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    Settled in and just smoked a bowl of the new flavor... Blue dream is pretty good, been smoking and still have some Gorilla glue, that's the bees knees fo sho! Might get some wax next week and make some ejuice for those little fake cigarettes. Y'all be good and be careful out there.
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    Last pic. The kid is coming home tonight.
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    pterra freekin dactyls!
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    Don't mind me, just playing with the new site: Wish it would shit on Europe for a while, been nice over there for weeks.
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    Thanks! Looks like quite an informative group, I am looking forward to learning new methods and to growing the best damn weed ever!!
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    Just read that the USA consumes 34% of all global manufacturing. Lotta junk! Keep this up and oneday our landfills will rival our mountains. Now I have to take aspirin and smoke a bowl while laying on an ice pack cuz my L4-L5 disk is crunching on my leg nerves. Pain makes me edgy and stressed. Y'all enjoy the day!
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    Fucking cat... Lol I put this in the window.. bad idea.. Was a pineapple chunk x trainwreck I'm revegging ...
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    Predator piss.. look for coyote piss or something similar(sporting goods store).. it may keep them away from the area.. or live traps( keep trap covered)
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    Well that will save some time... Thanks!
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    I can't say that we didn't have a skunk living here. it hung out with the cats under the porch during the heat of the day. I drew the line at digging under the house. That when I figured out that chicken wire laying on the dig are deters them.
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    It is raining again, 2 inches of snow tonight...here in Montana...err...Chicago...in mid-April. And I don't care, cuz' I grow fire! I saw all of these performers back when this was filmed, but not together on stage. How I do miss the 80's. Phil Collins played a mean drum. And can anyone tell me how to keep skunks from digging for grubs?, poison is not an option due to neighborhood cats. They are in my newly planted poppy garden. 4 foot tall chicken wire? Have a great day!!
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    They have a firm grip on the obvious.
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    new packaging on this fresh can of tobacco. Relabled Half of the can is covered in a big ass label informing us that this product contains nicotine [well, that why I fucking bought it. Thank you for confirming it has the "good stuff" left in] and that nicotine is addictive. IF you are buying rolling tobacco, I bet you are already aware of this...
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    Someone doesn't like your Jeep! ........rw
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    Nice and cool at Job. But nobody came. I guess they are showing up late. If it was going to be 97 they be too late. ..lol....rw I live on top of that mountain
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    Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in correction -
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    Wow pics look great on new site. Is that your son lama? Great way to see the world I agree!
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    Wife's had me stepping and a fetching since her ACL surgery yesterday. Anyways my new buddy and dealer (funny how that works) is coming by to smoke and drop off what I hope to be some straight funk. Still smoking gorilla glue but it's supposed to be different. Hopefully he'll bring his dab pen with his. That stuff makes me sweat lol.
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    Yes, yardwork! Someone roll a joint first. Happy weekend!!
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    I am hoping that at 4:20 EST or by 7:20 EST at least, I can have this done and up for consumption...Only leaving this here for a few minutes, wanted to give early birds a worm- lol!
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    Thanks Bro, Hopefully just someone pissed with them...i can see why someone would be and Looking at that 502 error and there cloud hosting out of Boston...SMH They have the $$ to fix it I think, There much more aligned with the Facebook model of doing things if that makes sense. Probably a better place to put this but sometimes we forget to explain to people- SH is hosted in Amsterdam, Many reasons why but to cut to #1 IF you were targeted by LEOs, They would have to go through us and then a court in Amsterdam to secure database information, The Netherlands are not real keen on doing things like that...Our TOS forbids copy's from website being used in any way not consistent with the sites usage, which protects posts from being copied and used as evidence. When we started this nearly all of us were in states that were not legal, and We are all felons by federal law...Information should be protected and privacy should be expected on Canna Sites! IMO...
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    Cream caramel starting to get some frost.. Sallimagda x crossroads not devil's highway..lol.. Supergirl x trainwreck
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    We got hammered hard with 30+ inches of snow at the beginning of the week.. this weekend is supposed to reach almost 70°f ... Probably going to have to get the kayaks out just to get in and out of the driveway..lol..
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    but when we figure out that all of that "junk" is valuable - we know where it is ... the landfill a long time ago, I told someone we would be mining the dump for things///
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    this is ZuluSkunk/Crossroad. I just water it it/they are volunteers. I pulled the big one on the right as a bull. It did not confirm my suspicion, just was looking that way. The plant beside it, is a female
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    Fucking Cat.....lol It will pull out of it!..........rw
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    The Zuluskunk is a pretty fool proof strain. It can handle what you give it or a little still grow big.........rw
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    In my little corner of alternate reality people seem increasingly neurotic. They'd probably feel better and not be so bothersome if they could just chill.
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    There is a rabbit hole I will side-step
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    He’s in his office this morning. Says he’s dragging ass. He landed at 7am and went straight to work.....gotta pay to play!
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    Moving in itself sucks, The work on a house you want to be rid of will definitely make you weary...went through same deal a couple years ago, Swore I will never move again!
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    Huh! I had a vision of work.....lol.......rw
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    Hey its 9:28 eastern and I'm very stoned - well, I just mentally beamed a thought image of something at you all. Did anyone get thought pic?
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    Supergirl x trainwreck p#1 Top was removed for clones.. Salli x devil's highway Salli x crossroads( again cuts for clones were removed)
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    A shot of the room.. First pics are of cream caramel This^one is the top (clone) from cc p#1 This is^ cc plant#1^. This is cc (cream caramel) plant#2 The notable trait I see in these compared to all the other plants are their deep toothed leaves.. I've topped almost all of the plants, most because of hight restrictions ( plants are on a 5'×8' table.. the other tops were taken for clones before the plants really started flowering.. I'll post more pics soon seeing it's A LOT! faster now...lol.. thanks for making the changes guy/guy's or whoever did it..
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    I had snow/ice yesterday- now everything is covered again and very sloppy! We call em flatlanders here too! (I pretend I never was one..lol) Anthrax is good if you like metal/thrash! Not much up here for music this summer either, half the older bands that tour only have one OG member or in some cases none...lol On stereos- are you as shocked as I am that people dont seek out great sound anymore? I see the lil bluetooth speakers and just You trying to get me on an anti-goverment rant...lol
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    Mornin? Was looking at the reports from Kauai. The had big rain and flooding and landslides. I have to wonder how much rain they got? The north shore is cut off. That takes some doing. I remember the road being closed a couple of times, due to excess rain. 11 inches ... overnight. But not landslides and all the other "fun". the "campers" stranded on the NaPali coast .... that why they went there. You HAVE to hike in. No road. The got exactly what they wanted ... isolation.
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    I recently saved a cat from somebody's trap. Kinda got stuck with her, not to mention the $700 vet bill for sawing off the leg. Coulda done it myself for the cost of a couple rubber bands, some staples, and a miniature of vodka. Named her Mia (missing in action )
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    Rainbow Mountain, Peru. 4 hrs · Cusco, Peru · Nestled high in the Peruvian Andes is Rainbow Mountain (known locally as Vinicuna). Your ascent will start at 14,600 feet (higher than anything in the continental US) until you reach 16,500 feet. Along the way you will see many alpaca trying to figure out what you’re thinking and local mountain people happy to see you.
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    I was drunk one time and decided to swim across the Lake close to me, like a half mile! I got about 2/3 of the way and decided I couldn't make it and swam back! My friend told me why didn't finish! I said I was tied.......lol........rw
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    I don't know what the other place looks like, or particularly care. I vote to keep the white [bright] background. Easier for me to read. the answer to more color ... more
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    Testing 123... I love the new auto-hyperlink feature, but if I may offer a bit of constructive advice; the new site could use more color...looks a bit too much like that "other" forum. Edit; The old logo on top of the homepage is helping already.
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    just finished breakfast. Pancakes I had help. The kid. She did good. "Mixed" the batter, poured it in the pan. Even had her flip a couple [I helped]. Flipping the finished cakes onto a plate. and she is eating the hell out of them. The kid and I get along great. If the wind isn't too tall, I told her we would go to the park and fly a kite. I have a couple that will drag her away, if the wind is stiff.
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