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  1. Perpetual harvest

    I'm curious to know how this is turning out. I'm a few months into my 1st perpetual grow. I am ultimately hoping to harvest every 2 weeks. Right now I'm looking at every month. Started out about 3-4 months ago. No tents though. I'm confined to stealth cabinet growing for now.
  2. Spent a lil time here awhile back...

    Ah yes. I think I may remember you as well. Good to see that you guys still call this place home.
  3. monster cropping for moms

    I've cloned from feminized beans. Over and over again, and also cloned clones for several generations with no problems.
  4. Spent a lil time here awhile back...

    I was wondering if you were still around Swamp.
  5. Spent a lil time here awhile back...

    What's up wolfpack? You came from the other forum shortly after I did years ago didn't you? I know that name is familiar....could just be from here tho. Age is making the memories a bit fuzzy lol
  6. Spent a lil time here awhile back...

    Got divorced...had to abandon everything my ex knew about me...and may or may not have went on a multi year bender lol
  7. http://www.stonerhaven.com/topic/2010-found-the-haven/?p=75252 Can't believe I remembered my password. Hope to see some old friends...
  8. Hi All

    Glad to have you here. Amazing you found us thru FB. I gotta feeling I know how. Get settled in and check the place out. Contribute wherever you feel comfortable.
  9. Another Puzzle?

    Water only....you have plenty of nutrition in your medium. I don't know what that Sledgehammer is either, but I really would only give water to an ailing plant. If you are feeling it needs some kind of food badly, you can use a foliar feed to get some nutrition. Those affected leaves look pretty crunchy. Have you tested your ph?
  10. 12/12 Fs Bucket Size

    I'm excited. I like watching your grows, Fera. I think you have the right idea as far as your plan for container sizes. You've done this hempy thing before. You know what you are doing. This should be good.
  11. Bulb Selection! You Get What You Pay For.

    Good thread. Lotsa good charts here.
  12. 250W Hps Grow Help

    You're gonna have to wait a few days to find out, yet. No pre-flowers there. Only a stipule and new branches forming. It won't be long, tho.
  13. Hello Everyone

    Hey, hey. Welcome to the Haven, futant. Glad to have you here....
  14. Hello

    Sup, korndogg? Check the place out. Watch out for Pure, tho. That bugger will take ur bean bag during beer runs. "On your feet, lose your seat."
  15. Any Song