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News 09 Mar 2014
Anyone else aware of this? I was wondering about BitCoin until I spotted an article about PotCoin on another forum. When you think about a capitalistic society,it makes sense that they would worry more about paying for it than making it legal.   Now all I have to worry about is talking mysel...
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Ohio Man Lights Up Bong after High Speed Cop Chase

News 22 Oct 2014
Put yourself in this situation: you've just driven across state lines while running from the police when your car skids out and rolls several times into a ditch. What's the first thing that come...View the full article
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'Illiterate' Defendant Who Couldn't Understan...

News 22 Oct 2014
When 18-year-old Willi Adames was held by police in connection with a fatal shooting in June of 2008, he ostensibly waived his right to an attorney before giving a detailed, recorded statement ...View the full article
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    @  Sunbiz1 : (24 October 2014 - 10:08 AM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topic
    The Deadly Drive.
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    Take a peek at the following vid, the real fun begins at the 7 minute mark. I used to spend summers near this pass in Colorado, the town you see a mile below is Telluride. Also, check out the 19 minute mark, dude from Iowa is doing about 25 down a 45 degree slope...then all of the sudden hits a real nasty switchback. One slip off the brake/mechanical failure and they will likely never find your remains.


    That's why I'd walk, I just don't trust any vehicle this much with my life:








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