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Marijuana News

Denver Vape and Play Hopes to Be Denver’s First Pot Lounge

News 19 Sep 2017
<p>The City of Denver announced it was ready to accept applications for social cannabis consumption areas in late August, but no businesses have yet applied for license. That may change soon, however, now that three local entrepreneurs plan to open a cannabis vaping lounge – once they fin...
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Colorado Stakeholders Discuss New Marijuana Research Lice...

News 18 Sep 2017
<p>Cannabis’s federally illegal status makes it difficult to conduct licensed clinical research on the plant and products made from it, hampering medical and commercial advancements in cultivation, extraction and ingestion. Colorado legislators got tired of waiting for the feds, and...
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No More Edibles Shaped Like Animals, Fruit or Humans in C...

News 16 Sep 2017
<p>What do the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and Trix cereal have in common? More than you might think. In 2007, Trix shocked the world when the fruit-shaped corn pieces were replaced with generic round puffs. Ten years later, the MED wants the cannabis industry to go just as ge...
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