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New York City's New Marijuana Policy Has Been In Effe...

News 21 Nov 2014
It's been two days since New York City began a more lenient, pot-friendly approach to public display of cannabis. And while we won't have any concrete data for weeks or months, we imagine it's al...View the full article
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Alaska Cops Holding on to Prohibition as Long as They Can

News 21 Nov 2014
Despite the passage of new laws making the possession of small amounts of pot legal in Alaska, prosecutors in the state say they'll still be pursuing cannabis cases until the new laws are signed ...View the full article
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Bipartisan Bill Would Give VA Doctors Ability to Recommen...

News 21 Nov 2014
We should be well beyond questioning whether or not marijuana helps our returning veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions. But instead, vets are still denied access...View the full article
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    @  Neosapien : (22 November 2014 - 06:02 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topic
    Worm Bins...
    posted in DIY -

    Thinking that's gonna be my next project when I get back from vacation.  Idle hands are the devil's play thingy.  Something like that. 


    Anyone have a diy worm bin?  That I could see pictures of?  Any thoughts?    I have a lot of scrap wood that I know I could recycle into a worm bin.  I've done some research and people say plastic is better but I just hate the thought of buying more plastic when I have all this wood!  I could just put a plastic tub I already have under the bin to catch the yummy tea, right?


    I think this could be a fun project.  Certainly worthwhile.  What say you gang? 

    @  PureGro1 : (22 November 2014 - 04:14 PM) Weekly Poker For All Stonerhaven Members! http://www.stonerhav...rhaven-members/ Tonight 9pm EST
    @  SirNovak : (22 November 2014 - 01:13 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topic
    iPower Grow Lights and More
    posted in Stoner Haven Discounts -

    Hey all, 


    Came across this great deal online on all this different grow stuff, 


    Only lasts until November 27th 2014 so if you are looking for new lights, carbon filters, exhausts fans.... now is the time to snag some, 


    here's the link! 





    Everything ships for  flat. 


    And it's a trusted site I use all the time for a bunch of different stuff,  you can even sign in using an amazon account which makes it easy for most people. 

    @  StonerHavenNews : (21 November 2014 - 09:20 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topicSource: Peterson's season over after ruling posted in Sports - Arbitrator Shyam Das has ruled in favor of the NFL on Tuesday evening, saying the league can keep Adrian Peterson on the commissioner's exempt list, effectively ending any chance the Minnesota Vikings running back will play again this season.

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    @  StonerHavenNews : (21 November 2014 - 09:20 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topicBlount: Happy release led to return to Pats posted in Sports - Patriots coach Bill Belichick says LeGarrette Blount will have to earn his playing time with the Patriots "just like everybody else."

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    @  StonerHavenNews : (21 November 2014 - 09:20 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topicRaiders' Woodson on celebration: 'Ridiculous' posted in Sports - Veteran safety Charles Woodson has been one of the Oakland Raiders' most consistent defensive players this season and has been a model of professionalism on and off the field.

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    @  StonerHavenNews : (21 November 2014 - 09:20 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topicSources: Pats' Gray late, doesn't practice posted in Sports - Patriots running back Jonas Gray didn't practice Friday because he didn't report to the team's facility on time, according to two sources.

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    @  StonerHavenNews : (21 November 2014 - 09:20 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topicSnow business: Bills make trip to Detroit posted in Sports - After enduring three days of epic snowfall, the Bills made their way from Buffalo to Detroit for Monday's rescheduled game against the Jets.

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    @  NEVERLEARN : (21 November 2014 - 03:53 PM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topic
    How do my girls look?
    posted in Advanced Marijuana Cultivation -

    Well its been interesting to see how these clones have been dealing with 40-55 temps at night outside, lve been trying to bring them indoors(garage) when it gets too cold but l missed a night here or there sometimes ,anyway how do they look? A little to much water? Or fertilizer? Or too cold? I know it's the middle of Nov any advice would be appreciated
    @  Liveforever : (21 November 2014 - 02:37 AM) Stoner Haven would like to wish attho a happy Stonerversary.
    @  PureGro1 : (20 November 2014 - 08:41 AM) HIGH Stoners, I Just posted a New topic2014 Cannabis Cup posted in Stoner Events - Amsterdam
    Early registration will begin at Coffeeshop Amnesia on Friday 11/21 and Saturday 11/22 from noon - 5pm and expo doors open Sunday 11/23 at noon.
    Amnesia is located at:
    Herengracht 133
    1015 BG Amsterdam
    Here are the new rules that we must follow:
    1) Expo attendees and those working the booths will only be allowed up to 5 grams of personal cannabis or hash.
    2) Security will be on hand to search bags and back bags and will confiscate amounts over the 5 grams.
    3) Solvent-based cannabis extracts are not legal under Dutch law. You will not be allowed to bring shatter, wax or torches into the Expo.
    4) Vendors are not allowed to distribute or share cannabis or cannabis-related products with the attendees. The mayor’s office is strictly enforcing this NO cannabis distribution law -- to smoke at the Expo you will need to bring your own.
    FREE buses will be running from Central Station to the Cannabis Cup Expo and back beginning at Noon each day until 8pm. This is the best means of transportation with like-minded friends.
    See you there!

    HIGH TIMES returns to Amsterdam for its 27th Cannabis Cup. It’s scheduled during Thanksgiving Week, a five-day celebration of international cannabis products. Each year, the legend of the Cannabis Cup grows as judges return home to share highlights of the event. The Cannabis Cup has always enabled judges to experience true cannabis freely and without worry, regardless of whether they are a medical patient or reside in an area where cannabis is outlawed.

    Schedule of Events
    Doors open at noon for all attendees. 
    Sunday, November 23
    "An Overview of the Glandular Trichome and Isolation Methods” presented by Bubbleman
    “Expert Growers Speak Out” hosted by Danny Danko
    Robert Connell Clarke presents “What Will Be the Future of Cannabis”
    “Curing and Storing Award-Winning Cannabis” presented by James Loud and Mike Seeds
    “DJ Party” at the Melkweg
    Monday. November 24
    “Moving from Medical Use to Full Legalization” presented by Keith Stroup
    “Beginner Grow Tips for Indoor Cultivation: Get Growing Now!” presented by Nico Escondido
    “Cannabis Cuisine of Your Dreams” presented by Elise McDonough
    Meet Marc Emery: Canada’s Prince of Pot
    Celebrate Mila's 70th birthday! The “Hash Queen of Amsterdam” hosts a night of music and marijuana merriment.
    Tuesday, November 25
    “Grow Like A Pro” featuring live Q & A presented by Nico Escondido
    "Breeding feminized seeds the BC Bud Depot way"
    “The Military-Industrial Complex vs. the Cannabis-Industrial Complex” presented by Soma
    A live episode of Free Weed From Danny Danko featuring top cultivation expert
    The LOX: Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch, at the Melkweg
    Wednesday, November 26
    1 pm
    “Farm Report: Memories of Alexander and Ann Shulgin” presented by Paul Daley
    "Stop Wasting Time and Money Preaching to the Choir" presented by Robert Platshorn
    “The Greenhouse & Strain Hunters: Creators of Champions” presented by Arjan and Franco
    “Twenty Years of the Pollinator” presented by Mila
    Judges’ Night
    Visit Amsterdam’s coffeeeshops and sample the strains entered at the Cannabis Cup!
    Thursday, November 27
    "The new recreational laws of Colorado" presented by Scott of Rare Dankness
    “Cali Connection: The High-flying Future” presented by Swerve
    “DNA: Creating Champions the DNA Way” presented by Don and Aaron
     The 27th Cannabis Cup Awards ceremony presented at the Melkweg followed by Rebelution and Dirty Heads.
    Lifetime Achievement Award: Marc Emery
    Marc Emery began his cannabis activism in 1990, when he launched a campaign to challenge Canada's 1987 ban on books and magazines about marijuana—in particular, HIGH TIMES magazine. (It also banned bongs, pipes and all smoking devices.) 
    By 1995, Emery had achieved that early goal; pot books and magazines were made legal.
    But Marc is most famous for starting a political, capitalist cannabis movement across Canada. In 1994, he began selling cannabis seeds as a fundraising tool, which allowed him donate  million to ballot initiatives, lawsuits against the US federal government, Canadian Supreme Court challenges and a huge array of campaigns. Marc was publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine from 1994 to 2009. He says he was greatly influenced by Ayn Rand and the late Jack Herer. 
    He has been arrested 28 times for pot-related offenses, raided 5 times, and has been jailed or imprisoned 23 times. This past August, Marc was released from a US federal prison after serving a 5-year sentence for selling seeds. In a US court, he agreed that he had distributed 3 million seeds to the US from 1995-2005.
    Marc‘s famous quote is "Plant the Seeds of Freedom, Overgrow the Government." He has lived those words. We salute him for his activism and are honored to present him with the Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Our 2014 Inductees to the Counterculture Hall of Fame: Sasha and Ann Shulgin
    Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin, Ph.D., was a pharmacologist and chemist known for his creation of new psychoactive chemicals. In 1960, Sasha tried mescaline for the first time. 
    He then experimented with synthesizing chemicals with structures similar to mescaline such as DOM. 
    He taught public health at Berkeley and San Francisco General Hospital. Although he didn't invent it, Sasha first synthesized MDMA in 1965; however, he did not try it at that time. 
    In 1976, the effects of MDMA were described to Sasha by an undergrad at San Francisco State University. Sasha was inspired to cook up a batch of the drug, which he began testing on himself in September of that year. He found the compound to have worthwhile qualities.
    In 1977 he introduced the material to Leo Zeff, an Oakland psychologist who worked with psychedelics in his therapy practice. Zeff introduced hundreds of therapists to MDMA and word quickly spread outside the therapist community. 
    After that, Sasha Shulgin synthesized and self-tested hundreds of psychoactive chemicals, recording his work in five books and more than two hundred papers. 
    He was a fixture in the psychedelic community, who testified in court, granted frequent interviews and instilled a sense of rational scientific thought into the world of self-experimentation and psychoactive ingestion.
    Sasha's partner Ann Shulgin also conducted psychedelic therapy sessions with MDMA before it was placed on the US government’s list of banned controlled substances. In her writings, she has stressed the potential of these drugs from a psychoanalytic perspective, as well as their use in combination with hypnotherapy. She often appears as a speaker at conventions, and has continued to advocate the use of psychedelics in therapeutic contexts.
    Sasha and Ann authored the books Pihkal and Tihkal and contributed to the books Thanatos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration, Entheogens and the Future of Religion, Ecstasy: The Complete Guide, The Secret Chief Revealed, Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics, and Manifesting Minds: A Review of Psychedelics in Science, Medicine, Sex, and Spirituality.
    In April of 2010, Sasha and Ann Shulgin were honored for their lifetime of achievements in the field at the Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference in San Jose, CA
    On November 17, 2010 Sasha suffered a stroke. Though his recovery went well, he continued to face a variety of age-related health challenges. On June 2nd, 2014, he died at home surrounded by friends and family.
    On Thursday night, Paul Daley, a long-time colleague of the Shulgins, will represent the couple at the Cannabis Cup Awards.
    Freedom Fighter of the Year: Robert Platshorn
    Robert Platshorn is the author of Black Tuna Diaries. He is America's longest (30 years) imprisoned non-violent marijuana offender. Raised on South St. in downtown Philadelphia, acting ambitions earned him a supporting role in a successful off Broadway play while still in high school. The same skill led to Robert becoming one of America's most famous pitchmen. The late Billy Mays called him a “legend in the pitch business.” He was seen for years on TV, at fairs and shows selling Vita Mix, frozen food knives and gadgets. 
    At 24, he moved to London to found Dynamic Reading Institutes. Starting with a rented classroom, within three years he had opened fourteen schools in three countries. Upon his return to the US, he started the Ice Cream Factory. Using a unique pushcart that he invented, he became the second largest distributor of Breyers ice cream.
    In 1975, he moved to Miami, FL to attend law school. At that time, Miami was the center of the Colombian pot trade. Robert turned his business acumen to the mission of smuggling Colombian pot.
    Attorney general Griffin Bell named Robert's organization the “Black Tuna Gang” and alleged they were responsible for smuggling most of the marijuana crossing the Florida coast. In 1979, a year after quitting the smuggling business, he was indicted, convicted and sentenced to 64 years in federal prison. He was released in late 2008 after serving almost 30 years in eleven different prisons.
    In 2010 he founded The Silver Tour to teach seniors the benefits of medical marijuana. Robert now lives in Florida with his wife Lynne. He works for medical marijuana and was actively collected signatures for this year’s Florida ballot medical marijuana initiative. He has appeared in the media constantly to promote the cause, as well as speaking at universities, concerts, benefits and expos and in the media to promote the cause and tell his story.
    We are honored to name Robert Platshorn as the HIGH TIMES Freedom Fighter of the Year for 2014!
    Action Bronson will play Monday night at the Melkweg (Lijnbaansgracht 234a, 1017 PH), and the Dirty Heads and Rebelution will play Thursday night. Here a clip of the Dirty Heads cooking Dixon's Doozies:


    What is the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup about? 
    This year HIGH TIMES will be celebrating its 27th year hosting the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, where every attendee has the opportunity to vote for their favorite strain and companies who host booths at the week-long Expo outdo each other in their attempts to impress judges. It's a party the likes of which few people have seen. And if there is ever a moment when, as an attendee, you just can't possibly smoke one more joint (come on, it's happened to everybody), look around -- you're in AMSTERDAM! Go see the sights (and they are gorgeous).


    Anyway, we thought that the 27th year of HT's Cannabis Cup was the perfect time to map out the past 25 years. Some of the info is missing -- mostly because we don't remember everything -- but most of its there, so enjoy:
    1988 -- 1st Cannabis Cup
    Judges: Three (Steve Hager, Dr. Indoors, photographer)
    Entrants: Super Sativa Seed Club, Sensi Seed Club, Nevil’s Seed Bank, Cultivators’ Choice
    Winners: Cultivators’ Choice -- Skunk #1
    1989 -- 2nd Cannabis Cup
    Judges: Six
    Entrants: Super Sativa Seed Club, Sensi Seed Club, Nevil’s Seed Bank, Cultivators’ Choice
    Winners: Nevil’s Seed Bank -- Early Pearl/Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5/Haze
    1990 -- 3rd Cannabis Cup
    Judges: Included Furry Freak Brothers artists Gilbert Shelton and Paul Mavrides, founders of the Dutch Provo activist movement
    Winners: Nevil’s Seed Bank -- Northern Lights #5
    Artist: Gilbert Shelton and Paul Mavrides
    Memorable moments: first Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Thom Harris
    1991 -- 4th Cannabis Cup
    Judges: Included Simon Vinkenoog and Rodger Belknap
    Entrants: Coffeeshops replace seed companies
    Winners: Free City - Skunk
    1992 -- 5th Cannabis Cup
    Judges: included Elvy Musikka and Dr. Eric Fromberg
    Entrants: return of the seed companies: Sensi Seed Bank, Homegrown Fantasy, Bluebird, others
    Winners: Haze x Skunk #1 -- Homegrown Fantasy
    Memorable moments: Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Elvy Musikka
    1993 -- 6th Cannabis Cup
    Judges: 50; celebrity judges included Gatewood Galbraith, Jack Herer, Paul Krassner and Sebastian Bach
    Entrants: Dutch Passion, NHV, Nirvana and Sensi Seed Bank, 22 coffeeshops
    Winners: Sensi Seed Bank -- Haze x Northern Lights #5
    Memorable moments: event open to the public for first time; Robin Ludwig creates the first Cannabis Cup trophies, Green House enters for first time; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Gatewood Galbraith
    1994 -- 7th Cannabis Cup
    Judges: 700 judges; celebrity judges included Soma, Chris Conrad, Jack Herer and Enuff Z’Nuff
    Entrants: Sensi Seed Bank, Cerebral Seeds, Positronics, 15 coffeeshops
    Winners: Sensi Seed Bank -- Jack Herer
    Artist: Kenny Scharf
    Memorable moments: evening ceremonies move to Melkweg; article about Cup appears in The New York Times Magazine; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Jack Herer
    1995 -- 8th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Rainbow Family
    Judges: 1,500 judges; celebrity judges include Stephen and Ina May Gaskin, Alex and Allyson Grey, Ed Rosenthal and Chef RA
    Entrants: 21 coffeeshops; five seed companies, two entries from US, one from Canada, one from Switzerland
    Winners: White Widow -- Green House wins four Cups; Sensi Seed Bank wins Seed Company Cup; Bluebird wins the Hash Cup.
    Artist: Alex Grey
    Memorable moments: event takes on a theme for the first time; Green House wins Cannabis Cup for first time; Morley Safer attends and produces a feature for 60 Minutes
    1996 -- 9th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Native American
    Judges: Celebrity judges include Dennis Peron, Mel Frank, John Trudell, Mila, Felipe Chavez and Eagle Bill.
    Winners: White Russian -- De Dampkring (won four Cups total)
    Artist: Jeff Wood
    1997 -- 10th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Reggae / Rasta
    Judges: celebrity judges include Rita Marley, Ras Menelik, Rocker T, Robin Ludwig, Mountain Girl, the HIGH TIMES staff
    Winners: Peace Maker - De Dampkring; Homegrown Fantasy wins the Seed Company Cup
    Memorable moments: Counterculture Hall of Fame is introduced, with Bob Marley becoming the first inductee
    1998 -- 11th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Jazz
    Judges: John Sinclair
    Winners: Green House -- Super Silver Haze
    Artist: Banks Clayton
    Memorable moments: inductions of Louis Armstrong and Mezz Mezzrow into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; De Dampkring pulls out, declaring the event had become too commercial
    1999 -- 12th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: The Beats
    Judges: Celebrity judges included Robert Anton Wilson, Carolyn Cassady, John Cassady, Paul Krassner
    Winners: Green House -- Super Silver Haze
    Artist: Sweetbryar Ludwig
    Performers: Fishbone, Culture, Kottonmouth Kings
    Memorable moments: Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs are inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Seed Company Cup is split into two categories (sativa and indica)
    2000 -- 13th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Goddess
    Judges: Cannabis Castaways (HT reality show stars chosen by Steve Hager)
    Winners: Blueberry from the Noon; Kali Mist from Serious Seeds for sativa and Blueberry from Dutch Passion for indica.
    Artist: Steve Marcus
    Performers: Patti Smith, Upright Citizens Brigade, Jefferson Starship, Galactic
    Memorable moments: Ina May Gaskin becomes the first living inductee into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Cannabis Cup is decided by six Cannabis Castaways instead of public judges; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Keith Stroup
    2001 -- 14th Cannabis Cup
    Winners: Barney’s Breakfast Bar -- Sweet Tooth
    Performers: 311, Steel Pulse
    Memorable moments: Paul Krassner is inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; event scaled down due to 9/11 tragedy; Barney’s wins Cup for first time; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Vivian McPeak
    2002 -- 15th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Peace
    Winners: Barney’s -- Morning Glory; Mother’s Finest from Sensi Seed Bank won the Sativa; Hog from THSeeds won the Indica.
    Performers: Fishbone, Steel Pulse
    Memorable moments: Bob Dylan and Joan Baez inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Cup founder Steve Hager is arrested for possessing too much pot; first Cannabis Cup DVD is released
    2003 -- 16th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Conspiracy
    Winners: Hawaiian Snow - Green House; White Haze from White Label Seeds won the Sativa; and MK-ULTRA from THSeeds won the Indica. :
    Performers: George Clinton
    Memorable moments: Jack Herer is inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Mike and Valerie Corral
    2004 -- 17th Cannabis Cup
    Winners: Barney’s - Amnesia Haze
    Artist: Jeff Wood
    Memorable moments: Stephen Gaskin inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Freedom Fighter of the Year given to Eddy Lepp; Canadian seed companies (Reeferman Seeds and BC Bud Depot) enter for first time and win Indica and Sativa Cups
    2005 -- 18th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Native American
    Winners: Barney’s -- Willie Nelson; The Indica Cup was won by Lavender from Soma Seeds, and DNA took the Sativa Cup with Martian Mean Green.
    Artist: Jeff Wood
    Performers: Patti Smith, John Trudell
    Memorable moments: John Trudell is inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Alex White Plume is named Freedom Fighter of the Year
    2006 -- 19th Cannabis Cup
    Winners: Green House - Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1; Kiwi Seeds won the Sativa Cup with Mako Haze, Big Buddha Seeds won the Indica Cup with Big Buddha Cheese.
    Artist: Alex Grey
    Performers: Kottonmouth Kings and Muck Sticky
    Memorable moments: Garrick Beck and Barry “Plunker” Adams are inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Bobby Black arrested for distributing weed; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Richard Lee
    2007—20th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Comedy
    Judges: Tommy Chong
    Winners: G-13 Haze -- Barney’s wins Cannabis Cup, Hash Cup and Nederhash Cup; The Sativa Cup was won by Apothecary Seed's Kia Kush, while the Indica Cup was won by Amnesia Seed's Top Dog.
    Artist: Jeff Wood
    Performers: Tommy Chong, Redman, Moe, Pyrx
    Memorable moments: Expo, Opening Ceremonies and Awards Show all moved to the PowerZone; 20th anniversary DVD is released; a tarot deck featuring the High Times staff and Cup celebs; Cheech and Chong inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Tommy Chong
    2008 -- 21st Cannabis Cup
    Winners: Super Lemon Haze -- Green House
    Performers: Andrew Tosh, Kimani Marley, Cenci Wailer
    Memorable moments: Peter Tosh is inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame;
    2009 -- 22nd Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Smugglers
    Winners: Super Lemon Haze -- Green House
    Artist: Steve Marcus
    Performers: Slightly Stoopid, Dilated Peoples, Easy Star All-Stars, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Starship, David Peel
    Memorable moments: HT founder Tom Forcade is inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Rick Simpson
    2010 -- 23rd Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Hip-Hop
    Winners: Tangerine Dream -- Barney’s
    Artist: Dome
    Performers: Kid Cudi, Dilated Peoples, Devin the Dude, DJ Muggs, Del the Funky Homosapien, Curren$y
    Memorable moments: Coke LaRock is inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame
    2011 -- 24th Cannabis Cup
    Theme: Psychedelic
    Judges: Michael and Carol Randall, Travis Ashbrook of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love
    Winners: Liberty Haze -- Barney’s
    Artist: Punchgut
    Performers: B-Real, B.O.B, Winstrong, Dilated Peoples, DJ Logic
    Memorable moments: Expo moves to new venue Borchland and is raided by Dutch police; Debbie Goldsberry is named Freedom Fighter of the Year; “Farmer” John Griggs is inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame; Freedom Fighter of the Year award given to Debby Goldsberry
    2012 -- 25th Cannabis Cup
    Winners: Green House -- Flower Bomb Kush
    Artist: Billy Perkins
    Performers: Ghostface Killa, MF Doom, Styles P, Fun Loving Criminals
    2013 -- 25th Cannabis Cup
    Gold Coast Collection -- Whitewalker OG
    Artist: Billy Perkins
    Performers: The Wailers, Marlon Asher, Smif-n-Wessun, Cam'ron, Killer Mike, El-P


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