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  1. Wake & Bake

    Settled in and just smoked a bowl of the new flavor... Blue dream is pretty good, been smoking and still have some Gorilla glue, that's the bees knees fo sho! Might get some wax next week and make some ejuice for those little fake cigarettes. Y'all be good and be careful out there.
  2. Random Think

    I got confused lol
  3. Random Think

    That's awesome your getting steady work, were covered up too. Good to see you are getting steady work, we're covered up too.
  4. Where I worked today

    Android. It's that Chinese one everyone says should be smashed lol. I dunno.
  5. Where I worked today

    I've tried clicking on the paper clip and the words... must be doing something wrong. I can post previously posted pictures but the click to choose files in blue will on change a slight change in color. Then zilch.
  6. Random Think

    Sorry lol, respect things coming through. Good looking cat's brother.
  7. Where I worked today

  8. Where I worked today

    Yes, it won't let me click on it. I'll keep trying.
  9. Random Think

    Frank looks like my Harley, he's gone pure feral and looks to be running the show when I get a glimpse of him. Lots of girlfriends lol.
  10. Random Think

    Beautiful shots Sir!! Love your sunsets and sunrises!
  11. Where I worked today

    Trying to post a picture, no dice. Maybe after posting this it'll let me.
  12. Wake & Bake

    Wife's had me stepping and a fetching since her ACL surgery yesterday. Anyways my new buddy and dealer (funny how that works) is coming by to smoke and drop off what I hope to be some straight funk. Still smoking gorilla glue but it's supposed to be different. Hopefully he'll bring his dab pen with his. That stuff makes me sweat lol.
  13. my mushroon hobby

    You gonna go mono tub? A dub tub zombie style works well I've found. Always wanted to build a big Martha Stewart with a ultrasonic humidifier that kicked on a couple times a day. On another topic my poppies are doing well, starting to get ready to bolt. Just finishing cabbage stage. Gave them a little micro nutes last night. Gonna give macro nutes today. Leaves were a little pale.
  14. monkeying around

    You know that's right lol. Been stepping and a fetching for a minute now. Hopefully after this she'll be mobile again.
  15. monkeying around

    Thank you so much brother!