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Medical marijuana strain for fibromyalgia

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Hi Guys, I'm helping a friend who's suffering from fibromyalgia. I need some advice on a certain strain that would be very effective when it comes to pain management. So far blueberry kush plants is on top of my list. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks

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High @pSmith! We have an admin guy on here @Liveforever, who has that. He has been off and on lately. He made a strain that was C-99 x ( white widow x LSD} that I believe helped. Maybe we can get him on here........rw

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Hi guys, sorry for my sporadic presence lately... But yes, BlueBerry strains are great, they seem to help the best, LSD has also helped alot. DeathStar is another good one.   I've found indica heavy hybrids seem to be the key.

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think I have found my "magic strain"... Stinky stuff. 1/4 UrbanPoison, 1/4 Mex, 1/4 CriticalOverdrive and 1/4 Pandy/DeadheadOG.


 The Durban influence is wonderful and in spite of how strong this shit smells, it is kinda soothing. Doesn't tickle coughs as much as some  of m other stuff.  Has a nice "up" buzz w/o putting you thru the roof or climbing the walls..

Hope the the rest of the F2s are similar to the one I grew, Buds came a little airy, but I can overlook a lot, if the product is good. Bag appeal is not high on my list of breeding traits.  I have to admit to being drawn to visual appeal and breaking up a big, tight bud is cool.  Getting ripped on two tokes is better.

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