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  1. Happy 4/20/2018

    Happy 420 S.H. So, one day I'm going to create a logo for my, pipe dream business, lol. I'm going to spin off the shrxhky420, I currently use. It's going to be SH(Rx)420. What ya'll think? SH420
  2. Sup shrx's. How are you celebrating 4:20 day?


    1. Shrxhky420


      S'up fishy!? I just happen to get off work warly today and was able to spark up at 4:20! Yea me! 

      I don't normally drink, but headed to the bar had 4 beers and split. Smoked a bowl and dabbed on the way home. Had 2 more bowls since I got home and I'm having another beer, listening to my current, favorite band, fortunate youth. 


      What's good with you?


    2. Farmerfischer


      Just got done smoking..lol.. thinking to myself, damn! I think im starting to get high... Been waiting for my woman to get home to get the tune on..  all good now..:stoned-smiley:

  3. Where I worked today

    Am I the only one that sees mycos pic? Good looking plant brother SH420
  4. monkeying around

    Best wishes to you wife, hope for a speedy recovery! SH420
  5. monkeying around

    Hey @Mycobro Where you be brother? Was just wondering how things were growing. You taking care of yourself? Hope you and the family are doing well and staying healthy. SH420
  6. Wake & Bake

    I'm fighting this battle now. I'm try to get a raise. I'm only looking to get another $20k a year. I think it's coming. If not, I have to find another job. I can't afford to stay there otherwise. It's the weekend, enough about work. I have gardening to tend to... the rain stopped, it's beautiful out... oh and I'm high as fuck! SH420
  7. Onehit 57

    Ah, bummer man. I was already missing his post and kept wondering where he had disappeared to, and now this... man. I'm gonna miss ya onehit! I've got a lot of one hits I'll be taking... Pizza ovens SH420
  8. What am I doing wrong!?!

    Casper, on your last grows, after you harvested, did you pay attention to the rootball by any chance? I strongly believe that root development directly corresponds to the development of your plants, in turn, more buds. If your root system is under developed, you may be watering too often, not giving the roots enough time to strengthen and stretch (in between waterings). Your new growth looks healthy, so not all is lost. Keep us updated. I'm rooting for you! (See what I did there) SH420
  9. Words Of Wisdom

    So what yer sayin is;[url=https://youtu.be/cEuU64Zt4B0] SH420
  10. Random Think

    Thanks biz! Good read. Non-congruent,... I hope I'm not, although I think some of those lesser traits are somewhat descriptive of my life. Hmmm... much to think about. Fuck it, let's get high instead SH420
  11. 2018 gathering of the tribe

    Lol. Sorry man. Ok, news to me, just found out "it" (family reunion) maybe canceled. I might be in after all SH420
  12. 2018 gathering of the tribe

    Hard to say. I'm taking time off in July to go to Montana, mamashark has a family reunion. SH420
  13. Wake & Bake

    Morning DK Coffee is on, bowls are packed... but with weed no, fish and potatoes today SH420
  14. Llama's Retirement!

    Here's something random about mangos Mexicans love mangos, so much so that the men and women refer to people they are attracted to as mangos SH420
  15. Wake & Bake

    I said the same thing about that stupid shit. We're in trouble if all reading takes is listening... eventually noone will know how to read and then who will read the audio book we so love to read? SH420