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Top 5 CBD Questions

CBD Dosing and Information   1. What is CBD?
2. What are the Health benefits of CBD?
3. What are the types of CBD Products? CBD Oil E-liquids Isolates Edibles Topicals Capsules
  4. How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work? Through the lungs Under the tongue Through the skin Through the gut
  5. How do you Know if CBD is Working?
                  As the second most prevalent cannabinoid in Marijuana, CBD offers a wide range of health benefits. And it’s so effective that many people are using CBD to replace traditional medications like painkillers, antidepressants and sleeping pills.      People who are new to using CBD, however, can be intimidated by the amount of information and advice found online. And one of the most common questions people want answered is, "What is CBD and How do I use it?" This article will answer that question, giving you a clear understanding of how different CBD products work, the different ways you can administer CBD, and how long each method takes to work.   What is CBD?   Let’s go over just what CBD is, what CBD oil is, and give you a quick rundown of CBD’s health benefits. So, CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound produced in the resinous flowers of the marijuana plant. It’s part of a group of chemicals called cannabinoids, of which the most well-known is THC.   THC is the cannabinoid that gets users ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychotropic, meaning it doesn't intoxicate you in any way. There are studies that show CBD can actually mediate some of the negative effects associated with THC use, such as paranoia and anxiety.   What are the Health benefits of CBD?
There is plenty of research on CBD, and more is in the works right now. So far, scientists have concluded that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and analgesic (pain reliever). It can also reduce seizures in those suffering from certain types of epilepsy.   CBD also looks like it holds great promise in treating mental health issues such as depression, addiction and PTSD. Not only that, but the research also suggests that CBD could improve bone health, help manage diabetes, reduce acne and skin problems, relieve IBS symptoms, and Many other health issues.   What are the types of CBD Products?
As the therapeutic effects of CBD have become more well-known, the amount of CBD products on the market has grown substantially. There are now hundreds of different brands selling thousands of different types of CBD-containing products, Which is both a blessing and a curse. While we are blessed with easier access to CBD products, We are cursed by the fact that often times people do not know what is truly in the product they maybe using. Places like Joy Organics are  trying to help with providing full information on whats in the products and how they extracted them from the plant, where the plants come from...etc.   Let’s take a look at the most common types of CBD products.   CBD Oil
CBD oil is the most popular CBD-containing product on the market. It’s made from a carrier oil - most commonly coconut oil, olive oil or hemp seed oil - mixed with CBD (either in the form of a CBD isolate of as part of a full-spectrum extract). CBD oils come in a variety of mixtures and concentrations. They can be applied under the tongue (sublingually), through the skin (topically), or mixed with food or drink.   E-liquids
The popularity of vaping e-liquids has exploded in the last few years. And many people are now vaping CBD e-liquid as a convenient and fast-acting way of taking CBD.   Isolates
CBD isolate is what it sounds like: CBD that has been isolated. This concentrated form of CBD, which is sold as powder or crystals, is a versatile CBD product. It can be used to make edibles, home-made e-liquids, or consumed on its own by either smoking or dabbing it.   Edibles
There are a variety of different CBD edibles available. They include candies such as chocolates and cookies, and even drink mixes.   Topical 
By infusing cosmetics like moisturizers and balms with CBD, you have a wellness product that has the ability to target specific areas through the skin. Products are available in a range of different blends and with varying concentrations of CBD.    Capsules
CBD capsules represent a simple and convenient way to take CBD oil. They also allow you to dose accurately and avoid the often-unpleasant taste of CBD oil. The CBD used in most products is derived from legally-grown hemp and is, therefore, considered legal in all 50 states and most countries around the world.   How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?
There is no one correct answer to this question. The speed at which CBD starts to work depends on a number of factors, including your age, weight and health status. However, the most important factor to consider when estimating the time CBD takes to work is the method of consumption. Here, we will cover the methods of application of CBD and give you an idea of how long each one takes to work.   Through the lungs
Smoking or vaporizing (including dabbing) is the quickest way to get the therapeutic effects of CBD. Once inhaled, the CBD is absorbed via the lungs into the bloodstream. Effects are felt almost immediately. It’s ideal for immediate relief from, say, pain conditions.   Under the tongue
As we mentioned above, CBD oil is most commonly taken under the tongue for it to be absorbed via the sublingual tissue. This is a pretty quick and efficient way of dosing CBD. Effects should be noticed within 10 minutes after dosing.   Through the skin
CBD topicals are used to treat localized problems, such as sore joints and abrasions as well skin conditions. This method is not the speediest and you may only feel subtle effects about 30 minutes to an hour after applying the topical.    Through the gut
Eating CBD is popular but is not the most fast-acting or efficient method. Not only does some of the CBD not make it past your gut and into your blood, the CBD that does make it can take some time to get there. Depending on what and when you last ate, effects could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more to kick in.   How do you Know if CBD is Working?  
You now know all about the many types of CBD products and how long you can expect each method of application to take.   But how do you know if the CBD product you have chosen is working?    Well, there are some common experiences that should help you know that CBD is working for you. Firstly, a large majority of people who use CBD find that it makes them very calm and relaxed. Many even describe a sense of warm relief coming over them. If you generally have a racing mind, it may well slow right down as anxiety levels drop.   Next, if you have any overt medical symptoms, like aches or pains, these may begin to fade.         Of course, not everyone will have the same experience. There are many variables at play that can affect how CBD affects you. Dosage is an important one. While larger doses work for some, others will only require a small dose. Other people may find that CBD just simply doesn’t work for them, no matter the dose.           There you have it, A complete overview of the different types of CBD products out there and how long they take to work. Some are fast acting, and some take much longer. What’s best for you, however, depends on your preferences and needs. As with every supplement you take, the most important thing to consider when dosing CBD is your personal experience. What works for others might not work for you. Find a method of consumption and a product that suits you. Then you’ll be able to make the most of one of the most therapeutic chemicals to have been discovered. 



Marijuana and Anxiety

Marijuana and Anxiety Top 7 Questions   What is Anxiety? What Factors Contribute to Anxiety? What Should You Know About Using Marijuana to Treat Anxiety? How  Does THC and Brain Chemistry Work? How Does THC and CBD Affect Anxiety? Does Marijuana Cause Anxiety? Best Strains for Anxiety Relief     Will Marijuana help with anxiety? How? Which Marijuana strains seem to work the best? Have you asked or been asked questions like these? Be assured there are many Stoners just like you asking these very questions.   Today, Major health organizations and medical professionals doing cannabinoid research have helped people find ways to control and even at times cure the conditions they live with.  Cancer, Crohn's disease, and Epilepsy are just a couple of the life-threatening medical conditions that Marijuana is proving to help greatly.   People with PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety and many other issues are also finding relief through Marijuana. People are finding out that marijuana works for a wide variety of conditions and realizing the medicinal benefits of cannabis.   What is Anxiety:   Anxiety is a condition that touches more than three million lives each year, from kids to seniors and while teens and elderly who live alone tend to be the most at risk to suffer from this condition no one is immune. There are different types of anxiety. Panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder are a few of the more common types of anxiety.  If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, seek medical attention if possible. Talk to your doctor and have them run tests to see if you have any chemical imbalances that can be corrected vitamin D, and B are very important in your body when it comes to mental health.   Some people find Marijuana a great way to help them fight and treat their anxiety.   What Factors Contribute to Anxiety   Medical conditions Genetics Chemical imbalances Work or Lack of School Social settings   What You Should Know About Using Marijuana to Treat Anxiety:   The first thing you should know about weed is that while it may help anxiety, it can also trigger it.   Marijuana has been known to trigger paranoia and anxiety in some people. Sativa dominant strains seem to cause this effect much more often than Indica dominant strains of marijuana.   How Does THC and Brain Chemistry Work:   THC and the brain work together using chemicals like anandamide and serotonin.. Cannabis works with so many different conditions thanks to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its receptors. CB1 and CB2 receptors work to help facilitate two-way communication between nerves and cells.   THC is known to trigger anandamide production in the brain. Anandamide is also called the “bliss molecule” and found in chocolate. Hence why chocolate makes most people so happy. THC is also a neuroprotectant.   How Does THC and CBD Affect Anxiety:   THC and CBD are both compounds found in cannabis. They both have an effect on anxiety. Especially, when you mix them together. The mixing of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and others results in the entourage effect or a synergy that can provide optimum results. THC is known to be an appetite stimulant, a pain reliever, a sedative, an anti-inflammatory, and much more.   CBD (cannabidiol) seems to be at the center of many of the studies pointing to a reduction of anxiety. CBD holds many of the same benefits plus some like being an antipsychotic, anti-convulsant, and it helps build strong bones.   Both CBD and THC are proving to help people with anxiety. Many people are having great success with CBD when it comes to helping them control their anxiety. Studies like “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for AnxietyDisorders” show CBD to be extremely beneficial.   Here are some of the things CBD is showing potential at helping:   PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Mild to moderate depression OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Social phobia Panic disorder Social phobia   Does Marijuana Cause Anxiety: Lets look back at where we began to talk about MJ and Anxiety....     Some people suggest that marijuana may cause anxiety rather than preventing it. They are not entirely wrong.  People are unique, Each person’s chemistry is and experiences are slightly different.    If you think that marijuana doesn’t help anxiety just ask someone who uses marijuana too treat their own anxiety Or, ask one of the many marijuana users that are military veterans that live with PTSD and anxiety every day of their lives.   Perhaps this is what’s changing the minds of America and other countries. Maybe it’s all the children, moms, and dads, that are illegally alive thanks to Marijuana.   Best Strains for Anxiety Relief:   Cannabis tends to react to each person’s body chemistry a little bit differently. Perhaps that’s why there is a plethora of different cannabis strains. Consumers buy indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains.   Sativa tends to have perky uplifting effects to the body and is known to spark creativity. For someone with anxiety suffering a panic attack, that’s not good. It’s a good idea to try sativa strains at home to see how they affect you first if you have anxiety.   Indica cannabis strains are known for their strong medicinal effects, calming being one of them. This makes them a favorite for those with anxiety. These strains also tend to have very high THC percentages. Hybrid cannabis strains contain a mix of both indica and sativa cannabis. They are for the person that needs a little up and a little down.     You may want to try these strains if you’re looking for help with your anxiety:   Girl Scout Cookies Sugar Black Rose The Purps GG #4 Sensi Star     While Marijauna isn’t the cure-all for everything, it has already helped many people with multiple symptoms and conditions. Learning how weed affects you and how your body reacts to certain strains is vital when looking to develop a treatment plan.   Talking with a doctor that understands cannabis is always advised. If you suffer from anxiety, cannabis could be just what you need to help you get that anxiety under control.    



Sativa or Indica, Why Choose Only One

The Stoners here at the haven have discussed this a multitude of times in many different posts. Recently a discussion was had that talked about "Salad Bowls" this is a term used for mixing different strains of weed together in same Pipe/Bong or Vape. The heart of the discussion centered on why more people do not do this as opposed to trying  to breed or grow a particular plant for a particular profile (IE: 60/40 sativa-indica) When it is very easy to take a fairly pure indica and a fairly pure sativa and mix your own ratios IE: 90/10, 10/90 or anything in between. There is also the ability to mix a CBD dominant plant into this mix again achieving a ratio of CBD:THC that works  for you.   So when you go out to a dispensary and purchase a strain of weed, try to purchase three kinds, Pure indica, Pure sativa and a 50/50 hybrid, and see if you can see the difference in the high, I think you will be pleasantly surprised, if not a little trashed and try mixing some high CBD weed  into your mix and see what you think!   Indica   The differences between Sativa and Indica   INDICA = A Cannabis plant with Fat Leaves and is Short Bushed   Have higher CBD than THC equals heavier, sleepy type of high. They are a shorter growing season. Better for indoor growing, because they don't get as tall.   Indica is a short plant, usually under 6ft tall, rarely over 8ft tall. Its leaves have short, wide fingers and are deep green, often tinged with purple. At maturity, the leaves start to turn even darker purple. It has short branches laden with thick, dense buds, which mature early, usually about the beginning of September.   The buds vary in color from dark green to purple, just like their leaves. Under cooler conditions, the coloration becomes more intense. The buds have little trouble maturing under the cool conditions of our northern climate. Indica buds smell stinky, you know the type that smell like bad B.O. often pungent and their smoke is thick even a small toke will often induce fits of coughing. The best Indicas have a relaxing social high, which allows the person to sense and feel the environment, but does not lead to thinking or analyzing the experience.   Other Indicas get you, well shit faced, heavy neck experience I like to call it, to total sleep outs, one spliff and its goodnight! Aside from recent colonization, Indica is found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other surrounding areas. All of these fall between the 25th and 35th parallels, and have extremely variable weather - rainy one year hot the next, and so on. For that reason, each plant population's gene pool is heterogeneous. characteristics vary regarding all phases of their growth including maturation time and climate preferences. In any season, no matter what the weather, some plants do well.   SATIVA = A Cannabis plant with Thin Leaves and is Tall Bushed   Have higher THC than CBD equals cerebral, soaring type of high, more energetic  Thai Sativa grow taller and have a longer flowering period, so they are better suited for outdoors.   Sativa plants vary from about 6ft to over 25ft in height. Most varieties grow in the 8ft to I2ft range. The leaves are long and thin fingered and are light green, especially equatorial varieties, which have less chlorophyll and more yellow pigments in order to protect the plant from intense light. Temperate varieties are darker green. The leaves of some varieties yellow and fall off during maturity. The plants have long branches. The bottom ones may spread 4ft or more from the central stalk, rather like a conical Xmas tree shape.   The buds are long and thin, far less densely populated than the Indica, although longer in length, sometimes stretching 3ft in or more along the branch. The stigmas of the flowering bud may be tinged slightly purple in a cool climate but in a warmer environment will turn dark orange or even red. Maturation time varies considerably. Low THC Midwestern varieties mature in August and September, while Equatorial varieties mature from November through to January. The buds require intense light to thicken and swell. Under the low light conditions found in the UK the buds are very skimpy and thin but are often very potent. Sativa buds smell sweet, fruity (Apple Pie comes to mind) and perfumed, and their smoke is usually smooth and easily inhaled. Sativa are found all over the world and include most of the commercial equatorial varieties such as Colombian, Mexican, Nigerian and South African where plants can be very potent. When smoking a sativa the high is very Cerebral, you have a rush of energy, a buzz in the body and a great way of getting the housework done without vegging out. Native sativa plants above the 30th parallel are considered industrial hemp. Under artificial light an Indica plant will mature faster than a sativa, over 4 weeks of extra light is required to bring a sativa plant to maturity.   Examples of Sativa Dominant Plants and Indica Dominant Plants   Sativa-dominant Hybrids: Cerebral high with a relaxing body effect. Provides physical and mental relief. Here are some examples of strains that are Sativa-dominant hybrids: Mars OG, Neptune OG, Headband, Juicy Fruit, Sour Diesel, Purple Trainwreck Even Hybrids (50/50): Ideal strains for people seeking a perfect balance of head and body. Here are some examples of strains that are 50/50 Hybrids: Cheese, White Widow, Blue Dream, Blue Widow, Purple Diesel, Super Silver Haze Indica-dominant Hybrids: These strains provide a full-body pain relief, with a relaxing head high. Recommended for nighttime use to go to sleep, or daytime relief from minor pain. These strains are perfect for patients who suffer from all types of autoimmune diseases as well as insomnia or depression. Here are some examples of strains that are Indica-dominant Hybrids: Tahoe OG, SFV OG, Kosher Kush, Skywalker OG, Purple Urkle, Girl Scout Cookies, Blackberry Kush   Click Below for Detailed Strain Guide



Never Forget "Operation Green Merchant"

Black Thursday- Operation Green Merchant 1987   When Operation Green Merchant first broke 18 months ago, no one was sure of where it was going or what the extent of it would be. Now we know that its ostensible aim was to shut down this country's burgeoning indoor marijuana-cultivation industry; that during its execution the government decimated several of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution; that one magazine was put out of business and another thrown into financial straits; that several garden-supply stores and businesses were seized by the government without their owners being charged with criminal activity; and that more than 100,000 American citizens -- whose only connection with the operation was the purchase of gardening equipment -- came under federal investigation.

Green Merchant was designed to link the sources of information regarding indoor marijuana cultivation -- HIGH TIMES and 'Sinsemilla Tips -- with indoor growers in a criminal conspiracy. The connection of the two was thought to be that the gardening centers advertised in both magazines.

The logistics of the operation were these: during a two-year period beginning in late '87, the DEA sent agents to 81 stores and mail-order houses specializing in indoor-gardening supplies, asking for information regarding the growing of marijuana. While most of the store owners refused to have anything to do with the agents once they made their blatantly illegal requests, a handful responded positively , and a few of those apparently even provided seeds to the undercover agents.

Those few positive responses provided the DEA with the legal leverage it needed to subpoena UPS shipping records from a number of those stores. An investigation of a portion of the names provided by those records turned up a number of illegal indoor-marijuana growers.

For the DEA, the link had been made: They now had proof that some of the consumers who purchased indoor-gardening supplies from the stores and mail-order houses which advertised in HIGH TIMES and 'Sinsemilla Tips' were indeed using gardening equipment to illegally produce marijuana. The stage was set for the Operation to go public.  

Main Objectives :

The government succeeded in shutting down 'Sinsemilla Tips'. Tom Alexander, whose Full Moon garden-supply store was seized during the early stages of Green Merchant -- without him being charged of anything -- was unable to continue publishing after all his advertisers either went out of business or were threatened with charges if they continued advertising with him.

HIGH TIMES continues to publish despite the loss of revenue from those same advertisers. But once it became apparent that HT would not fold, and in fact sales were increasing, a federal investigation was launched in New Orleans which attempted to make HT a co-conspirator with both the Seed Bank and the indoor growers. That investigation was dropped some months ago when the government failed to get an indictment.

On June 24, 1990, Nevil Schoenmakers, who legally operated the Seed Bank (another HIGH TIMES advertiser) in Holland, was arrested by the Australian authorities at the behest of the US government while visiting family in Perth. A 44-count indictment was lodged in New Orleans, charging him with the sale of marijuana seeds to undercover agents and indoor growers in the New Orleans area in 1989. He has been detained awaiting the results of an extradition hearing -- while not charged with anything -- in Australia since June.

Incidental Casualties :

George Warren owned six Northern Lights garden centers in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. On October 24, 1989, he was visited in his flagship store by a man who asked about purchasing lights and hydroponic systems. During the course of the conversation the man, who turned out to be a DEA agent, inquired about acquiring marijuana seeds. Warren told the man he wasn't in that business; the man persisted, and Warren told him there were probably magazines he could look into for that kind of information, then excused himself to answer a phone call in his office. The man followed him into the office and passed him a note asking for 200 seeds. Warren asked the man to leave the store.

The following day, the agent returned and made a small purchase, again sought seeds and was again informed that he couldn't get them there.

The next day, nine DEA, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms and local-authority agents arrived at Warren's main store armed with a warrant for business records, grow lights, hydroponic systems and other inventory that might be used to grow marijuana. That same day, the process was repeated at each of Warren's stores; by evening he'd lost inventory valued at nearly $200,000. Warren himself, however, has never been arrested in connection with the seizures, and continues to fight for the return of his inventory.

Reached recently at home, Warren was furious.

The owner of a large West Coast mail-order gardening-supply center tells a similar story. On October 26, 1989, the DEA and state police arrived at his warehouse with warrants for business records and computers. They padlocked the warehouse and began forfeiture proceedings for the nearly $1 million worth of inventory, the warehouse itself and the property it was located on.

The owner, who asked to remain anonymous, was also never arrested. Ten months later, the prosecutor in the forfeiture case gave the owner's lawyer a list of 20 misdemeanors, which he said he would prosecute if the man continued to fight the forfeit. The choice was simple: Fight and lose thousands of dollars in legal fees -- as well as risk one year in jail for each count he might be convicted on -- or give up the fight and walk away. His lawyer advised him to walk away, suggesting that of 20 counts it wasn't unlikely that he could lose at least one of them, and conviction on even a single count would mean losing the forfeiture case anyway. The man took his lawyer's advise and walked.

While not all prosecutors are willing to go to such lengths to seize property, the federal and civil laws regarding forfeiture certainly make it appealing for them to do so in cases where the forfeited items are of value. In federal cases, the agencies involved receive 75 percent of the monies eventually generated through the auction of forfeited goods; the remaining 25 percent is divided between the prosecutor's office and any local agencies involved in the seizure. Civil forfeiture cases divide ALL the monies between the prosecutor's office and the local authorities involved.

Dan Viets, a defense attorney who has won a number of Green Merchant cases, says that while  

Forfeiture doesn't just affect businesses. One of Viets' clients, a former law-enforcement officer, stands to lose his whole farm because 37 marijuana plants were found growing on it. Another of his cases involved a couple found with four pot plants, who have had their 11 acre farm forfeited as a result. Viets is optimistic about both cases.

"A lot of people don't fight forfeiture because they don't think they can win," he says. "But even though the burden of proof is not very high of the state's part, they still have to prove that the forfeited items were at least probably derived from the monies generated by illegal activity. And that's not always easy."

The horror of the prosecution of Green Merchant case's wasn't limited to forfeiture: One couple had their parental rights terminated for growing pot at home; several school teachers and at least one nurse lost their state licenses; others simply got caught up in the legal system, and found that trying to extricate themselves nearly ruined them.

Tom and Sara Williams were visited because their names were on the one of the confiscated store mailing-lists. When the DEA arrived they tore the Williams' house apart, eventually finding seven plants. Though their case was later reduced from felony possession of an illegal substance to a guilty plea on one misdemeanor, paraphernalia-possession (the warrant was faulty), the Williamses had to spend nearly $7,000 in bonds and legal fees.

The list goes on. There are hundreds of horror stories which came out -- and are still coming out -- of Green Merchant: People whose lives were disrupted or destroyed by the government in an attempt to shut down two magazines and a seed house.   Repercussions:

While the obvious targets of the Operation were HIGH TIMES, 'Sinsemilla Tips' the Seed Bank, store owners, small-time growers and the thousands of people who were investigated, the real victim of Green Merchant has been the Bill of Rights.

The right of free speech is a cornerstone of our republic. History is full of people that spoke out advocating illegal positions in an effort to change the laws governing them -- from Thoreau's 'Civil Disobedience' to 'The Abolition Papers', from Freedom Marches to abortion rights. What 'Sinsemilla Tips' did, and what HIGH TIMES does -- advocate the legalization of marijuana -- is no different than what others have done throughout American history. The right to print what we choose to print is supposed to be inviolate.

The right to privacy is supposed to be protected as well. Yet the investigation of thousands of people -- based solely on their having purchased legal equipment from legal businesses which just happened to advertise, among other places, in pro-marijuana magazines -- has been continually defended by the Justice Department as necessary to their effort in the War on Drugs, despite its obvious constitutional infringement.

The rights to privacy were further compromised by the thousands of warrant-less searches made in that investigation. While many people allowed those consent searches to be performed, others were intimidated into them. To date, dozens of government cases have been dropped as a result of those unlawful entries.

Perhaps the rights most abused in the execution of Operation Green Merchant involve personal property and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. The use of forfeiture during the government's prosecution of the Operation has absolutely shredded these basic rights. That store owners could have their businesses seized by federal agents, without there being enough evidence to charge those owners with any criminal activity whatsoever; is a terrifying concept; that people found to be growing marijuana in the privacy of their homes could have those homes seized by government agents before they were ever brought to trial is unconscionable. And yet this was one of the recurring themes of Green Merchant: confiscate property; threaten charges which would bankrupt the defendant to defend; and then make an offer to withdraw the charges if they agree not to fight the forfeiture.

Net Results:

The government not only denies ever trying to put either HIGH TIMES or 'Sinsemilla Tips' out of business by gutting their advertising, it has defended the actions of the federal, state and local authorities in every phase of Green Merchant as integral to the success of the War on Drugs. Terrance W. Burke, the Acting Deputy Administrator of the DEA, suggests that "there is no such thing as a casual or innocent drug user of illegal substances. Users are a major factor in the drug-trafficking problem, and they are going to be held accountable."

Steve Hager, HT's Editor-in-Chief finds fault with that argument. "The whole reason we told people to grow their own pot was to get rid of the criminal element. We said, if you want this -- to eat it, to smoke it, whatever -- that's your God-given right, and we'll tell you how to grow it. Don't give your money to the narcotic traffickers. Don't support the criminal drug trade."

Marijuana is illegal today not because it's unsafe to drive while high, or because some religious and temperance groups think it's the devil's weed; it's still illegal only because the big boys haven't yet seen their way clear to corner the market once it does become legal. But you can bet they are working on that; both marijuana for smoking and hemp for its thousands of commercial uses -- from plastics to pulp, paper to pesticides, from food to fuel, fiber to pharmaceuticals -- are just too valuable to be kept of the market forever. It's just a question of working out the details -- among which is ridding the marketplace of as many independent growers and as much information as possible. That part of the plan went into effect on Black Thursday -- October 26, 1989.

In the final analysis, Operation Green Merchant has done nothing but ruin the lives of thousands, destroy the Bill of Rights, obfuscate the potential commercial and medical uses of hemp/marijuana by continuing to demonize it, raise the price of pot and invite the criminals to take charge of its production.
Way to go boys.

The Numbers:

During a two-week period beginning on October 26, 1989, the DEA raided gardening centers and private homes in 46 states. The results of that first phase of Green Merchant -- released on November 9, 1989 -- were:

o 377 arrests of private citizens for marijuana cultivation;

o 42,677 marijuana plants seized (the Justice Department counts unsprouted seeds in soil as marijuana plants);

o 875 pounds of packaged marijuana seized;

o 2.5 pounds of methamphetamine seized;

o 5 pounds of mushrooms seized;

o 280 indoor grow-sites seized;

o 19 stores and warehouses seized;

o 11 store owners arrested (8 store owners had their businesses seized without being charged of any criminal activity);

o $7,318,000 in total assets seized.


o 19 stores closed down: 7 stores forfeited, 11 currently under forfeiture litigation, 1 store no explanation;

o 16 store owners arrested;

o $9,208,928 in total assets seized.

(No new statistics on either quantities of packaged marijuana or other illegal substances seized.)

The Operation was far from over. During the past 18 months the DEA has continued its Green Merchant investigations. The most recent figures -- released by the Justice Department on February 1, 1991 -- are:

o 443 arrests of private citizens for marijuana cultivation;

o 50,794 marijuana plants seized (including unsprouted seeds in soil);

o 358 indoor grow-sites seized;

Of all the arrests made in Green Merchant thus far, only two people had illegal substances other than marijuana in their homes; one man with 2.5 pounds of methamphetamine, and another with 5 pounds of mushrooms. Indeed indoor pot-growers don't appear to be supporting the criminal drug trade.    This operation is still continued today in a different form. The police will go to hydro shops, usually in an area that has one one or two around, and setup camp. They then take pictures of people that go to these shops and then start kicking in doors. The local cops doing this are deputized marshals of a secret grand jury investigation, this is because the feds never have to produce paper work that there is even a secret grand jury. Thats because its a secret. After kicking in a bunch of doors and arresting people, the operations shuts down and moves to the next area that they will run these at. All the while there is never a need to show anyone that they have a lawful investigation. This type of action goes on still today!   Operation Green Merchant sent the cannabis scene into the complete underground. It wasn’t until 1996 when Proposition 215 passed in California that the cannabis growing scene would peek its head out in the open. As you can see, the DEA’s attempt did nothing to stop the proliferation of cannabis in the country. The operation’s end result was another futile attempt to control the country, and a definite waste of tax dollars. As we look back on this day known by growers as “Black Thursday”… we can without a shadow of a doubt say that we are winning the fight.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Green_Merchant   https://www.nytimes.com/1989/10/27/us/119-seized-in-drive-to-halt-indoor-marijuana-growing.html




What do you think of when You hear the word SYNERGY? syn·er·gy   the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.     What brought the word to mind for me was thinking about about pharmaceutical companies trying to isolate and recreate certain cannabinoids and terpenes, And how many believe this is a fools quest due the fact that the plant needs all its parts to really be the best medicine- This belief is that these parts all working in harmony create a synergistic effect.  I believe as growers we develop a relationship with our plants as all living organisms do, I believe their are many who develop a synergy with their plants and they typically produce the best marijuana.   
  While thinking on this I realized how many other types of synergy exist, I think we could classify finding our "soul mate" a sort of synergy, Sometimes we develop it with our pets. When this exists and good things are created on top of good things its a snowball effect on much of our lives. We all have those times when it seems we can do no wrong and the times where nothing goes right, when synergy is at play we seem to be the former more often than not. So if Synergy can make our relationships with people, animals, and even plants better and more fulfilling, who is to say we don't produce better weed when we have that synergistic effect going with our garden.   How do you get it? That's a secret well kept, You cant hunt it, trap it, buy it or rent it- It is the ultimate organic recipe of what we put out of ourselves. When we have positive vibes there are times when someone else is pinging on that exact same vibration and we get drawn together and when this happens, Magical things tend to follow. As I thought down this deep path I began to think about why we support things that usually don't have same morals/ethics as we do on a personal level, and how that could possibly effect synergy negatively and How sometimes you find yourself able to develop a synergistic relationship with your work. and how fulfilling that can be. I had a neighbor friend who asked me to build a set of chairs for him, he described the area he planned for them and all that stuff- I made them and was happy making them and he was real happy with them, another neighbor I didn't know real well around same time asked about building a picnic table for them How Much? was his question and only thing he had to say. I refused the job.   Luckily I had enough work to do that, The thing was that the first neighbor couple were genuinely nice people and cared about the vision they had the second well he had no vision just a price set in his head and expected me to jump up and work for him. There was No Synergy with second guy- If I had taken the job I almost guarantee I would have hated it while having everything possible go wrong!   I guess the point of all this is to say, Put out positive vibes and associate yourself personally and in business with people whom share same values you do in order to be more fulfilled on all these levels. Do the things that make you feel right with the world, trying to leave people and places better than when you met them..even when this is hard and Take time to realize the Synergy all around you with the people you meet, the animals you see, the rocks, trees, soil, and plants. Oh and Stay High!  



Strain Name Game

Do Strain names mean anything? Or is it all just hype and marketing?   Back around 2010 "White Widow" was the plant everyone was growing and talking about, I had a lengthy discussion with another grower who asked if I had grown/smoked WW. I said yes, have grown and smoked it- I followed that up with some are good and some are just OK...He Asked Do you mean some didn't get grown right? I said No, That is not what I mean...What I mean is that some breeders versions of WW were not all that great and some were awesome. He was puzzled by what I said, After all if I buy Tylenol at Walmart and Tylenol at K-mart its still Tylenol. I understood why he was perplexed by what I was suggesting and explained that if two people have sex and then have a baby- that baby is not an exact copy of mom or dad and that if we took two more people who look just like the first couple and they have a baby the two baby's will exhibit drastically different traits thus they should have different names as well.   Imagine if you had a headache and needed Tylenol, you went to Walmart last time but K-Mart is closer, So you go to K-mart and get the Tylenol and it doesn't work as well or Different color, Smell, Taste...etc.  We have this problem with Marijuana and particularly Medical Marijuana, If I am recommended a strain for nausea How do I know I am getting that Strain and not just that Name?   There was a mostly overlooked study done and a pair of Canadian plant scientists compared the genes of hundreds of Cannabis plants and found that the way the community names its plants is well...messed up. This goes all the way down to the basic split between strains of weed that supposedly give you an uppity high (sativa) versus something more mellow (indica). The authors compared the DNA of about 130 different Cannabis plants. This means both marijuana and hemp, they had their computer group the different Cannabis strains according to their genomes.     The first split cleanly separated hemp from marijuana.      From there, things got a little weird. Marijuana is typically grouped into two basic groups: Sativa which is tall with thin leaves, and is supposed to give uppity, euphoric highs, while Indica, which is short with fat leaves is supposed to give you that nice body chill. But the Indica/Sativa divide wasn't well supported in the data.   Like, Jamaican Lamb's Bread, which is supposed to be a Sativa strain, was pretty much identical to some Afghani Indica.     And that trickles down into the whole strain naming conundrum, Think about this in the case of the Tylenol example earlier. But this goes beyond simple branding issues, Marijuana is a medicinal drug in many places in the US and Canada, and distributors use those names to help patients manage things like anxiety, glaucoma, or chronic pain.     This isn't some big weed conspiracy though. Most likely, it stems from the fact that marijuana cultivation and breeding was done in the shadows for so long, Plus The Government still makes it really hard for scientists to study Marijuana.   Finally, not everybody growing understands how breeding works. If you clone a Sour Diesel from a cutting, then fine, call the new plant Sour Diesel. But, if you get a seed labeled as "Sour Diesel," there's no way that's the same plant. Even if the seed came from a female Sour Diesel mated with a male Sour Diesel, Think about the example given earlier about different parents.   As the social and legal windows move toward acceptance of Marijuana, some sort of formal classification will be necessary.     West says genetic testing will be hugely important, not just because it will standardize the medicinal aspect of weed and make clinical trials possible, but also for intellectual property reasons.    That interest in genetics doesn't surprise Myles, considering the marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing in the US.     For any weed growers and breeders out there who want to get their strains in order.   Link To Study



Knowing and Growing

Having Met Mary and Formed a Bond with her, I often wonder what makes others grow our awesome plant?    Ive spoken in posts and my first blog entry about what brought me to growing...     I went back to purchasing Weed and then decided to quit due to hassles of finding it and staying safe at same time. My arthritis began to get worse from years as a mechanic and contractor and the toll this work had taken on my body. I went to a doctor who prescribed pills and more pills, Painkiller, anti-inflammatory drugs...etc.  None of which really helped much, and made worse in some ways as they messed with my stomach.    Sometime during this ordeal, I wanted some smoke for a football game coming  up and  I asked a sister of mine if she could "hook me up" and she did ....for a fee...lol   When I smoked that- Something amazing happened....I was pain free!?!?!? First time in so long, My stomach felt better and I was a hell of a lot less stressed out. I consider this my introduction to medical marijuana. I began to think of mechanics and contractors I had worked with (older than myself), My own parents and how much so many could benefit from this plant. But how? its circa 2010 and while things were looser in Cali most of the rest of the country were still in the dark ages and the internet had really just begun to get the reach it has today.   I went back to doctor and told her to keep her pills, but had decided I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes asked doc and she recommended Chantix. Ive heard many great story's of people using Chantix and being free from nicotine addiction, Unfortunately I am one of those that Chantix (wellbutrin) does not play well with- It made me edgy I guess is a good word to use.    A major side effect of Chantix is Lucid Dreaming (Stoners know that weed has a tendency to stop dreaming while sleeping or at least making it so you don't remember dreaming)        That next morning I began to research hydroponics and get back into MJ forums for help with this. Found OverGrow was gone, ended up at another site and found hostility, people who would rather harp on whats wrong with your idea/grow/plant than actually work together for solutions.         I Found one particular thread that I began to follow and actually followed it to 3 different sites before StonerHaven was founded by @Stoner, Myself and a lot of other caring Stoners who wanted information to reach the masses and were devoted to seeing people succeed as growers, and get the quality medicine in Marijuana we all deserve.



Marijuana Bond

Marijuana Is a unique plant among all the flora and fauna on the earth, I've talked of learning about Marijuana at a fairly young age and how I felt something special about this plant, A bonding of sorts perhaps?   It opened my eyes to new levels of thinking and helping through understanding it certainly reduced stress and pressure and does so still today. Today it also helps with pain from multiple injuries and inspires me daily to be better and do better than the day before.     I've witnessed the healing power in saving lives and the way it helps so many people with so many different issues in positive ways. I've never seen marijuana as an intoxicant, Unlike alcohol I do not believe Marijuana can be abused anymore than sugar, caffeine or nicotine can be abused. For most of my adolescent and adult life I have been using, growing and researching Marijuana, for the past 10 yrs I have worked with countless others to spread the message and sometimes I begin to wonder, Am I fixated on Marijuana? Am I obsessed by this plant?       My answer is a resounding Yes, Yes I am Obsessed with a Plant...But not in a negative way if their is such a thing with a plant that gives so much hope and life.   I have always wanted to grow the best Marijuana possible, lately I am becoming more aware of the need to preserve genetics and all along this road I have wanted to help, teach or possibly inspire others to learn, grow and heal through this Plant. Stoner Haven was founded to do just that, give a voice to those without-to have a safe environment in which to discuss Marijuana uses, Benefits and growing techniques without judgment. I’m here to share my experiences with Marijuana and it is my ultimate goal and hope that these blogs, posts and articles inspire Stoner Growers to always strive to improve their own lives and enrich those of  the people around them and at the end of the day to have and be able to give others a better and more complete history and understanding of Marijuana.  



Meeting Mary

Do you remember the first time you met her?   I do, and the look, smell, taste...The rituals that go with smoking marijuana, It all straight away attracted me. I was young when I first saw and smelled her it stuck with me, I knew from what I had seen that the drug war was a LIE which lit a fuse for rebelling against "The System", The Haters of Mary, and anything else I could find to rebel against. They called it a war and a war must have combatants on both sides....     So I joined the Marijuana Military and The Stoner Militia and began to journey through the "War On Mary" Even though it would be many years before I would realize I had joined a something. That something I joined was and is "The Counter Culture" and I had become a "Freedom Fighter" I read as much as I could find on the revolutionaries that helped spawn this opposition to the powers that be and their "war on drugs". Guys like Howard Marx, Ed Rosenthal, Mel Frank, Shantibaba, Nevil, Mark Emory and so many more that we know and even more names we have never heard or know of their contributions.      I hear a lot of talk today about how we must change, how the counter culture is counter productive to the marijuana movement. To me this is absurd, being part of that culture and fighting the fights we have fought is what brought us to this point. We didn't change THEY DID, Then money began to flow and we saw an influx of people into the marijuana trades that should have never been allowed (permit patty comes to mind) and this causes all sorts of problems because the people living the green life only because there following the other green of Cash will and do Lie, Cheat, Steal and will put on any mask to "fit in" with whichever way the wind blows the cash.    Although many see Marijuana as a way to make money to me and many like me, It is so much more- Its a culture and a lifestyle. it’s up to the veterans to set a good example, reminding people which green is more important.     We have known Mary for a long time, and have carried her further than previous generations did. We are hard-working,  we look out for others and  It’s up to us to influence the next generation to remember where we have been and that it will be their duty to carry Mary onward when were all gone and that we expect them to carry forth honesty and integrity as that is what helped propel us here.     I see Marijuana, its culture and lifestyle, and its industry's quickly becoming a new american gold rush. We need to remind ourselves and this next set of stoners and growers why we came into this lifestyle and culture to begin with  



The Golden Rule

While I prefer living by a green rule,     I was wondering how many Stoners had heard of or know what "The Golden Rule" Is all about...You might be thinking I am referring to "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" While that is a good rule to live by, Its not the Golden Rule to which I am referencing here.    The Golden Rule   Is also called The golden ratio, the golden mean or golden section (Latin: sectio aurea). Other names include extreme and mean ratio, medial section, divine proportion, divine section (Latin: sectio divina), golden proportion, golden cut, and golden number.  This dates back to around 400BC!    You see the golden rule all around you, every single day- Many things you look at will show you the Golden Rule.    In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.      Mathematicians since Euclid have studied the properties of the golden ratio, including its appearance in the dimensions of a regular pentagon and in a golden rectangle, which may be cut into a square and a smaller rectangle with the same aspect ratio. The golden ratio has also been used to analyze the proportions of natural objects.   Many of the proportions of the Parthenon exhibit the golden ratio.   The drawing of a man's body in a pentagram  suggests relationships to the golden ratio   The golden ratio is commonly used in everyday design, for example in the shapes of postcards, playing cards, posters, wide-screen televisions, photographs, light switch plates and cars    The golden ratio appears in some patterns in nature, including the spiral arrangement of leaves and other plant parts.     He extended his research to the skeletons of animals and the branchings of their veins and nerves, to the proportions of chemical compounds and the geometry of crystals, even to the use of proportion in artistic endeavors. In these patterns in nature he saw the golden ratio operating as a universal law. In connection with his scheme for golden-ratio-based human body proportions, Zeising wrote in 1854 of a universal law "in which is contained the ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art, and which permeates, as a paramount spiritual ideal, all structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical; which finds its fullest realization, however, in the human form." This equation makes things seem "normal" shape and pleasing to the idea, Today when Arranging furniture,  Drawing, Painting, Building, Designing and yes even when Planting our gardens and Trimming our plants were using the golden rule.  Even when we do not know it exists our eyes and brain tend to lead us toward a design that favors "The Golden Rule".    Next time your arranging your grow room/garden or trimming your plants stop and think about "The Golden Rule" even with a Green Haze....  



Weed and Stereotypes

In my last Blog entry I talked about the name Marijuana, How someone took a word that never existed and made it a hated evil thing. Well today I would like to speak about other words, such as Stoner and the stereotypes that pervade our entire culture of green. When someone is looking to put down or make a negative statement about a person who smokes marijuana, You often hear terms like Burnout, Pot Head, Space Cadet, Major Tom and Stoner. These words take on a life  of their own whereas if you are a marijuana smoker you wouldn't use the word stoner to describe a friend to someone who does not smoke marijuana, as it would create bad images and negative connotations.   Our Culture being as resilient as it is, Uses these phrases internally with each other and much like using the word marijuana- we have taken so very much power away from these words. When one Marijuana smoker calls another any of the names above its a term of endearment and brother or sister hood like calling people Heads or the term Head shop, these are derived by shortening the term Pot Head.    I have to say I have always been a Stoner, but really did not understand how many more people were so very much like myself and what being a Stoner really meant.    Just smoking weed does not make you a Stoner...     If you see yourself In the above quote- You are a Stoner.   Refusing to use these terms much like not using the word Marijuana is IMO, Not the correct approach.   What the people fail to understand is two fold, First We are the COUNTER CULTURE and Second as free men and woman of the counter culture, WHY would we bend ourselves to fit in to normal culture, For money? See first point one more time...And realize this brothers and sisters of the green leaf, We change them not the other way around- the same way we have taken a fear mongering hateful word like marijuana and made it evoke beautiful images in half the populations mind when spoken today, This is the same way we have to change the stereotypes surrounding Marijuana Users.
  Estimates and Survey data says there are 55 million marijuana users in the US, Being that MJ is illegal and/or restricted in many states I would wager this number to be closer to 100 million versus 50 million, That Is about 1/3 of the US population. It would then stand to reason why some marijuana users may fit those stereotypes- I've known many lazy, stupid, unfit and undependable people who happen to smoke marijuana. I've also met a lot more non marijuana smokers whom are lazy, stupid, unfit and undependable- The non-smokers I have known that fit in these stereotypes vastly outnumber the ones that actually use marijuana.  Yet the other 2/3rds of the country rarely even consider why they think of these sterotypes upon the sight, smell or even mere mention of Marijuana, Maybe because they would have to admit many more bias to themselves or maybe they truly know no better.    The thought to see, smell or think of POT interlaced with these stereotypes was implanted in our brains very early on, through media, through parents, through schools, through jobs-     But never has it been even remotely true!     We have caught a break in the last few years as doctors and sports stars began to tout the medical benefits along with Marijuana's Anti-inflammatory properties and healing characteristics.  For years NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC have used marijuana for these purposes, If you didn't know how true it is- You may just look at a million dollar player busted for pot and say "Stupid Pothead" when looking deeper you realize he is a million dollar player because of his body and athletic ability- using a plant which he has chosen to use for its benefits.   Look no further than Nick and Nate Diaz, There both champion MMA fighters, These Stoners run triathlons for FUN.         People whom have trained in MMA have seen this firsthand or heard of it-in most gyms,   Joe Rogan has spoken on this subject multiple times on his podcast.      Which brings me back to how Anyone can smoke Pot, It takes more to be more.   A recent partner here at the Haven is working to change these stereotypes as well! Check out her Instagram page, Buy the great new book she wrote Fitness With Fatties , Be sure to look at her blog and threads here at StonerHaven as well.   Send your smoking activity pic to https://www.instagram.com/fitnesswithfatties/    Or you can post it in our Fitness With Fatties Album Here in our gallery and Lynda will Post them To her Instagram page!            



Whats In a Name?

Whats in a name? No, not just any name but I am talking about one name in particular...The Name Marijuana.   The word “marijuana” plays a controversial role our green world. Many well-known organizations and Celebrity tokers have publicly denounced “Marijuana” in favor of our favorite plant’s actual name, cannabis. Salon Magazine, an online magazine not typically worried about our culture, a few years ago published an article titled “Is the word ‘Marijuana’ racist?”.   in the early 1900s most everyone knew what Cannabis was and really had no issue with Cannabis and by the way the majority Loved Hemp.  Between the years of 1910 and 1920, over 890,000 Mexicans legally immigrated into the United States seeking refuge from the wreckage of civil war. The idea of smoking the plant recreationally was not as common as other forms of use.  In 1913 The first bill criminalizing the cultivation of “locoweed” was passed in California. The bill was made possible through a major push from the Board of Pharmacy as a way to regulate opiates and psychoactive pharmaceuticals.   Fast forward to the 1930s, The Great Depression had just hit the United States. Due to an influx of immigrants, The rise of suggestive jazz music, many Americans began to treat cannabis (and, arguably, the Blacks and Mexican immigrants who consumed it) as a foreign substance used to corrupt the minds and bodies of low-class individuals. In the time just before the federal criminalizing of the plant, 29 states independently banned what came to be known as “marijuana.”   Harry Anslinger...   It would not be an overstatement to say that Harry Anslinger was one of the primary individuals responsible for creating the stigma surrounding cannabis. Hired as the first director of the recently created Federal Bureau of Narcotics in 1930, Anslinger launched a vigilant campaign against cannabis that would hold steady for the three decades he remained in office. A very outspoken man, Anslinger used the recent development of the movie theater to spread messages that racialized the plant for white audiences. In one documented incident,   Anslinger testified before Congress, explaining: “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind… Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage.”   In another statement, Anslinger articulated: “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”   Anslinger’s work with the Bureau of Narcotics was the reason “marijuana” became a word known by Americans all over the country. When making public appearances and crafting propaganda films such as Reefer Madness, Anslinger specifically used the term “marijuana” when campaigning against the plant, adding to the development of the herb’s new “foreign” identity.   At this point many did not know that Cannabis the plant substance found in medicines and consumed unanimously by American’s all over the country and Hemp used widely all over the world were being renamed and re-branded as an evil scourge known as Marijuana, In fact many people for many years went on to believe and some to this day do not understand that Cannabis, Hemp, and the evil Marijuana were and are in fact all the same plant.     The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was the culmination of Anslinger’s work and the first step to all-out prohibition. The bill federally criminalized the cannabis plant in every U.S. state. In order to discourage the production of cannabis use, the Tax Act of 1937 placed a one dollar tax on anyone who sold or cultivated the cannabis plant.  On top of the tax itself, the bill mandated that all individuals comply with certain enforcement provisions. Violation of the provisions would result in imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $2,000. Shortly after the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act went into effect on October 1, 1937, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Denver City police arrested Moses Baca for possession and Samuel Caldwell for dealing. Baca and Caldwell's arrest made them the first marijuana convictions under U.S. federal law for not paying the marijuana tax. Judge Foster Symes sentenced Baca to 18 months and Caldwell to four years in Leavenworth Penitentiary for violating the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act.      After the Philippines fell to Japanese forces in 1942, the Department of Agriculture and the US Army urged farmers to grow fiber hemp. Tax stamps for cultivation of fiber hemp began to be issued to farmers. Without any change in the Marihuana Tax Act, 400,000 acres (1,600 km2) were cultivated with hemp between 1942 and 1945. The last commercial hemp fields were planted in Wisconsin in 1957.   In 1967, President Johnson's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice opened, "The Act raises an insignificant amount of revenue and exposes an insignificant number of marijuana transactions to public view, since only a handful of people are registered under the Act. It has become, in effect, solely a criminal law, imposing sanctions upon persons who sell, acquire, or possess marijuana."   In 1969 in Leary v. United States, part of the Act was ruled to be unconstitutional as a violation of the Fifth Amendment, since a person seeking the tax stamp would have to incriminate him/herself. In response the Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act as Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, which repealed the 1937 Act.   Though the word “marijuana” is the most common name for cannabis in the United States today, its history is deeply steeped in race, politics, and a complicated cultural revolution. Some argue that using the word Cannabis instead of Marijuana Is a correct approach. Many Pro-Marijuana sites and business refused to use any word other than cannabis, I love all my green Bros and sisters but this was then wrong and today is just as wrong.      Anslinger along with others notable in our cultures history used the word Marijuana to frighten the masses, I've long held the belief that we should not pretend the word doesn't exist and that we in the culture haven't used that name since we learned to talk. By claiming the Name Marijuana and interlacing it with Cannabis/Hemp It not only removes fear of the word but is also a chance to spit upon the graves of men like Anslinger who believed this was their word. It is most certainly Not Theirs!   We The Stoners, Growers, Tokers, advocates and all free men/woman Own the word Marijuana!  



Persecuted for a Joint

What are the 4 P's?    Well, It starts with the very first P, No not @PureGro1 but P as in POT, Marijuana,Reefer,The Devils Lettuce,...etc. Whatever you want to call her, as long as someone has indulged in Marijuana there has been a "Jeff Sessions" Which brings us to Persecution.      There has always been and Sadly may always be a segment of society that pre-judges people for their look, dress, color of skin or Because they happen to smoke Marijuana. They feel it is ok to judge and look down upon you because after all your a Marijuana user. They believe it is somehow their job to "keep you safe" from the "Evil Plant". Some are just control freaks who want well...control, Others do it for the money But some are just ignorant to what they are preaching. This Persecution is what leads us to and enables the third P, Prosecution...Once the majority are convinced your a low life worthy of disdain- because you smoke or grow a plant, Then the majority will be ok with people dressed in costumes kidnapping those low lives and locking them in a cage for inordinate amounts of time...because they smoked or grew a plant. (In some cases just a seed or roach or pipe can and has ruined some ones life.)   We often think of wars between Muslims and Christians as long running wars that span hundreds of years, The war on Marijuana maybe the longest and bloodiest albeit quietest war ever waged.       Which leads to the last P which is PROBLEMS...   A misdemeanor conviction can lead to, among many other things, the revocation of a professional license; the suspension of a driver’s license; the inability to get insurance, a mortgage or other bank loans; the denial of access to public housing; and the loss of student financial aid.   In some states, a felony conviction can result in a lifetime ban on voting, jury service, or eligibility for public benefits like food stamps. People can be fired from their jobs just because of a marijuana arrest.   Even though public acceptance of marijuana has grown significantly. (Thirty-five states and the District of Columbia now permit some form of medical marijuana)   Even as people scramble to take economic advantage of the green gold rush , thousands and thousands of people remain behind bars, or have been given punishments that prevent them from being "normal".   States should set an example by providing relief to people convicted of crimes that are no longer crimes, including overturning convictions. How many Moms, Dads, Brothers, and Sisters have died or are now locked in a cage to get us where we have gotten today? How many people need to be persecuted, prosecuted and caused problems because they smoke or grow a plant?    



Weed, Nature and Stoners

I was doing some soil gathering and checking old pots to make sure they were all good to go today, I found myself watching the birds, squirrels and chipmunks run around me while I was busy working away. This whole experience made me want to come back this evening and try to explain what I was thinking while enjoying the "Nature Channel". I think what I was feeling today and many times I am out and among the wild, will be familiar to most Stoners.    First thing I thought about was how the animals appear to be in no hurry to do anything while being busy at the same time, Watching them its easy to think Wow...What a life! Playing all day, then you realize that everyday to them is staying alive, finding shelter and procuring food to survive more days. Not so much playing, even though it sure appears that way. Also made me think about how without Nature we have no Weed, and without Weed...   Who in the hell would spend so much time contemplating Nature?   The more thought I gave this the deeper it went, I Started thinking about when I was in my teens and would go fishing far from where I lived and how sweet it was to have a couple doobies rolled and at the ready. Brought back some fond memories of MJ and Nature, Went to river fishing once my girlfriend and guy with me, we all decided to wade and fish- fishing was so good it got to be dark and started raining. We were all soaked head to toe and I stripped down to underwear and bear feet- hanging clothes out the window to dry...lol.   The time I went to a reservoir just to walk and think...Sat down to catch a buzz (keep in mind this was in a police state) and started hearing people running toward me, I became freaked out  and realized it was a group of  dozens of deer running the ridge around where I was, They nearly gave me a heart attack!    One time fishing and getting high the game warden came in on us, My buddy dropped the joint and my being a little sharper than him quickly stepped on it and stood right there. My fishing pole has bait and the line is out- we were catfishing, My not so swift pal starts saying LOOK, You got a hit! Im like naaa, just bluegill playing with it because I didn't want to move from that spot...lol finally my pole is being pulled over and is ready to get pulled into the water...Im like "Randy, Can you just check that for me?" he ends up reeling in my 12lb or so catfish and I simply got the pleasure of not going to jail. But to get back on track here, Did you ever see a tree and say "Damn that is a nice Tree" or "Wow, look at That Rock!" It happens to me constantly, The thing is a tree or a rock each one is different...You cant buy one to look how you want, they wont change no matter what you want, They just are, something to be said for that.    I think Nature and Weed together and separate inspire me in many many ways. We know weed has for years inspired music and art, I believe it inspires me daily to just be better...A better Friend, Father, Husband, Admin, etc...Just overall everyday I like to know I did something better than the previous day, I do not always succeed. I am sure I piss friends off sometimes, I know I piss my wife off at times (Sometimes on purpose!) I am sure I have at times disappointed my daughter, I know ive made mistakes as an administrator etc. BUT I do still try everyday to make it better, I guess this is the Walk of Life.   So get out and enjoy some nature, And tell me about your best nature story...I am positive I have many more to share as well. Keep it green brothers and sisters!        



To Get Started

First I want to say I've never done a blog before, and my first couple will be longer than what subsequent entries will be.
I want to thank Roof for doing a blog and giving me the courage and prod to join in!
I also want to say Thank you to Stoner and all the members of Team Haven, without a place to do it and people to listen- I'm just a guy who talks to himself a lot!

I'm from a large family bros/sisters smoked and grew as long as I can remember, I knew the smell and the rituals everything just from being observant and sneaky! I saw people who were good and hard working smoking pot, yet commercials on TV and stuff I would hear in school made it should like they should be unemployed, crazy lunatics but they were not...I began watching any news program I could find dealing with the war on drugs but marijuana in particular, I started buying high times whenever I could.

I would grow outside when possible, friends would call and ask for help growing I was "That Guy"- I always had a knack for it probably because my family comes from farming and coal mining so growing and hard work are in my DNA I think. But as times change it became harder to find a secure spot to grow.

I was young and smoke was easy to come by, except during summers it would get hard to find and prices would go up. I was usually just getting mid grade stuff and it was decent, as I got older and friends came and went it became harder to find a connection. It became a hassle but also dangerous, dealing with large amounts of cash in secluded areas with people you don't know is just horrible stuff, made even worse if your sick!
At one point I was driving to another state to get smoke, that's never good! I decided to grow inside, I built a cabinet and was using CFL bulbs and floro tubes, bath fans for intake and exhaust, miracle grow soil and fertilizer! Actually grew a couple that were decent, then had heat issues-burnt plants-and then a run of three crops that turned hermaphrodite on me...I was devastated and gave up, I figured I lost touch with "That Guy". I went back to buying, luckily had a Old buddy that was able to hook me up- problem was he had kids- he was burnt out guy who let his kids run wild and I couldn't have him and his kid around my kid!

So this made it tough to be friends without being friends, he moved away and I haven't talked to him as his phone changes every month...lol ya he is that guy!
So I went dry for awhile, couple months- at same time I decide to quit smoking, and take Chantix medication to help quitting, a side effect is lucid dreaming...

One night I have a vivid dream of my old buddy hooking me up and I had cash and we were in bad area, the dream ended with him being shot and my stabbing a guy- I woke up sweating and panting!
Next night I have a dream, I'm showing someone or someone is showing me my grow room- I know where I am and what I'm seeing...and this "guide" is talking about Hydroponics?!? Other than brief mention on tv show weeds and some high times stuff I'd seen back in the day, I had no idea what hydroponics was other than basic concept! I woke up thinking WTF Was that all about?
But also having a feeling that something was pushing this, maybe the chantix, maybe my arthritis from being dry- I dunno but I had distinct "if you build it, they will come" moment...

Next day I began researching hydroponics 24/7 and creating supply lists, this was 2-3 years ago- I was able to build a solid system and grow hydroponically as quickly as I got equipment, it helps that I've grown before but my whole point of this first couple of entries to this blog is to show others that it can happen overnight!

Thank you and I do Hope you enjoy reading, your comments are welcome!



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