topics
  • 592 replies

Stoner Status Updates

  • Photo
      06 Dec

    Clerk asks me "Are you high?" I look at her to make sure she's not retarded, and say "How the fuck else you think I got smelling like this, giggling, and red eyed? Yeah I'm high. Should be obvious." She just giggled. WTF?

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  • Photo
      05 Dec

    Keep your heroine poppy and seed, give me your hash and a bundle of weed, i'll make us a cake and a nice cup of tea, and you can then come fly with me...... :)

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  • Photo
      17 Nov

    I'm back! We have a new place to call home. New places, faces, and People not caught up in the race!

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