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Florida Medical Marijuana Backer Debated Pot with State...

News 29 Aug 2014
The battle royal over medical marijuana went down last night. And by "battle royal," we mean a debate between the heads of the two opposing sides.John Morgan, the Orland-based attorney and med...View the full article
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Virginia Governor McAuliffe Expresses Support For Medical...

News 29 Aug 2014
Gov. Terry McAuliffeEarlier this week, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe took a question about legalizing and regulating marijuana for adults’ use, as Colorado has done. While he is not “yet” supportive of this sensible policy change, he did use the question as an opportunity to express his suppo...
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Reddit-Hyped "Hash Hike" on 14er Under Attack by...

News 29 Aug 2014
News flash: Plenty of people in Colorado regularly engage in outdoor recreational activities after using marijuana. But the notion of a so-called "Hash Hike," slated to take place on (we're pret...View the full article
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    So I was on an adventure to meet up with my friend to toke then the bottom dropped. So this led me to take shelter at a place I have smoked at before under an overhang. There is a wooden crate at this particular location so since the wind blowing pretty fierce so I got in said wooden crate and toked in the middle of a pretty big storm.


    Then met up with my friend and toked again.

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