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Marijuana News

Blast From the Past: Ten Hilarious Anti-Marijuana Commerc...

News 16 Mar 2018
<p>America’s history of being wrong-headed about cannabis is well-documented on a variety of platforms, but the funniest way to examine it today is on YouTube. Host to a wide range of entertaining lunacy, YouTube’s rabbit holes can lead down some weird paths, including flat-earth the...
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Trump Tax Cuts Will Lead to Pot Industry Hiring Rush, Stu...

News 15 Mar 2018
When President Donald Trump implemented the sweeping 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, most of America wasn’t concerned with how it’d affect the legal cannabis industry. But a recent study from New Frontier Data, an analytics firm serving the legal cannabis industry, predicts legal pot would gener...
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Why Colorado Tokers Love Hercules

News 15 Mar 2018
For most generations, Hercules (or Heracles, if you want to get technical) denotes strength and resiliency. But for mine, he was a cartoon taking orders from a minotaur voiced by Danny DeVito, or a loud kid who made childhood obesity funny in The Nutty Professor. Still, when I found a cannab...
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