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Marijuana News

Missouri Man Serving Life Sentence for Marijuana Released...

News 01 Sep 2015
In August, a Missouri man serving a life sentence for a non-violent marijuana violation was pardoned after an outpouring of public pressure. Today, Jeff Mizanskey walked out of prison a free man after more than 20 years of incarceration.KRCG reports:Jeff Mizanskey walked out of the...
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Vermont House Speaker Supports Legalization

News 01 Sep 2015
Vermont House Speaker Shap Smith, previously undecided about whether to support a bill that would make marijuana legal for adults and regulate it similarly to alcohol, has put his support behind such a measure for the 2016 sessionVT House Speaker Shap Smith (photo: Ben Sarle) .Verm...
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Michigan Official Rejects Autism as Qualifying Condition...

News 28 Aug 2015
On Thursday, a Michigan official denied an application to add autism to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in the state.Detroit Free Press reports:The decision followed three years of efforts by parents of autistic children, their lawyers and supporters to have Michigan becom...
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