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36 topics in this forum

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  • 0CaLLi's DuNGeoN oF EvEryThInG

    Damn timers ūüė° that really sucks¬†

    0calli | 
    Stoner Talk

    Hello Autos, wish we knew ye...

    Sneaky little boy ate too many of those  naners 

    Kushkush | 
    Auto Flowers

    Hello Autos, wish we knew ye...

    Got to watch for those sneaky males. ...lol  might be a good cross.....rw

    roofwayne | 
    Auto Flowers

    Hello Autos, wish we knew ye...

    Anyone want these seeds     

    Kushkush | 
    Auto Flowers

    Wake & Bake

    like ruining a nice bud by describing it as having the aroma and flavor of a urinal block

    DarKwon | 
    Stoner Talk
  • Knowing and Growing

    Having Met Mary and Formed a Bond with her, I often wonder what makes others grow our awesome plant?    Ive spoken in posts and my first blog entry about what brought me to growing...     I went back to purchasing Weed and then decided to quit due to hassles of finding it and staying safe at same time. My arthritis began to get worse from years as a mechanic and contractor and the toll this work had taken on my body. I went to a doctor who prescribed pills and more pills, Painkiller, anti-inflammatory drugs...etc.  None of which really helped much, and made worse in some ways as they messed with my stomach.    Sometime during this ordeal, I wanted some smoke for a football game coming  up and  I asked a sister of mine if she could "hook me up" and she did ....for a fee...lol   When I smoked that- Something amazing happened....I was pain free!?!?!? First time in so long, My stomach felt better and I was a hell of a lot less stressed out. I consider this my introduction to medical marijuana. I began to think of mechanics and contractors I had worked with (older than myself), My own parents and how much so many could benefit from this plant. But how? its circa 2010 and while things were looser in Cali most of the rest of the country were still in the dark ages and the internet had really just begun to get the reach it has today.   I went back to doctor and told her to keep her pills, but had decided I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes asked doc and she recommended Chantix. Ive heard many great story's of people using Chantix and being free from nicotine addiction, Unfortunately I am one of those that Chantix (wellbutrin) does not play well with- It made me edgy I guess is a good word to use.    A major side effect of Chantix is Lucid Dreaming (Stoners know that weed has a tendency to stop dreaming while sleeping or at least making it so you don't remember dreaming)        That next morning I began to research hydroponics and get back into MJ forums for help with this. Found OverGrow was gone, ended up at another site and found hostility, people who would rather harp on whats wrong with your idea/grow/plant than actually work together for solutions.         I Found one particular thread that I began to follow and actually followed it to 3 different sites before StonerHaven was founded by @Stoner, Myself and a lot of other caring Stoners who wanted information to reach the masses and were devoted to seeing people succeed as growers, and get the quality medicine in Marijuana we all deserve.

    PureGro1 | 
    Pure Thoughts 1

    Behind the 8-Ball

    Some place to jot down whatever arises during this 8-Ball Kush grow. Bless you Chris! Thank you for your generosity!   I don't wanna do a detailed chronological log or analysis here. I wanna have fun and learn from you all.    I have a real good feeling about this grow (if i don't think about aphids).  I'm really liking the vibes I get in this room - in spite of tent limitations.  The two girls are healthy seedlings now and loving life. They're growing like a weed! The tent stays around 75 in the 18 hr "day" and dips high 50s from midnight to 6. I'm doing my familiar Happy Frog - Perlite combo again on both. I was gonna do Ocean Forrest or one HF and the other OF but didn't and i have zero reasons why. Maybe next grow.   So I dote on them. I'm thinking what to name them. Lucy and Ethel? Laverne and Shirley? Mary and Jane? London and Paris? Or how about Jennifer and Angelina?  lol They'd probly yank each other's roots out.  So any suggestions? 

    wu wei
    wu wei | 
    Bloggy blog 41

    Everything's wonderful

    So I don't know about blogs and all that but whatever.    When I asked my PT girl today how much I could possibly shoot for in terms of minimizing lower back torture and living with vigor (JFK lol), she said one day I'd be jogging better than in the last 10 years. She knows I love jogging and she was serious.  And I believe her because this girl knows her stuff and she knows how to turn me back in superman again! lol I'm so glad the semi-worthless(?) neuro spinal surgeons couldn't do anything because these PT peeps are dammmm good!    Off now to get me some seed feminizing supplies. Done had it with males and autos and all that peasant stuff.  

    wu wei
    wu wei | 
    Bloggy blog 56
  • DSCN4475

    gonna have cookie nightmares lol

    fumble | 
    Staff Albums 3

    DeaHead Nugs

    Stoner | 
    Staff Albums


    An up-close shot of "Dr.Bubble" mid flower.   Grown organically via recycled soil, teas, and various microbe products.

    M1dAmb3r | 
    Members Albums


    PureGro1 | 
    Staff Albums

    Img 0003 Std

    GIOUA | 
    Members Albums
  • KillaBeez Seeds

    Hi I would like to introduce ourselves and our seed company: https://www.killabeez-seedbank.co.uk We are here for you the people, need anything or some extra love on your order please message us!!]   Our prices are fair, and we add plenty of free cannabis seeds to every single order regardless of size! Full Stocked on 420 FastBuds, Barney's and more seed banks!   Here to help directly! https://twitter.com/KillaBeezSeeds  

    Killa Beez Seeds
    Killa Beez Seeds | 

    Fitness With Fatties

    Blaze Your Way To Better Health and Higher Vitality! Satire for stoners...Perfect size to roll one on too. DM on Instagram with your pic- We’re giving away a VIP trip for 2 to the 2019 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam!       This satirical little book is a tongue in cheek guide for the weed smoker, and is guaranteed to give a good laugh, whether you partake in the odd smoke or not.   About the Author Having spent a great amount of time in her early years as both a stoner and almost completely out of shape, Lynda Knight is uniquely qualified in this field. She lives by the motto that nothing is more important than feeling good, and is passionate about helping people get to that place in their bodies and minds.   Instagram link- https://www.instagram.com/fitnesswithfatties/   Buy The book Here-  AMAZON LINK   Visit FWF Forum Section Here- https://www.stonerhaven.com/forums/forum/292-fitness-with-fatties/    Visit her Blog Here-  And see Gallery Album Here-   

    PureGro1 | 

    Oil X Green

    About Us OilXGreen was created with the purpose of providing the home cannabis user a quick and easy method of making hash oil at home. After a year of research and experimentation we created the OilXGreen THC extraction system. Our system is easy to use and inexpensive to buy and operate. Using our system you can recover up to 95% of the Pentane solvent used for processing your marijuana. A Brief History of Cannabis Concentrates Marijuana first appeared in China around 6000 BC and was first used as a food and textile source. It was first used in a concentrate around 1500 BC. Known as bhang: it was made from cannabis ground into a concentrated paste, then mixed with herbs and milk or ghee , or was used as a chewy blob and then eaten. Around the 12th century hashish - chunks of concentrated cannabis appeared in the Mid-East, this became very popular. Hashish then made its way along the many trade routes in Asia and Europe, becoming a highly valued commodity.
    Marijuana concentrates appear In the United States in the late 19th century. Using ethanol and alcohol the extracts were mixed with other herbs and sometimes sold as a "cure-all" for anything from baldness and typhoid fever to impotency and toothaches.
    During the '70s and ’80s the U.S. saw vast amounts of cannabis grown for the first time. U.S. growers began to create the highest-quality Marijuana ever seen. Because of cultivation improvements and new extraction methods hash oil and other concentrate gained even more popularity. 
    California passed Proposition 215 in 1996, creating a semi-legal system which allowed cannabis to be grown. Concentrates now had a platform to be displayed and sold.
    With more states allowing medical and/or recreational use growers with large amounts of non-marketable materials, such as trim and lower branch buds, found great value in these for creating marijuana extracts. 
      How To Make Hash Oil At Home Easily Extract THC to make Hash Oil, Cartridge Oil, Waxes and Crumbles from your own cannabis The OilXGreen thc extraction system is made to work safely and easily. Compared with other available systems the OilXGreen marijuana extract method is both easy and affordable. You can reuse up to 95% of your pentane making your operating cost at a minimum. Extract up to 100% of the THC in your cannabis. Low cost to buy and operate. Make hash oil, crumbles and waxes at home. Great for people who use vaporizers. No learning curve at all. Some of the other system manufacturers need to provide PAID Training in order to operate their cannabis extract system. Our system is made of components manufactured in the USA except for the German made tubing. We assemble the final product in our home shop in San Francisco, CA.        

    PureGro1 | 


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