Best Commercial Soil for Cannabis
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Commercially available soils and your plants


We have all been there, Wanted to grow weed and had no idea what soil to use. A good majority of us found ourselves at a local Home Depot, Loews, Ace or some other big box garden center.  Keep in mind that with cheaper soils You will probably get some weed seed in the mix and a lot of these type soils will grow algae on the surface and sometimes sprout mushrooms, I would add more perlite into any of these mixes.

No matter what you do ALWAYS AVOID- Moister control soils and Time Release Fertilized soils.


Fox Farms, roots organic soils, and Promix both offer a fairly extensive lineup of good soils, their websites offer a store locator to help you find a better soil than MiracleGro or Scotts etc etc...Your going to havve to look for it and spend a little more, but it is well worth it in the long run.


Store Locator Links:


Roots Oraganic Soils


Fox Farms Soils


ProMix Soils


There are also many, many soil mixes you can make with relative ease ALL of which will be far above and beyond the big box store commercially well known soils. Just ask and we will be happy to help you find what fits your needs!


Happy Growing...




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