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  1. Random Think

    I'd like to have hacking software that automatically gets the gps coordinates of the source call (marketer/scammer/butthead/whatever), then at my command, hacks into a missile silo and sends it on its way to those coordinates. A little collateral damage perhaps but hey, ya bagged a telemarketer! Probably a bunch!
  2. Let's NOT go to war in Syria!

    I'm surprised and a little dismayed that Trump took the bomb first, investigate later approach. This knee jerk hurling of missiles everytime some middle eastern shithole nation decides to commit some act terror is getting old. Then we get the oft regretted statement, "mission accomplished". Really? Besides, I thought Trump wanted to get out of Syria. He had just publicly announced that desire to the world. So it makes absolutely no sense for Assad to have attacked his own people and thus insure a continued US military presence just after Trump's statement. I'm no geopolitical genius but the left and right's suspiciously cosy narrative could easily be more bs based moron activity. Like Tucker Carlson [sort of] said, when Republicans and Democrats both go apeshit over something in a bipartisan way, that something is probably not good for the rest of us. [my paraphrase]
  3. How's the weather?

    Like I've always said, there's nothing like tying your kid to a huge kite in high winds - cept maybe tying wifey to a huger one.
  4. Random Think

    In an intercepted alien report back to Aldebaran 3 system - "they rip it from the ground, make stuff with it, then bury the stuff! Wtf?"
  5. Random Think

    Just read that the USA consumes 34% of all global manufacturing. Lotta junk! Keep this up and oneday our landfills will rival our mountains. Now I have to take aspirin and smoke a bowl while laying on an ice pack cuz my L4-L5 disk is crunching on my leg nerves. Pain makes me edgy and stressed. Y'all enjoy the day!
  6. So, there seems to be some surprisingly bipartisan support for the continued waging of war in Syria based on the recent gas attack. Check out this great monologue by Tucker Carlson on how we are losing our minds. It's a jewell.
  7. Random Think

    In my little corner of alternate reality people seem increasingly neurotic. They'd probably feel better and not be so bothersome if they could just chill.
  8. Random Think

    Hey its 9:28 eastern and I'm very stoned - well, I just mentally beamed a thought image of something at you all. Did anyone get thought pic?
  9. Random Think

    That what I like Myco, my main sequence broski - when we at a point where we put the bong emoji inside the L-O-L We're painting the last room in my old main house. I still got squatters in the attached mother-in-law apartment. Then I have a couple weeks in there - renovating with peeps living in it will suck - and some outside stuff to do - then Ima put this horrible beast on the market. Been renovating it since October 2016. Hitting the inside pretty hard over the winter. Doing it ourselves is making me a bit weary but saved a lotta moola. Couldnt have done it otherwise..
  10. Random Think

    Ya cant smoke alcohol plants - the thinga blowup in your face
  11. How's the weather?

    im reporting this as weather snobbery it's 37 and windy - and I just discovered my son left one of my mega-bird shitted jeep's windows down some on Sunday night when we had 2" of rain
  12. Random Think

    pterra freekin dactyls!
  13. Random Think

    Ahhh - that's bowl two. I'm gotta find my shoes! In that movie Cujo, I was on the dog's side lol
  14. Random Think

    I recently saved a cat from somebody's trap. Kinda got stuck with her, not to mention the $700 vet bill for sawing off the leg. Coulda done it myself for the cost of a couple rubber bands, some staples, and a miniature of vodka. Named her Mia (missing in action )