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Dispensaries in RI to open shortly after 2013!

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Rhode Islands 3 dispensaries will hopefully be open just after the New year.

They are still sifting through the legality of it all and needing to get licenses from the state and what not.


This is great news for 4,400 people in RI with Medical Marijuana prescriptions, and puts them at much lower of a risk when trying to purchase their medicine.


It also will give an outlet to caregivers who can sell extra crop that might put them over their legal limit, of course the price they would give you would be quite low, its better then getting caught and going to jail.


I think this is a great step forward for MMJ in RI, it takes alot of the shadiness out of buying medicine.



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Hey that is great news for you and the others from RI I hope the state follows through for you ! Smoke Well My Friend

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Guest TryN

We currently have two dispensaries in RI; The Thomas C Slater Center in Providence and GreenLeaf Compassion Center in Portsmouth.


There is a third trying still to open.

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