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  1. Happy 4/20/2018

    Marry 4/20 Stoners! Hope its a great day for everyone, Remember don't drink on this holiday weekend, DO DRUGS!
  2. Grandma Kitty

    High @Grandma Kitty Let us know if we can help with anything!
  3. Wake & Bake

    I am hoping that at 4:20 EST or by 7:20 EST at least, I can have this done and up for consumption...Only leaving this here for a few minutes, wanted to give early birds a worm- lol!
  4. Let's NOT go to war in Syria!

    A proxy war with Russia...Nothing to fear but fear itself.
  5. MARRY  4/20  who  WANNA?


    1. roofwayne


      That damn Movie screwed us all!

    2. DarKwon


      not the movie .. the idoits that didn't realize it was science fiction

    3. roofwayne


      it was the 30's after all! People were mostly use to Newsreels, so didn't understand fiction at first!

  6. gettin ready for the outdoor season

    Thanks Bro, Hopefully just someone pissed with them...i can see why someone would be and Looking at that 502 error and there cloud hosting out of Boston...SMH They have the $$ to fix it I think, There much more aligned with the Facebook model of doing things if that makes sense. Probably a better place to put this but sometimes we forget to explain to people- SH is hosted in Amsterdam, Many reasons why but to cut to #1 IF you were targeted by LEOs, They would have to go through us and then a court in Amsterdam to secure database information, The Netherlands are not real keen on doing things like that...Our TOS forbids copy's from website being used in any way not consistent with the sites usage, which protects posts from being copied and used as evidence. When we started this nearly all of us were in states that were not legal, and We are all felons by federal law...Information should be protected and privacy should be expected on Canna Sites! IMO...
  7. Random Think

    LMAO.... I had a collection agency for a bank calling looking for someone other than Myself, I kept telling em wrong number till it started happening 3-4 times a day. Finally when they ask for "Jim" or "Linda" I said hold on a second....after about 5 min I pick up the phone and said, "Hi, Who are you holding for?" they say names again and I again say hang on I will get them for you. Wait another 5min and do it again. Finally I can hear the person screaming on the phone I pick it up and said "Hello?" to which they start to tell me who there looking for, I said "Ya, Ive told you 100 times you have the wrong number...Do you feel like I just wasted your time holding for Jim? Was there something else you would rather do than play phone games all day? Because you have wasted so much of my time I just wanted to make sure you understood how that felt!" She hung up... Would have been great had they not started again the next week, I found out the bank they were collecting for and called them direct- Told them what was going on and said "I spoke to my lawyer who has advised me to let you know that BOA will be held liable in this harassment case if they don't stop calling my number" PITA people...Im With @wu wei Lets drone strike these MFers!
  8. Wake & Bake

  9. The Great Maple Fire

    The year is 2049 and this is Suffeirnn Pearson from the county of Spitaun, located in the state where I was born and raised. I am Undercover here reporting on the great maple fire that burned down our beloved Advanced Programming Academy (APA for short). (This is what we had decided to rename Schools after the horrible lunchroom incident of 2042). No one remembers exactly what caused the mash potato problem, or what the word “schools” had to do with it, but a majority of us agree it was the right thing to do and besides the bill was sponsored by High Council Member Beiber. The reason this report is undercover is that I am an unlicensed fact and information reporter, After all of the reporting and talking done during the anti-poison ivy campaign of 2033 it was discovered that some people (Mostly pro-poison people) were reporting or telling others Non-Confirmed opinions and Non-Sanctioned facts . The Party who came to power in the County during the Ritz cracker movement of 2032 led by high priestess Siri Cruise, had by 2034 passed the proclamation that stated “ The Parties current leader would choose the next leader” and so on and so forth, soon after all politicians became part of The Party. We were all thrilled to have more time to devote to our Party studies and not be weighted down with whom to vote for anymore like our Parental Units were. The Party had decided that we Citz should be licensed under Spitaun authority as to what can and cannot be told to other Citz, (This is the term used since 2033 to describe a Spitaun born resident without using any other pronouns) The majority of us didn’t understand what the Ritz cracker movement was, But we did support it because there was free food PLUS Speaker of The Party and High Council Member Gronkowski supported it. His well documented speech had this highlight “If you don’t make em tell who they are and punish em if it’s against The Party these Citz might just say whatever they want” This was followed by some inaudible grumbling and what was believed to be Mr. Gronkowski saying “Gronk Smash bad Opinions”. I’m all for it, However I don’t have the 10million cha-chings (The Parties official money since 2035). My dream however is to sell this story of reporting on the Great Maple Fire and finally have the cha-chings to buy my very own Confirmed Opinion Sanctioned Fact Citz Speaker License or COSCS License for short. (I am hopeful to have enough left after paying fines for speaking in Non-COSCSL terms this time). So here I was at 11:30am on a Tuesday standing near the site of this horrifying incident, Our beloved Advanced Programming Academy The facility served many generations of Citz- (split levels or grades were no longer recognized after the save the ants Campaign of 2037) This particular APA serves all non-working Citz aged newborn to 26 (Parents Education Tax or PET of 2038 Pays for The Party to run the APA)(PET is not to be confused with PETTS which is the laws that govern Civil rights for animals and pet ownership licenses). To see this APA is gone is “horrifying” described one bystander, “how did we allow this to happen?” Asked another concerned Citz while holding a “Never Again” Sign. This whole tragedy began to unfold at seven in the morning on Sunday, a driverless car that had been programmed to go get groceries from the Party Sanctioned Amazon fulfillment center had crashed into the biggest maple tree in Spitaun and brought the mighty beast crashing down upon the APA causing a fire to engulf the building, The only bright spot was that there were no Citz inside the compound when this happened although we have been reminded by many protestors here today “There Could have been!” said one, “What if this had happened on a Party Sanctioned Parental Unit Interrogation Day!” screamed another. No one is sure what caused the accident, it’s been speculated that the grocery list included Maple Syrup which caused a problem with the cars main frame to seek the syrup directly from the tree. Had the car not been immediately taken away and crushed and had the site not been bulldozed over on Sunday at 730am before fire investigation arrived we may have more information but as President Chelsea Clinton reminds us, “we must do what we can to calm the Citz and that any Citz who wasn’t killed is a SurvivCitz!” When asked if she was grandstanding with this cause, she responded “I would need to know what the definition of “If” is” and “When you say Grandstanding, What does that mean? Like standing on a grand box?” Today seems to be a day of healing and moving forward for the Spitaun community with many charities having protests, the one gaining the most traction is the “Mop up the Maples” Campaign led by Selena Obama along with her Parental Unit Sasha Obama and associates from the APA (what we have called students since the violence filled 2043 “Think of the whales” Campaign and protests), When asked what they hope to accomplish one 23 year old associate named Dommie explained how the maple tree was to blame for this catastrophe, whether you believe the car was trying to get syrup or that the tree was struck by lightning or that it just fell. If one life can be saved by ridding our woods of these dangerous monstrosities shouldn’t we do it? Fire cannot burn without wood, can it? This Dommie went on to expound that if people like these trees, they can keep them just not at home or in Un-Sanctioned woods. “There are like what…dozens of these trees in the Party Park where they can be viewed safely, He noted that there is even one such maple in the PP where any regular Citz can touch it, if they hold their PP License and pay their entrance fee along with appropriate permits and tax stamps of course” Many signs dotted the landscape here at the corner of bemused blvd and uninformed avenue, A few of the real eye catchers and emotionally moving ones had slogans such as “When will you love Associates as much as your pancakes?” Another read “Your syrup=burned buildings” while another said “MAPLE OWNERS-The ashes of this ACP are on your hands” “Why would any Citz ever need these dangerous trees at home” Was a common theme here at the monument built to memorialize the day our innocence about maples was taken from us. When asked about how this would impact the maple syrup producers, One Citz whom wished to remain anonymous (probably because they didn’t have a COSCS License) said “I think those people are few and far between, they need to buy their syrup like normal people do” the Citz I spoke with added if not for the Maple Syrup Alliance paying off politicians we would have rid ourselves of this insidious mess years ago like china did, you never hear of maple tree accidents in Beijing do you?” “Did you know that there are wild maples out there in the woods capable of producing 3000 gallons of syrup, who needs 3000 gallons of syrup?” Not wanting to be a lax reporter whom would just go along with the crowd, I asked the tough question about the licensing, tax stamps and the fees Spitaun is already enforcing along with the problem of an already overcrowded PPPF (Party Protection Plan Facility, formerly referred to as Jail). The Citz replied “Look one fell and burned, obviously we are not doing enough” When I pressed on about Oak trees being larger and Pines being more prone to snapping this Citz I was interviewing responded “Oh we are very aware that pine was in the walls and that oak may have been used on a desk that burned in the ACA calamity. Maples are just the start; People need to understand how much fear these trees bring other Citz. And the damage that can be done by a single one falling or catching fire or even just housing assault squirrels (which were banned in 2037 after the “Stop the Rocks” Campaign). As long as we have a Party Park with some trees which are guarded and staked along with lightning protection, proper netting to catch pinecones and branches along with air filtration to get rid of the pollen for people with allergies, and If you’re willing to get the license, pay the fees to enter the park on Tuesdays between 3-3:30pm, You can Hear, See and even feel the trees”. Another Protester who helped organize the “March against Maples” Stupan Doees told me “why can’t people just use Caro syrup? I am almost 25 years old, I’ve lived in an apartment with my Parental units all my life and I have never owned a tree; I’ve never needed a tree either! Why do some people think its okay to buy a bunch of land and have giant dangerous maple trees all over it? Just imagine if the syrup had shot out of that tree and gotten on a Citz associate had there been one here, With the fire, I bet that would hurt!” Stupan Doees went on to say “The way I see it is our parental units should have taken care of this but they were too dumb, It’s like when your old parental unit is trying to use a transonic metamorphous transfer device and can’t work it, You take it away and are done in like a second- it’s like that, They don’t understand how dangerous trees are- they haven’t been through what we have…there old all they really do is….you know, work, pay bills including mine and I guess they fix stuff, But how does that help us be safer?” he went on to interject they “They just don’t know the world the way we do” Stupan ended with this olive branch ‘We don’t want to take your trees we just want to feel safe again.”As I wipe a tear from my eye, I can’t help but think how could anyone argue with that? In this reporter’s opinion in takes a special kind of lunatic and psychopath to collect this type of tree and feel free to do so in today’s day and age. The big question remains how will this turn out for property owners, tree huggers, maple syrup producers, pancake and waffle lovers along with the trees themselves? We Citz are not sure; However when The Party convenes at a multigazillion cha-ching resort on Wicked Wednesday (Formerly called Super Tuesday when we used to do that archaic voting thing) The Party and our great leaders will decide and on that day or as soon as they feel it necessary for we Citz to know, The Party will tell us what we should do through one of our approved Citz communication portals. It is being widely speculated that If maples are banned, Citz will be required to turn in their maples, ACP Associates and there parental units should be expected to make property inspections. The Party would remind all Citz that during any Party approved property inspection all Citz should leave the said property and file a form 555784B with their local ministry of Party to secure a safe re-entry or re-acquisition of property for any Citz who are troubled by said inspections, as always Citz safety is our number one concern. I will remain hopeful that by my next report I will be a COSCS license holder and not in PPPF.
  10. I do too, last event I went to I argued with a handicap guy in a wheelchair about MMJ laws up here.
  11. gettin ready for the outdoor season

    Everything looks good enough to smoke (soon)
  12. Llama's Retirement!

    So cool! stunning pics...
  13. If your Mexican maybe, If your a US Citizen They wont let you escape no matter how easy it looks...lol I want a net on the Northern border to stop the blue jays from Canada coming here stealing all our native birds food!
  14. My beagle Chloe that you met, She went everywhere with me cause of her separation anxiety. STRESSED me out!!