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  1. Llama's Retirement!

    told ya ... all it takes is a summer or two ... we'll start fitting him for a sarong next
  2. Grandma Kitty

    Hi @Grandma Kitty Welcome Settle in. Make your self comfy and relax. We are a laid back bunch
  3. it has been put forth that we would get legalization before mid term...
  4. that's what I was talking about in my status update and with Bohner weighing in [making money from future legalization] for the other side of the aisle ...
  5. Wake & Bake

    stuff like that can be fun people watching. I mentioned "Idiot Contest"... Rolled a joint of Salli F2. It real nice in a joint. About 1/3 the way thru, it said "You have had enough"... cool, 75`, today. Yes, that is cool. Norm is 80. feeling OK [normal aches and pains] today. Beginning to notice a few things Cold make me hurt. Warm is good. Vacillating every other day is very not good. Wind is sposed to lay down after today. That will make you crazy. I should design a wing suit/kite for myself. Enjoy the wind.
  6. Edwin

    Sup @Edwin Kick back and enjoy welcome!
  7. 4 what???

    We may get a "present" from the feds ...

    Decriminalization has been proposed

    and getting some support from both sides of the aisle.

    1. PureGro1


      A gift from the feds sounded ominous, glad I read rest of post before I finished dumping gas and burning stuff!

  8. Random Think

    I'd like to toast the automated VOIP calling system... and am reasonably sure it could be done. Give it a virus that busies it's own number or something...
  9. Liz

    Hi @Liz Welcome!
  10. gettin ready for the outdoor season

    those are the same size as my babies ... mine are direct seeded...
  11. How's the weather?

    Oh yeah... some No parafoils... but, I do have a very stable rigid kite that could lift the kid. I would have trouble with it today... and need heavier "string".
  12. How's the weather?

    Throw out a fishing line ... from the porch Spring thaw... boy howdee the weather I m having to hide from the wind. It blustery. Not steady ... Huffing and puffing. Like to knocked me over. I am realizing that it aggravates my back, too. Feel like I've been kicked it the ass by a horse.
  13. those events remind me of what I call an "Idiot Contest" ... and there is some real winners every year HaHaHa
  14. ChrisD

    High @ChrisD Welcome.
  15. Did you know that we, as a US citizen can legally cross anywhere/anytime? Just report to the nearest BP You could get trapped down there with a walled border.... and ironically have to resort to a coyote to get you thru the "fence"... When I say trapped, it could be as simple as having one drink too many and getting to the port of entry after it has closed....