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Marijuana News

Ask a Stoner: Can I Buy CBD Kief?

News 20 Feb 2018
Dear Stoner: Can I buy CBD kief? Like, is that a thing? And does hemp kief have any CBD in it?  The HuffThe post Ask a Stoner: Can I Buy CBD Kief? appeared first on Toke of the Town.View the full article
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Colorado’s Most Anti-Pot Newspaper Launches New Attack on...

News 19 Feb 2018
The Colorado Springs Gazette, owned by conservative billionaire Phil Anschutz, has earned a reputation as the most overtly anti-marijuana major newspaper in the state. And while the first entry in a new series presented beneath the banner “Is Colorado better off five years after le...
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Medicine Man Dispensary Names Marijuana Strain After Jeff...

News 19 Feb 2018
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — but in 2018, imitation can also be simple mockery. Count a Denver dispensary chain’s decision to name a marijuana strain after United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions among the latter. Inspired by the AG’s public remarks and his recent r...
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