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Marijuana News

Bills to Regulate Marijuana Introduced in Illinois

News 23 Mar 2017
Rep. Kelly Cassidy and Sen. Heather Steans introduced bills Wednesday that would finally end cannabis prohibition in Illinois. Identical bills, one introduced in the House and one in the Senate, would allow adults to use, possess, and cultivate limited amounts of cannabis with no penalty, and wou...
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Key Committee Approves Marijuana Possession Bill in Vermont

News 23 Mar 2017
The Vermont House Judiciary Committee voted 8-3 to approve H. 170, a bill that would eliminate penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana and a small number of plants. Additionally, an independent poll commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project and conducted by Public Policy Polling fo...
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Nevada Considers Social Consumption Bill

News 23 Mar 2017
Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom introduced Senate Bill 236, which aims to allow social use of marijuana in public places such as lounges, bars, coffee shops, and special events like fairs and concerts. SB 236 would allow local governments to issue permits to businesses and licenses for special eve...
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