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  • PureGro1

    Looking Back and Looking Forward

    2141934671_DoobiePoster.jpg.114447f915382018...A weird but surprising year for the site.


    In April we upgraded to the newest software available for this site. There were some changes with that, the deletion of Chat was a sad one to see. However we were blessed with much better interface and a great editor control, While we were able to get our FAQ page up- we haven't had time to delve into the details that really make everything look good and the unique ways to enhance posts.


    We kept our base color scheme much the same and updated our logo a bit, our layout of site and little bits here and there changed slightly and we added a few new pages:





    We had to re-do our Tutorials section and it may undergo further rehab in the coming year. StonerHaven continued to make its social media presence stronger and now have Pintrest, Instagram and Youtube Accounts to go with Our already strong Facebook and Twitter existence. Unfortunately Facebook has disallowed us to promote or advertise with them saying they do not support our business model and that is quite fine with us, as We do not support their business model and we would really being going in wrong direction if we did.


    Google has changed many of the ways they rank web pages over the last couple of years and we are still adapting to some of these changes and will continue to evolve ourselves to put SH in the best position possible to help as many stoners as possible grow this wonderful plant and/or give them a safe drama free place to share and discuss our favorite plant.


    I would like to thank all those who were on staff in 2017/20182041221782_LogoPoster.jpg.54bb9a3836ef54


    I know this was a trying time for everyone- I think everyone did a tremendous job while having very little to work with in way of technical help or admin responsiveness both of which were most definitely my own fault. I would also like to say thank you to all who have been staff members and admin here since day 1 back in 2012, some are still here and still staff members while some have moved onto doing other things but my sentiment is the same.


    The site would not be what it is or where it is without so many Stoners just wanting to make a small piece of the world better and brighter, and I know my own personal world is better and brighter for knowing and having known so many awesome growers and stoners.


    868016507_MousePad.jpg.43ce3a571c26b9f41Looking Ahead to 2019...


    Some more new pages and layouts will come for 2019 including a slight new variation in the look of SH, some changes to our tutorial section along with some tutorials with videos and pictures showing and explaining how to do many things around the site that may otherwise go unnoticed, For an idea of kind of things I am talking about go to my profile page here- https://www.stonerhaven.com/profile/6-puregro1  and click the THC molecule in profile cover photo- it opens up to show a much larger image.



    StonerHaven will  be moving to a new server in 2019, We will still be hosted in Amsterdam as we have since late 2012. While this move will appear seamless to users, It will cause 24/48 hours of downtime while offering a speed and performance boost afterwards as we will be on a much newer server configuration.


    SH.com - Copy.pngAs always we value our members and guests along with any ideas and/or opinions you might have about anything were doing, Anyone wanting to be part of the Stoner Staff are encouraged to reach out to an administrator or other staff member, its going to be a very exciting year to be a Stoner of The Haven!


    Edited by PureGro1

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