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  • Terpene Botanicals

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    Check out Terpene Botanicals for all your terpene and emulsifier needs.



    Coupon Code: SH420 is good for 10% off!


    Dont forget that the Coupon Code: TERPENE15  is good for 15% off on your FIRST order.


    What are Terpenes?

    Terpenes are a group of organic compounds produced by a wide variety of plants that we smell or eat every day. These compounds are responsible for the aroma and taste found in the many plants that produce them. All of the terpenes we use are GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) by the FDA and regularly used in aromatherapy and food. Terpenes that occur in plants, however, are often found in very trace amounts. Terpenes may only compose the weight of 1-2% of dried plant matter and in some cases up to 8% in concentrates, but it's at these dilute concentrations that the flavor profile is best experienced through smell. 

    Most notable terpenes include:


    Terpenes effects Wiki-Link
    a-pinene Responsible for a lot of the smell of pine trees, alpha-pinene is found in coniferous trees and rosemary. It is a bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and is thought to be responsible for aiding memory. alpha-pinene Wikipedia article
    Alpha-bisabolol Found in German chamomile, it has a sweet floral aroma. alpha-bisabolol Wikipedia article


    Found in plants such as black pepper and cloves, Caryophyllene accounts for the spiciness flavor. It has anxiolytic, antidepressant, and neuroprotective properties. beta-Caryophyllene Wikipedia article


    Cold-press extracted from the rinds of citrus fruits, Limonene has a strong orange smell has been used to treat anxiety and depression. d-Limonene Wikipedia article 


    Produced most famously by the Lavender plant, Linalool is a very aromatic chemical that is known to cause a relaxing effect in aromatherapy. Linalool Wikipedia article

    Found in chamomile and ripe mangoes, myrcene is said to have mild sedative and analgesic effects. 

    Myrcene Wikipedia article

    Ideal Terpene Blending Ratios

    In the aromatherapy world, fragrances are distinguished by their ratio of fragrance oils to alcohol carrier. For example, a perfume is 30%, eau de parfum is 15%, an eau de toilette is 8%, a cologne is 5%, and a room spray may be 3%, with the rest consisting of alcohol. In the case of perfumes, the alcohol is considered the "carrier". 


    When working with active ingredients such as CBD in foods, keep in mind that too great a concentration of terpenes can be overwhelming. Similarly, a typically flavored beverage for example may only require a 1% ratio of the flavoring oils, while a capsaicin infused beverage needs a ratio of 1 in 50,000 in order to be safe - with terpenes, it's not as extreme, but starting low is wise - 1-3%, and then adding more as needed, but would not recommend exceeding a 10% ratio - higher concentrations can be very irritating to the senses.



    Coupon Code: SH420 is good for 10% off!


    Dont forget that the Coupon Code: TERPENE15  is good for 15% off on your FIRST order.

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