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  1. I was doing some soil gathering and checking old pots to make sure they were all good to go today, I found myself watching the birds, squirrels and chipmunks run around me while I was busy working away. This whole experience made me want to come back this evening and try to explain what I was thinking while enjoying the "Nature Channel". I think what I was feeling today and many times I am out and among the wild, will be familiar to most Stoners. 


    First thing I thought about was how the animals appear to be in no hurry to do anything while being busy at the same time, Watching them its easy to think Wow...What a life! Playing all day, then you realize that everyday to them is staying alive, finding shelter and procuring food to survive more days. Not so much playing, even though it sure appears that way. Also made me think about how without Nature we have no Weed, and without Weed...


    Who in the hell would spend so much time contemplating Nature?


    The more thought I gave this the deeper it went, I Started thinking about when I was in my teens and would go fishing far from where I lived and how sweet it was to have a couple doobies rolled and at the ready. Brought back some fond memories of MJ and Nature, Went to river fishing once my girlfriend and guy with me, we all decided to wade and fish- fishing was so good it got to be dark and started raining. We were all soaked head to toe and I stripped down to underwear and bear feet- hanging clothes out the window to


    The time I went to a reservoir just to walk and think...Sat down to catch a buzz (keep in mind this was in a police state) and started hearing people running toward me, I became freaked out  and realized it was a group of  dozens of deer running the ridge around where I was, They nearly gave me a heart attack! 


    One time fishing and getting high the game warden came in on us, My buddy dropped the joint and my being a little sharper than him quickly stepped on it and stood right there. My fishing pole has bait and the line is out- we were catfishing, My not so swift pal starts saying LOOK, You got a hit! Im like naaa, just bluegill playing with it because I didn't want to move from that finally my pole is being pulled over and is ready to get pulled into the water...Im like "Randy, Can you just check that for me?" he ends up reeling in my 12lb or so catfish and I simply got the pleasure of not going to jail. But to get back on track here, Did you ever see a tree and say "Damn that is a nice Tree" or "Wow, look at That Rock!" It happens to me constantly, The thing is a tree or a rock each one is different...You cant buy one to look how you want, they wont change no matter what you want, They just are, something to be said for that. 


    I think Nature and Weed together and separate inspire me in many many ways. We know weed has for years inspired music and art, I believe it inspires me daily to just be better...A better Friend, Father, Husband, Admin, etc...Just overall everyday I like to know I did something better than the previous day, I do not always succeed. I am sure I piss friends off sometimes, I know I piss my wife off at times (Sometimes on purpose!) I am sure I have at times disappointed my daughter, I know ive made mistakes as an administrator etc. BUT I do still try everyday to make it better, I guess this is the Walk of Life.


    So get out and enjoy some nature, And tell me about your best nature story...I am positive I have many more to share as well. Keep it green brothers and sisters!





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    Last night I went out to meet up with a friend who hooked me up with some Cannabis. With him came another friend, XY. We started chatting while we were waiting to receive our product (we do not have dispensaries): and man, did this guy amaze me.

    His story goes like this, or should I say this is what he told me:

    His father rejected him after he finished school and he was left to take care of himself. He went 7 days without eating, sleeping in a field one night and then seeking refuge at random people. XY eventually left that country and returned to his home country, alone, where he is now engaging in life with the attitude; "I am here for the experience, not for the earthly things (materialism)".

    This once again opened my eyes and made me realise how privileged I am and how thankful we all should be, regardless of apparent circumstances. We can all learn from XY the power of perception=reality.
  3. I decide to put this here's. I am stoned and got carried away. lol
    Hello All! I am One of the Oldest Members on here, 54 years old.
    I grew up an Army Brat, Born in Germany in an Army field hospital at 28 degree below zero, so naturally I spent the first three weeks of my life fighting to live. This has been a life thing, fighting! My father, turn out went to Vietnam for ten years of my life by the time I was 15. I was raised to die for my family, I probably should have!! I grew up hating pot smoker's. More then once they would smoke pot and go looking for the Lone Vietnam Son who claim his father, probably should lied like the rest, not much for lying. They would try and hit me with their make love, not war My own brother denied my father and me, that how bad it was. I was spit on regularly, called the son of baby killer!! Hey it was toddler with a grenade. I have seen a very ugly world. I was bused to a mostly Black High School in Arlington, Va., 5 minutes from Washington my jr year. I had a lot of fun there, they said I was the most strange white person they ever met, I am not a hater, I was in houses White people had never set foot in. This is where I learn pot smoker are not usually fighting, This also the first time I didn't get in a fight for 15 months, the black guys wouldn't let me. Of course my Senior years we moved to San Antonio, Tx. I was straight A student, took third in State in wresting, had an appointment to West point. It was taken all away, My Father at this point really not my father, that MAN was destroyed somewhere in Vietnam a little at a time. My father killed pots smoker who passed out in the lead foxhole allowing 234 soldier to be killed in their bunks. He makes me leave home at 6:00 am the day after I grad. High School. I did not smoke, drink or do drugs been a long time I need money from them, I started with newspaper route at 8. No Army, something I could be in my sleep. So I sold bibles in kentucky, yes bibles made $5,000 in three month. So I can go to college,don't need wrestling or army or anyone, by the way I'm 17. I go to college going walk on with the wrestling team, oh no title IX is enacted, no wrestling for 320 colleges or a lot of men's sports. Titled IX is equal sports for men and women, I am thinking how come the women don't have sports. Problem was they didn't have any sports that year because no women went out for them, of course there was no women's sports in high school at that time, 1975. I was raised by Kansas farm women and have a great deal of respect for women. So with no training or practice for the first time I notice something I didn't have time for before, Yep GIRL"S. I lived in a co-ed dorm on the 4th floor, poor boy section, Animal House didn't have a thing on us, we were called the ZOO!! lol We beat up frats, drank kegs of beer and chased Girl's endless. This is where I first Smoked POT, the evil refer madness, being raised by backward people I thought a little bit something wrong with weed. I had been lied to a lot, by it seemed most people! I watch people smoke it Mostly smoking pot makes me a jolly good fellow, the first time didn't, I got mad at the guys I smoke it with. The usual Vietnam!! Anyway I left college, because money ran out!! I get a job working on Freeway over pass near Manhattan, Ks, after having to move my family there from Tx. Now I am off, smoked Cambodian Red grow by a ex-Gi. Fort Riley has a international Airport I smoke many kinds of pot from around the world straight from the farmer hand. The GI's flying in wanted beer, so wanted to sell it and being dang near in the Army all my life. I could get it, the other long hairs couldn't, can't hate somebody and get weed. lol I then move to California 1500 miles away from anybody I know. That all for part one, maybe a part two!!
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