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Marijuana News

Oregon to Allow Retail Marijuana Sales at Existing Medica...

News 30 Jul 2015
Gov. Kate BrownOregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Monday that would enable adult residents of the state to legally purchase marijuana starting in October. The private use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana became legal this past July, but the state has not begun accepting applications fo...
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Chris Christie Reaffirms Opposition to State Marijuana Le...

News 29 Jul 2015
In recent months, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly said that he does not agree with marijuana legalization and would most likely end the current policy which allows states to determine their own marijuana laws provided they meet certain criteria, earning him a grade of “F” on MPP...
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New Hampshire Poll Shows Increasing Support for Ending Ma...

News 29 Jul 2015
A WMUR Granite State Poll found that 60% of New Hampshire adults support making marijuana legal. It also reported 72% support for decriminalizing  simple marijuana possession.In early June, the Senate blocked a widely supported bill that would have removed criminal penalties f...
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