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  2. Random Think

    My does that but not every time! I never review them and they slow down! 1984 is really here! .
  3. Random Think

    My smartphone, whenever I enter and leave a eatery or diner or store, my phone alerts me and wants me to give a rating lol I haven't bothered trying but I'm sure there is an option to turn it off
  4. Things to ponder, things that make you go hmmmmm.....

    Hahahahahaha! That's funny lol I hear ya dark
  5. Things to ponder, things that make you go hmmmmm.....

    I dunno, Loops I am rarely surprised any more. I have to admit to being amazed almost daily. People do really stupid things and say very interesting stuff. was looking at my prickly pear with thoughts of eating some of it. Some young pads are ready and there are blooms/fruit coming, too
  6. Things to ponder, things that make you go hmmmmm.....

    What else is there to do on a tropical Island?
  7. 808, The Hi State

    Yes he was! He was going to Vietnam from there, so wasn't around much. What people don't know was the USA went to Vietnam straight from Korea! We were there 6 years before the public knew! I loved there! Then I moved to the Mountains of Colorado.
  8. Hi gang, If 1+1=2, ...does that mean the sum of two is greater than the power of one? I came upon this question in my head awhile ago when I was blazed and wrote what I was thinking. Sometimes I think deep and sometimes I think shallow. Always thinking tho
  9. 808, The Hi State

    Hey roof, was your pops stationed here?
  10. 808, The Hi State

    I never knew that roof..... I'm still waiting on part 2 of your blog. I'm sure you have a lot more stories to share.
  11. 808, The Hi State

    I lived in Hawaii from late 1959 to early 1962! I went a half a year of Kindergarden! My first memories are of there! I remember I had a great relationship with the Natives! I upset when there wasn't on the
  12. The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

    I love you guys too man. I love that we can have great conversations here.
  13. 808, The Hi State

    Yes sir, trimming ten is enough....if you have to trim em all at once holy shit. (Talking alone or even with a buddy trimming by hand) I can only imagine what they have pics of, Might explain why they leave you alone! lol
  14. The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

    There are very few places where you speak and hear such honesty,....I love you guys in a non gay, non religious way.
  15. 808, The Hi State

    Yup, growing 100 would be great, trimming 100? No can bueno lol
  16. Random Think

    If y'all had not gotten me this computer, I would have let it go. Not that you folks aren't great friends and I am glad for some things the 'puter does ... but, it is getting too invasive/pervasive. I laugh at myself with this new car that is devoid of a lot of the tech bells and whistles. And the stuff it has doesn't do me any good anyway. Do I need a car that hooks to the cell phone that I don't own? I still have my land line. Same ph # since 1970.
  17. 808, The Hi State

    grow 100 would be fun. Trim 100? - pass 10 good ones give me more than I want to clean. I try to keep things to a modest size... sometimes the plants don't cooperate my prob isn't state. We have more feds than you can shake a stick at around here. I make jokes about the BorderPatrol seeing my garden more than I do ... and it's in my yard. Proximity to the border... lots and lots of overfights. They are busy with other things, but .... they still make me nervous. All they have to do, is change their mind about leaving us alone.
  18. The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

    The flying spaghetti hate dudes that say that. They are out of touch spiritually
  19. The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

    I believe in a life force, sorta like the star wars movie. A great universal source that you can harness and use to your will. The locals call the life force "mana" the ancient hawaiians was in tune with nature and to build up the power of mana, they would dance the hula......till the Christian missionaries came here and changed all the beliefs of the hawaiian and we were considered heathens in their eyes. The hula was outlawed, the hawaiian way of life was torn apart.... I believe in a god, for better lack of word. But God is within, not external. Any prayer will work if you have faith, no matter what one beliefs are. I don't adhere to religions. To much dogma..... I am spiritual, no rules, just love, hope, and strong faith That being said, I read the Koran, the Bible, books on the teaching of Buddha, and any other religious text. They all have some truths to them
  20. Yesterday
  21. 808, The Hi State

    So I found my old thread. Since that last post things have changed a lot here. For one, dea isn't in charge of the program. The board of health is in charge now. That's a good thing. Also plant count is 10, whether they're vegging or flowering..... Before you could only have 7 plants. 3 in flower and 4 in veg... how the heck are you supposed to do that outdoors? Impossible. So that's another good thing. Last but not least we finally have dispensary's on island. Not the greatest, ....way behind the mainland dispensary's, but everything is grown organic in the outdoor sun in Hawaii, which is great. Only thing is that the prices at the dispensary are sky high. Double the black market prices. And the dispensary is not allowed to sell edibles but they do sell everything else. con about the dispensary is you can't see what your buying. They're all pre-packaged in sealed foil pouches. They don't even got a display for their products. Just a menu telling what they carry. Other than that, things are finally getting better on the MJ front. I can't complain.... though I'd love to grow a 100 plants lol
  22. The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

    Something blew life back into one cold December night, I was surrounded by all encompassing love. I knew where I was, not allowed to see. It makes sense to me that if you are God, a good one at that to humble yourself down to the level of servant. Bestowed with all that the universe has to offer but does not use it for vanity sake now that's a religion. Christianity is the only religion that doesn't require you to do anything. Just believe, all others require you to purify yourself some how food for thought. I myself believe and I have 0 problem with someone who doesn't. He's just always been with me very closely for some reason. Maybe because I've never had a problem talking to people about him. I should be on my path to being a preacher but I have my own demons I'm dealing with. So God bless y'all, or live long and prosper, may the force be with you, or watch out for the flying spaghetti monster whatever floats your spiritual boat. Kinda like Forest Gump that's all I got to say about that.
  23. I would love to have one of those dogs. I'd take him for walks and have him sniff out all the people with dope lol
  24. That whole story reeks of bullshit. Who’s the author? What are the sources? Trolling,trolling,trolling, keep them bullshit stories rolling.......
  25. Wake & Bake

    I will brother! It's got a smell that's kinda like the oven cleaner Zulu Skunk has but not, it's softer on the chem side but still in that spectrum if you can smell what I'm stepping in. The first green hit has kind of a white pepper note but not spicy. Not much cough very smooth. Buzz is almost robotic lol, you just get to doing something and it's like your watching it Idk. I feel the need for a to high emoji.
  26. TexasT

    Hey Nice to meet ya! We love anything growing, with a special affinity toward MJ. Like the hydro run there, Do you have trouble outdoor keeping the reservoir cool enough? Word of advice on Hydro- watch those clear jars or containers- They will get algae pretty quick and that tends to be the #1 hydro problem people have.
  27. The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

    I used to question the Jesus stories, Then It occurred to me- A guy walking the land telling people that bankers are evil and politicians are corrupt is killed by the state...Yup- probably happened. Was he the son of god or did he even claim that? was he executed simply for speaking truth that could destroy power under the guise of his claim to be son of god? I know anyone who gains much influence and speaks truth to power- has ended up dead for a very long time....
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