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  1. Grandma Kitty

    Just finished 2 this week! I am over 60, now! Still can out roof those Kids! ......lol......rw
  2. Grandma Kitty

    Hey @Ocalli! Good to see you around!.......rw
  3. Happy 4/20/2018

    I doing herbs myself! Happy 4/20......rw
  4. How's the weather?

    I got a GMC 4x4 now, instead of Fords, that I have had for the last 9 years! I had to put some money in it but it's a good truck, till I kill it........lol.....rw
  5. Grandma Kitty

    High @Grandma Kitty! Welcome to Stoner Haven! ........rw
  6. Random Think

    Dark got me started, but I am watching "Up in Smoke"! I notice Prime has the series! I remember this movie was "HUGE" to the Pot movement! .......rw
  7. Where I worked today

    My pay has landed, finally! I get a hell of a high when I get paid! And the fact I earned it is part of it! ........rw
  8. It would be about time!.......rw
  9. Wake & Bake

    That looks cool! More exciting! .......rw
  10. Wake & Bake

    Have a Happy 4/20! I was considering going to the Cannabis Cup! They didn't get a permit for smoking on site, so it will be a bust! I am still waiting to get Pay, fucking people, so can't go anyway! This has happened for the last 3 years. No pay before so I can't go. Probably better off, I won't be driving. This place is even more pot unfriendly since it been legalized. Some cities are allowing it, but 85% are not. The ones that do will reap the rewards! Bongs for All! .........rw
  11. Happy 4/20 Stoner's

    1. PureGro1


      Its a Party In my bong! :RoorRip:

  12. Edwin

    High @Edwin! Welcome to Stoner Haven! .......rw
  13. Liz

    High @Liz! Welcome to Stoner Haven! .........rw
  14. Where I worked today

    When he first posted the pic didn't show! It is a good looking plant! Still some bugs to be worked out!........rw
  15. Mginmn

    High @Mginmn! Welcome to Stoner Haven! ........rw