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  1. Bernie new petition!

    Lol, true. Although that would mean the Don will be 95! He's no younger really
  2. Bernie new petition!

    Bernie for prez 2020!
  3. Why McDaniels decided to stay

    Everyone in New England breathed a sigh of relief! Awesome offensive coordinator, would have been a big blow to the patriots organization.
  4. Llama's Retirement!

    Awesome adventures Llama! Glad you and mommallama found a great home and are continuing your stories! Hope to make it out to meet y'all sometime. Diners are my favorite place to get a bite to eat!
  5. 2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    I'll have to get in on this next year! I've never done any fantasy sports before.
  6. 2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    Go Patriots! Brady wants number 6.... Been great being a Boston sports fan this last decade. Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, title after title! Hockey is my favorite though, hope the Bruins can continue their stellar play of late. Would love to see them lift the cup again
  7. Random Think

    Those are great hours! I worked a four day work week years ago and loved it(never been lucky enough to work a three day). Being a machinist isn't easy, but at least i only need to master one trade. You maintenance guys need to know a little of everything. Electrical, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, troubleshooting(a skill in its own right), ..... Plus, I can't hold my tenth tolerances if my machines aren't maintained properly. So much respect sent right back at ya brother.
  8. Random Think

    Are you a machinist? I've been setting up and programming CNC machines for ages now. Cutting metal since i was 14!
  9. Random Think

    Wow llama, i sure hope everyone is ok. That's so tough to see, it's giving me the chills just thinking about it.
  10. 413GRAMS

    Welcome to the haven! Lots of knowledge in here and some great people. See you around!
  11. Delynne5556

    Welcome to the haven! Lots of good info and grow journals here. Take a poke around
  12. Random Think

    How fitting! I may use this ☝. PA is one of my favorite states. So beautiful! I used to stop at hawk mountain whenever i would pass thru the area. Got to see the hawk migration from there once and it was breath taking. I think they tallied over a thousand hawks in one weekend! Awesome place
  13. Random Think

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed that today.
  14. Random Think

    Geez, sounds like what we are dealing with here in New England. Do you live in the northeast?
  15. Random Think

    Haha, my wife says the same sometimes. Although, her go to is : do you even listen to me?!? Haha, psst.... No...