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Marijuana News

Louisiana Getting Closer to a Workable Medical Marijuana...

News 27 May 2016
The Louisiana Legislature continues to repeat its mistakes. For nearly 40 years, flawed legislative drafting has prevented the establishment of a workable medical marijuana program. Yesterday, the House took another step forward by passing S.B. 180, but it failed to fix a key omission.Last week,...
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Connecticut to Expand Medical Marijuana Access to Pediatr...

News 27 May 2016
Gov. Dannel MalloyEarlier this month, Gov. Dannel Malloy signed HB 5450, which will make changes to Connecticut’s medical marijuana program including to allow certain patients who are under 18 to access medical cannabis. The bill previously passed the House 129 to 3 and the Senate 23 to 1.To part...
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As more states legalize marijuana, adolescents' probl...

News 24 May 2016
A survey of more than 216,000 adolescents from all 50 states indicates the number of teens with marijuana-related problems is declining. Similarly, the rates of marijuana use by young people are falling despite the fact more US states are legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana use and the number...
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