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  • PureGro1

    Marijuana and Exercise

    When you think of some of the most common stimulating substances, Marijuana usually is not the first one that comes to mind. However Marijuana and exercise, as it turns out, has quite a unique relationship status.


    Many people  who exercise, use Marijuana to boost their fitness and performance.


    With Marijuana, you can give the term ‘Exercise high or runner’s high’ a whole new meaning


    SH_RFC_Excericse.pngThe human body is known to store its own natural THC in fat. Which is also the main psychoactive in cannabis. Studies have found that this stored THC content can still have an effect for up to about 28 days after its consumption. With this in mind, the moment your body starts burning off fat, it starts releasing THC into the bloodstream. And the effect is similar to that of a person who has used marijuana in small quantities.


    THC blood levels have been found to increase by up to 15% immediately after doing moderate exercise, But these increased THC levels are no longer present after two hours from the workout time.


    You also find that the larger the BMI (Body Mass Index), the greater the THC levels will be. Showing that there is a correlation between THC release and your BMI.


    ‘stoner high’ and ‘runner high’ are synonymous things





    Exercise is definitely good for you, for everyone who wants to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Not only is key when it comes to preventing obesity, diabetes, heart diseases...etc. It also improves the creation of new brain cells. Exercise is also known to decrease stress, reduce anxiety and a whole host of other benefits, But you find that it’s not all about the endorphins which are the compounds that make you feel excited during and after activities such as sex and exercise. These are the compounds that make physical activity feel so great.


    Exercise works by activating your endocannabinoid system. Similar to what consuming marijuana does. These compounds contain groups of lipids and fats, which help compounds like CBD and THC bind to cannabinoid receptors. These cannabinoids are the compounds responsible for easing pain, influencing mood, memory, and controlling appetite.


    Your own body is known to produce its own cannabinoids, especially during exercise. Human-produced cannabinoids increase significantly as you exercise. So, when exercising you may get a feeling of "Slightly High" even having not consumed any Marijuana prior to working out.


    Fat vs Marijuana Yoga_girl_SH.png


    The best way you can burn off that dunkin doughnuts trip is simply doing some moderate exercises. It’s vital to know that you don’t just lose weight by burning calories using exercises. Recent studies have found that the regular marijuana users have fasting insulin levels in their bodies, lower than those of the non-consumers of the drug. The marijuana users also had lower insulin resistance levels in their body. Marijuana users were also found to have lower average waist circumferences. If your body cells have too much sugar that is unused, then you will start to experience weight gain. You may also gain some weight if your body isn’t properly handling insulin.


    All of this shows that Marijuana can help a great deal when it comes to facilitating and improving the body’s metabolic functions.

    Edited by PureGro1

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    If it weren't for MJ, I probably wouldn't still be jogging. Smoke some herb, pop in the earbuds and listen to some some good rock n roll, and off I go into oblivion. It's so exhilarating to be high and get into running (dancing?) to the music! The weather can make it even more interesting. When I'm stoned I like a challenge; maybe a big hill or something unusual like a longer than usual distance or tackling some horrible route. When I'm straight I usually don't even feel like running. MJ encourages me to good things, usually. Unlike legal alcohol.

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