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Marijuana News

Montana Court Rules Medical Marijuana Providers Can Start...

News 08 Dec 2016
<div>In an important new development in <a href="https://www.mpp.org/states/montana"><strong>Montana</strong></a>, District Court Judge James Reynolds ruled Wednesday that <a href="http://mtpr.org/post/parts-montanas-medical-marijuana-initiative-ta...
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Maine Initiative Recount Wasting Time and Taxpayer Money

News 08 Dec 2016
Last week, the group opposing the successful initiative to make marijuana legal in Maine moved forward with a recount, despite the cost to the taxpayer and the very slim chances of overturning Question 1.“We respectfully ask the No on 1 Campaign to follow the lead of the No on 2 Campaign and with...
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Obama Thinks Marijuana Should Be Legal, Still Has Time fo...

News 08 Dec 2016
In an interview with Rolling Stone published Nov. 29, President Barack Obama spoke candidly about how he thinks marijuana should be treated:You can now buy marijuana legally on the entire West Coast. So why are we still waging the War on Drugs? It is a colossal failure. Why are we still...
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