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Marijuana News

Study Shows Marijuana 114 Times Less Deadly Than Alcohol

News 25 Feb 2015
A study recently published in Scientific Reports compared the risk of death associated with a number of drugs, including marijuana. The results added even more evidence proving that marijuana is far safer than legal alcohol.The Washington Post reports:Researchers sought to quantify the...
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Boycott Holiday Inn!

News 20 Feb 2015
Yesterday, a Holiday Inn hotel operator in Colorado and a national anti-marijuana organization filed a federal lawsuit intended to shut down all of Colorado’s legal marijuana retail stores and cultivation facilities.MPP is encouraging everyone who supports legalizing and regulating marijuana to (...
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Marijuana-Growing Operation Discovered at Maraschino Cher...

News Yesterday, 12:12 AM
Brooklyn-based Maraschino Cherry factory owner Arthur Mondella fatally shot himself Tuesday after authorities discovered a massive marijuana-growing operation on the premises. According to CBS News, authorities were investigating accusations that Dell’s Maraschino Cherries was illegally dumping h...
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