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Seaweed Extract – The Facts About Use In Hydroponics

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Posted 15 October 2012 - 04:35 PM

I don't grow hydro but I use seaweed extract in my guano teas and it works GREAT.


There are countlesshydroponics supplements that a grower can use. If you only want to limit yourself to the organic supplements and fertilizers that can really help you see tremendous growth in your garden, then you should take a serious look at seaweed extract. Seaweed contains a lot of proteins and compounds that make it an ideal fertilizer, and a great way to supplement your regular feeding schedule.
Here are some of the best reasons why every hydroponic grower can seriously benefit from seaweed extract in their reservoir.
Micronutrients - Micronutrient deficiency is very rare, but it can happen. Especially in hydroponics, where you don’t have any soil to rely on in order to provide you with those trace amounts of micronutrients, it can be all to easy to forget just how important they are. Fortunately, seaweed extract is extremely rich in these micronutrients. As a bonus, the micronutrients in seaweed extra are often fully chelated, so they can be fully utilized by your plants.
Hormones - Seaweed is technically a kind of algae, not a plant. Even so, it is able to achieve remarkable feats of growth in extremely unforgiving conditions. Even when they have to deal with low levels of light and tides that constantly threaten to pull the kelp out to sea, they are able to grow at stunning speeds. One of the main reasons why they are able to do this is because they are packed with a lot of special growth hormones. These increase nutrient metabolism, which then translates into rapid growth. Seaweed extract, if properly cultivated, can allow you to enjoy the benefits of these powerful hormones right in your garden.
Carbohydrates - When it comes to carbohydrates, your first priority should always be giving your plants the tools they need to create their own. Things like a well balanced nutrient solution and sufficient light obviously need to be present in order to stimulate enough photosynthesis to create the carbs that are necessary to healthy plant development. However, it doesn’t hurt to include carbohydrates from other sources, like the kind that you can get from seaweed extract. The extra carbohydrates in seaweed extract can be invaluable to increasing yield and even increasing the overall quality of your harvest.
Good microbe environment - One of the best investments that you can make inhydroponics garden is beneficial microbes. These can be tremendously effective in thickening your roots, which is sometimes crucial to getting a sufficient nutrient uptake. However, the culture of bacteria in hydroponics gardens are sometimes very weak because gardeners don’t do everything that they can in order to provide an ideal environment for the microbes. Seaweed extract can do exactly this, by providing lots of great organic materials that microbes can use. This extra supply of “food” helps your microbes do their job much more efficiently, and helps them expand into your root system more broadly.

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Posted 15 October 2012 - 05:07 PM

Hey Fresno this is a excellent post lots of useful facts ,thanks for shareing ! Smoke Well My Friend

#3 OFFLINE   FresnoFarmer


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Posted 15 October 2012 - 07:05 PM

Right back at you Dog. I needed to share this with the fellow stoners as this is why I use Seaweed Extract with my organics. It does wonders with good base nutes or a rich guano tea.

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 09:16 AM

Hey Fresno this is a excellent post lots of useful facts ,thanks for shareing ! Smoke Well My Friend


Really enjoyed, and further instills my love for this extract!! Thanks bro!

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