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Marijuana News

Why Colorado Tokers Love Kandy Kush

News 23 Sep 2016
<p>I like to consider myself a manly man in most regards — I drink my coffee black, like my beers strong and consider V-necks a stain upon society. But when it comes to marijuana, I’m pretty much a yoga-pants-wearing wimp holding a pumpkin-spice latte: I like my strains sweet, sugary and...
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Don’t Legalize Marijuana — Decriminalize It, Colorado Spr...

News 22 Sep 2016
<p>Ray Stern | Toke of the Town Mayor John Suthers of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an outspoken opponent of marijuana legalization — but even he doesn’t support Arizona’s felony-possession law. Suthers — also a former Colorado Attorney General — came to Arizona this week to denounce Pro...
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Boston-Area Evidence Tampering Scandal Could Endanger Dru...

News 22 Sep 2016
<p>Hundreds of cases may not go forward. Here’s your daily round-up of pot-news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Download WeedWeek’s free 2016 election guide here. An emerging evidence-tampering scandal in Boston-suburb Braintree has jeopardized hundreds of drug prosecutions. Form...
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