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    State Based Advertisement

    We have a new "Interactive" US map page, when a visitor clicks a specific state they are taken to a forum page that outlines that states Marijuana Laws. We have set up an area within that which will showcase Marijuana/Cannabis business from that state. We would love to add you to our site!


    We will be rolling out a new state based classified ads system around the same time and will be heavily promoting these new areas and thus your business as well.


    Stoner Haven has been in business for over 6 years and we have a wealth of older content and new content added daily. In addition to our devoted following of members, We are growing daily- Stoner Haven is constantly advertising and promoting our own site and that promotes your site as well.


    We can offer you a number of ways to reach YOUR customers:

    ·        Featured, Promoted post within your state section- It is promoted in multiple spots on StonerHaven including "our pics" page. Promoted on Facebook/Twitter, Company images promoted on Pintrest and Instagram.

    ·        Signatures, Avatars, Profile Background and video- Multiple image/ad locations In tutorials/blogs, You can post and promote your business as much as you like throughout the length of your campaign.

    ·        Our package as outlined above is priced well below market values and is very affordable at $30 per 6 month term or $50 per one year term.



    (Your original posts stay active-even when partnership status expires)

    Our StonerHaven Interactive US Map

     map Capture.PNG


    Upon clicking a state you are taken to that states page

     map capture2.PNG



    1. Each state has its own unique cover image, playing on state flag with MJ Theme.
    2. This is where one would click to find a Business In that particular state.
    3. A pinned/locked post detailing that states Marijuana Laws
    4. Your business name would show here (*if you have chosen to sponsor a forum).


    This is where clicking #2 in the first example would bring you. 

    map capture3.PNG




    1. Your business name (*if your sponsoring a forum)
    2. Your business logo (*if your sponsoring a forum)
    3. Posts giving business name and details (if your not sponsoring a forum, your business details would be here)


    If you clicked on #1 or #2 above #4 in the first example you would then be here on this page.

     map capture4.PNG


    1. Your logo/graphic or clickable Banner Ad
    2. Name and description of your business
    3. Your posts only, detailing your business or products…etc.


    StonerHaven Partners Block on Home Page


    Edited by PureGro1

  • Hover over any State in The map Above to see the laws for that state.


    Click on that State to go to Discussion area and see more regarding that State.


    GGGGGGGG = Fully Medical And Recreational Legal


    YYYYYYYYY = Medical Legal




    RDRDRDR   = Illegal (Decriminalized in Nebraska)


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