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Evolution Vs Creationism Vs Evolution with a Intellegent Creator

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I see an amazing information code underlying all life. One that even spells out how to make the very molecular machines needed for expressing the code! Living things abide by the manner that the code spells out their particular form and function. But it's the same coding scheme. The same encryption scheme.


In my opinion, there's a mind behind that code. Nobody would suppose that the information embodied in the patterns of light and dark regions that form The Constitution arose as a result of the chemistry of ink and parchment paper. The information encrypted in patterns of ink has to do with minds, not material. The same goes for the information coding scheme embodied in DNA-RNA base sequences. In my opinion...

I like how you put that, I agree.
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Me too lol

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We mere humans are not privileged to the information needed to understanding the origins of life. It does lead one to seriously consider the existence of a higher power though. I for one, believe there is a higher power in the universe. I doubt very seriously that this higher power is like anything we imagine or are preached about by religions. I think religion was invented in mans superstitious belief that entities of higher power want to be worshiped. Religions almost all claim that we are made in the image of God...why would God do that? If there is a God that creates life, are we that arrogant to believe we are the only ones he created in the Universe? I wonder how many attempts were made to invent the evolution of the human species? Maybe we are just a cosmic experiment...

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I'd like to know what Ezekiel was seeing that led to that biblical description (in Ezekiel ch 1).




Edited by wu wei
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