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  1. Llama's Retirement!

    Mint pics lama
  2. We Are...

    Excellent news dark. As a recovering junky myself I can relate. Keep busy busy. Well done to fozzy, it's easy stopping and getting clean, it's hard to stay off it and change your life etc
  3. Llama's Retirement!

    Wow pics look great on new site. Is that your son lama? Great way to see the world I agree!
  4. Llama's Retirement!

    Lucky bugger! I live to travel( if it's where I get to go, bloody women!ffs) not hit the Americas since I had huge culture shock as a kid living in Atlanta for a bit and around Georgia, didn't help I was drunk all the time and stoned and arguing with everyone I lived with lol. but I'd love to go to South America, I keep saying to the wife "but cocaines legal there,what's the problem?" 😂😂😂my god she's so anti drugs😂 It's the thing to never be spoken about in my house, so when inevitably I come home stinking of weed she's not happy hahahaha. Great pics wow 😳 great view man
  5. Onehit 57

    I think it's probably a pointless excerise to have a thread for dead members, nobody will want to visit it and the people who were friends would know anyway.
  6. veg indoors/flower outdoors

    You should be fine, as long as the day light hrs don't go over 12.30 min I think
  7. Apology

    Well I went to my car and the pot fairy had stolen the power out of the car key battery and then I spent half hour thinking how I'm getting into my car like an idiot. Until neighbors told me there's a bloody lock still under the handle
  8. Random Think

    Cool pic dk.
  9. monkeying around

    Hey myco stay safe bro
  10. What am I doing wrong!?!

    I see this a lot don't panic. This is due to root mass not being big enough to fill the pot after potting up and you think they don't need watering but they do lol, why? I hear you ask? Because the roots can't reach the rest of the pot yet to drink,I can see damage on lower leaves so I know it happened at least week ago maybe more. Definitely not fan burn though it should always be on minimum when you first pot, depends on heat. Fan burn always at the top and is stripey at the start and lots of leaves get it. I grow in bio bizz,they look like mine as I get this a lot because I try to force root growth after potting up by trickle or minimal feeding and inevitably leaf burn due to no water access which means leaves have no water and can't protect / use up the other water in the leaves etc Bloody hell. What shark said. Lol Casper they look fine. Don't worry. Ph should be around 6.5. ALWAYS! Stability is the key to growing weed. Don't listen to what the bag says, if your adding your own nutes you need to ph simple as that. Iv tried growing in it without ph and it does go to shit. You shouldn't have to use ph down ever, unless you over shoot with up. First it depends on your water ph but the least Iv ever seen fresh water is 6.7 , if your not useing nutes yet just give plain un phed water , bio bizz light mix is good for a week or so with no nutes. All mix 4-6. When with nutes only start ph when it falls below 6.5
  11. Cutting back

    Just put them straight into flower. Mine go in wasaaay smaller lol
  12. Cutting back

    Just cut at nodes, not much you can do really, I don't like lst or super cropping, ime a lot of strains don't like it and the buds end up not going hard and stay fluffy. Maybe just tie down the main head to the pot? Bend it in half?
  13. Onehit 57

    Rip onehit. You were a good grower and good bloke and will be sadly missed by us all on here.
  14. gettin ready for the outdoor season

    Man i hAte it when breeders give bull flower times,I can handle a week out as I don't count from flip but 3 weeks is ridiculous, bubba kush I did from hso was supposed to be done in 45 days lol went 70, in fact I've done a lot of their stuff and none of it was done under 9 weeks
  15. Pix/vids That Make You Lol !

    That had me laughing hard lama. Scotty don't beam me up I'm taking a shit brilliant