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  1. How's the weather?

    Bottom leaks suck, cuz' that free flowing silicone for windshields has no gravity to work with. Might still work though to seal it up without replacing the entire windshield. According to my body guy, the urethane adhesive used to install windshields works even better...but it only comes in large tubes and is expensive.
  2. How's the weather?

    A $250 repair I just did yesterday, for a $20 main seal. But if you leave it, the window channels begin rusting.
  3. Removed As A Controlled Substance?

    It would be nice if this one passes: "A staggering number of American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are African American and Latino, continue to be arrested every day for something that most Americans agree should not be a crime," Schumer wrote. "Meanwhile, those who are entering into the marijuana market in states that have legalized are set to make a fortune. This is not only misguided, but it undermines the basic principles of fairness and equal opportunity that are foundational to the American way of life." https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/19/politics/schumer-marijuana/index.html
  4. Wake & Bake

    Well that will save some time... Thanks!
  5. Wake & Bake

    It is raining again, 2 inches of snow tonight...here in Montana...err...Chicago...in mid-April. And I don't care, cuz' I grow fire! I saw all of these performers back when this was filmed, but not together on stage. How I do miss the 80's. Phil Collins played a mean drum. And can anyone tell me how to keep skunks from digging for grubs?, poison is not an option due to neighborhood cats. They are in my newly planted poppy garden. 4 foot tall chicken wire? Have a great day!!
  6. How's the weather?

    Don't mind me, just playing with the new site: Wish it would shit on Europe for a while, been nice over there for weeks.
  7. Random Think

    Testing 123... I love the new auto-hyperlink feature, but if I may offer a bit of constructive advice; the new site could use more color...looks a bit too much like that "other" forum. Edit; The old logo on top of the homepage is helping already.
  8. How's the weather?

    https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/07/global-warming-arctic-colder-winters-climate-change-spd/ From the Rockies to the Atlantic is now the new north pole.
  9. How's the weather?

    Aren't you fairly close to the official Groundhog named Phil? I'd like to punt that oversized rodent...
  10. Onehit 57

    Yes, but hopefully it remains at 1 member for a decade or so.
  11. Onehit 57

    Pretty sure he once sent me seeds a few years back, sour D I believe. Was saddened to hear the news of his passing.
  12. Cutting back

    They won't mind the pruning, but you might later on with that limited space. Now they'll grow at more of an angle, thereby taking up even more room. That's when I get out the floral wire/bamboo sticks. Some strains do well with severe pruning, others need serious support and become: Hehe!, best wished on the grow.
  13. Random Think

    Turnovers killed Loyola, a problem they cannot solve b/c it is a by-product of their offensive system of constant ball movement. To All; Happy Easter!
  14. Trump The Chump

    No rush, am harvesting here and swamped as well. In a good way.
  15. Trump The Chump

    Why do you feel we need a border wall with Mexico?. "Doubling down on a failed policy of border militarization by adding more fences and walls is not only moronic because it would continue, at great cost, a demonstrably counterproductive strategy for restricting immigration — but it is also senseless because net undocumented migration from Mexico has stopped. Trump appears not to have received the memo. By the Department of Homeland Security’s own estimates, the total undocumented population peaked at 12 million in 2008, fell by a million by 2009, and since then has fluctuated around 11 million people." http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/08/18/donald-trump-immigration-border/ And even if we needed one, prisons are no longer built with walls for good reason; too expensive and ineffective. Razor wire topped fencing with pressure sensors is the way to go. Then you simply send a drone from the office, much more cost effective than the army with binoculars currently in use. Also, leaders need to have at least some measure of humility when learning on the job. Trump has none, unfortunately arrogant people don't learn by their mistakes. Every marked police unit was on the road here January 17', in a show of force during the inauguration. As if to say, "I'm in charge now". No other President in history I know of has felt the need for this. This country was founded on greed, and it will fall by greed. For the record, I've disliked EVERY President since JFK; as none of them have the balls to do the right thing. That being the removal of private banking interests from our political process: "A typical federal election cycle now involves at least $7 billion in campaign financing, and billions of dollars more in corporate lobby- ing outlays that are indirect forms of campaign financing. Because of profoundly damaging Supreme Court decisions, most especially Citizens United, billionaires and large corpora- tions are able to make enormous and essentially untraceable campaign contributions to candi- dates. There is a strong and correct feeling among Americans that the government does not serve their interest, but rather the interest of powerful lobbies, wealthy Americans, and of course, the politicians themselves. Political scientists such as Martin Gilens have shown that only rich Americans have real input into political decision making".