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Caption This Picture Voting Poll

Vote for best Meme/Caption  

9 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Who Made your favorite Meme/Caption?

    • Darkwon
    • Farmer Jim
    • Roofwayne
    • KushKush
    • RoverttScott
    • Jeff
    • Tiltswitch
    • Swamp

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Listed in Order of Posting-


We have Eight contestants and 15 entries poll is open until Friday 3/15 at 4:20pm EST


Prizes- Happy Man Seeds for top 3 vote totals along with a StonerHaven Coffee Cup for highest vote total.


Seeds available shown in this post below- 








@Farmer Jim























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I’ve never won anything except $5 in 1973 for building the best model car at the drugstore. I really need a new coffee cup.


Come on luck...mama needs beans. :stoned-smiley:




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1 hour ago, Kushkush said:

I’ve never won anything except $5 in 1973 for building the best model car at the drugstore. I really need a new coffee cup.


Hahaha.....that made me laugh and I am not even sure why, Just sounded funny when high :smileys-passing-joint:

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9 minutes ago, PureGro1 said:


Hahaha.....that made me laugh and I am not even sure why, Just sounded funny when high :smileys-passing-joint:

It was a fire engine red ‘57 Chevy and I sniffed the glue lol :stoned-smiley:

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I have a new one... 

You’re welcome Kushkush :stoned-smiley:

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Ok ok ok calm down Kushkush! I know what day it is. I know you want my beans child, I’m busy atm. Just calm down and let me finish this heavenly cone. Just get here and I’ll share :stoned-smiley:

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So, We have @Kushkush Taking first with 3 votes and 2nd/3rd places go to @swamp and @Farmer Jim Thanks for having fun! I thought all of them were pretty funny.


@Kushkush PM me your pick of which pack of HMS beans you would like (Tangabean, SweetBelly or Pineapple Fizz) and a mailing address 


@swamp and @Farmer Jim tied with 2 votes each, PM a mailing address- you will get one of the two strains left after KushKush makes her pick. 


Next week will be another one of these for a pack of grapefruit soda from HMS seeds.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • By PureGro1
      Ok Stoners!
      Make up a Caption for the "stoner Jesus" picture....
      I will make memes of all your captions and post them in separate thread for everyone to vote on, Top 3 highest votes each get a pack of 6 seeds and 3 Stickers courtesy of Happy Man Seeds Via @HMSGenetics And Stonerhaven Will Add in a SH Coffee Cup for the first place winner.
      1st will get their pick of seeds featured below, 2nd place 
      You have from today through next Friday 3/8/2019 At 4:20pm EST to post Captions then the poll will run to decide winners. 
    • By Killa Beez Seeds
      All Entrants must be received before 01st Feb 2019.
      This is your chance to win GORILLA ZKITTLEZ
      How to enter:
      Instructions are here  Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds StonerHaven Competition And Thats all you have to do stand the chance of winning Barney’s Farm Gorilla Zkittlez 5 Seeds.
      Good Luck & Enjoy
    • By PureGro1
      Okay Stoners...
      I was thinking the other day  that the invention of cheap glass, plastic, silicone bowls and bongs along with the availability of such has caused Stoners to lose the ability and desire to build a bong, bowl or other useful smoking creations.

      I know Everyone remembers Macgyver, (or maybe I am just getting old) the man who could take a pine cone and squirrel feces and make a hand grenade that could free a pretty woman.
      (At least that is how I remember it). 

      So in today's society if Macgyver was a Stoner WWMD? would he go to amazon.com and purchase a pine cone and squirrel feces? would he really? and wait for the shipping and all while who knows whats happening to the pretty woman? I doubt it...

      How Macgyver are you? Can you make a bowl or bong that not only works but is cool? Want to take part in a contest where you could show off those skills?
      Well then grab the pine cones and squirrel poop cause you have come to the right place!
      (please leave squirrel poo in receptacle by door clearly labeled for your convenience.)

      So here is the Idea-
      Contest starts on Friday November 2nd at 4:20pm est. Stonerhaven will announce the general theme of the week and you will use that theme as a guide to make a smoking cool stoner creation that you can put weed in and smoke. you have until the following Friday at 4:20pm est When we announce the next weeks theme to submit a picture (or video) of your creation, The pic or video needs to include "stonerhaven" written on paper visible in the picture.  

      This contest will span 8 weeks with 7 winners, one for each round of submissions and a Grand Prize Winner with highest combined total votes-
      Week 1- Get  theme and build Week 2- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 3- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 4-  Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 5-  Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 6-  Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 7-  Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 8-  Submit pic of last theme  
      Each week is voted on individually and all polls will stay open until Friday December 28th at 4:20pm est at which point each weeks winners will be tallied and announced along with Our Grand prize winner.
      Although Staff will be playing along they will be counted separately and the staff have their own bets and pride riding on this!
      Be a Member of Stonerhaven.com (duh...)
        Store bought parts may be used- screens are ok (OH- and dont use foil, or anything harmful to yourself or others, even for the old school look..lol)
        no willy nillys, floppsy wopseys or flingin screamers may be used in building your bowl or bong, you may use a canfooger if you wish.
      (you wanna know what they are dont you...cheaters)
        Its Mandatory to have FUN, there will be staff on hand to beat anyone who refuses FUN...Until they realize how FUN, FUN really is!
        Picture MUST include paper that says stoner haven as mentioned above
        Just reply that you want to play along and get your thinking socks ready!
      Voted on originality, design, function, creativity and whatever else.
        Judged by your fellow Stoners of the Haven.
        In the event of a weekly tie- prize will carryover to next round.
        In the event of a tie-for grand prize there will be a 48hr build off to determine a winner.  
      Weekly Prize
      5 pack of Colombian D x I95 reg beans, Stoner Haven Stickers.
      Grand Prize-
      An Oil-X-Green Extraction system Complete Donated by the @OilXGreen Team!
      A Copy of Fitness with Fatties book Signed by Author @Lynda Knight
      Stoner Haven Mug and T-Shirt Along With a 15 pack of Columbian D x I95 reg beans from wavegenetics. 
    • By PureGro1
      Just Shut Up and Vote

      By John W. Whitehead
      “That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society. They keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other… Anything different—that’s what they’re gonna talk about—race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality, anything they can do to keep us fighting with each other, so that they can keep going to the bank!”—Comedian George Carlin  
      “We the people” have been utterly and completely betrayed.
      The politicians “we the people” most trusted to look out for our best interests, protect our rights, and ensure that the nation does not slip into tyranny have cheated on us, lied to us, swindled us, deceived us, double-crossed us, and sold us to the highest bidder.
      Time and again, they have shown in word and deed that their priorities lay elsewhere, that they care nothing about our plight, that they owe us no allegiance, that they are motivated by power and money rather than principle, that they are deaf to our entreaties, that they are part of an elite ruling class that views us as mere cattle, that their partisan bickering is part of an elaborate ruse to keep us divided and distracted, and that their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution mean nothing.
      Incredibly, even in the face of their treachery and lies, the great majority of Americans persist in believing that the politicians have the people’s best interests at heart.
      Despite the fact that we’ve been burned before, most Americans continue to allow themselves to be bamboozled into casting their votes for one candidate or another, believing that this time they mean what they say, this time they really care about the citizenry, this time will be different.
      Of course, they rarely ever mean what they say, they care about their constituents only to the extent that it advances their political careers, and it never turns out differently. We are as easily discarded the day after the elections as we were wantonly wooed in the months leading up to the big day. Those same politicians who were once so eager to pose for our pictures, smile at our jokes, and glad-hand us for our votes will, upon being elected, retreat behind a massive, impenetrable wall that ensures we are not seen or heard from again—at least, until the next election.
      The joke is on us.
      As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, all of the caucuses, primaries, nominating conventions, town hall meetings, rallies, meet and greets, delegates and super-delegates are sophisticated schemes aimed at advancing the illusion of participation culminating in the reassurance ritual of voting.
      It’s not about Red Republicans or Blue Democrats. It’s about Green Donors—i.e, those with money who can afford to pay for access.
      Votes might elect politicians, but as a 2014 field experiment by political scientists at Yale University and the University of California, Berkeley, makes clear, it’s money that talks.
      The experiment went something like this: members of Congress were contacted by constituents requesting meetings about pending public policy issues. As the Washington Post reports, “When the attendees were revealed to be ‘local campaign donors,’ they often gained access to Members of Congress, Legislative Directors, and Chiefs of Staff. But when the attendees were described as only ‘local constituents,’ they almost never gained this level of access.”
      Conclusion: money buys access to politicians who are otherwise deaf, dumb and blind to the entreaties of their constituents.
      It works the same with every politician and every party.
      Indeed, the First Amendment’s assurance of a right to petition the government for a redress of grievances has become predicated on how much money you’re willing to shell out in order to gain access to your elected and appointed officials.
      Then again, money has always played a starring role in American politics.
      The spoils system reared its greedy head under Andrew Jackson, who traded jobs in his administration in exchange for campaign contributions. For $1 million, donors could take part in Warren Harding’s poker parties and enjoy a sleepover at the White House. Lyndon Johnson had a President’s Club that cost donors $1000 a year. Nixon was prepared to sell ambassadorships for $250,000. And Bill Clinton famously allowed top-dollar donors to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House in exchange for roughly $5.4 million in donations to the Democratic National Committee.
      Fast forward to the present day, and a $500,000 donation might get you invited to a quarterly meeting with Barack Obama. For a mere $5,000 donation, lobbyists are being given exclusive invitations to join Congressmen and senators for weekend getaways that include wine tastings, fly fishing, skiing, golfing, hunting, spas, seaside cocktail parties and more.
      If you’re just a lowly citizen with limited cash, however, you’re out of luck.
      Try contacting your so-called representatives without paying for the privilege, and see how far that gets you. I can assure you that you won’t be given the kinds of access that lobbyists, special interest groups and top donors enjoy.
      Having been saddled with a pay-to-play system that provides access only to those with enough cash to grease the wheels of the political machine, average Americans have little to no say in the workings of their government and even less access to their so-called representatives.
      Donald Trump, as he has boasted, might be able to buy and sell politicians of all stripes (including Hillary Clinton), but the average American would be hard-pressed to get the kind of access enjoyed by corporate executives, lobbyists and other members of the moneyed elite.
      Indeed, members of Congress have to work hard to keep their constituents at a distance—minimizing town-hall meetings, making minimal public appearances while at home in their districts, only appearing at events in controlled settings where they’re the only ones talking, and if they must interact with constituents, doing so via telephone town meetings or impromptu visits to local businesses where the chances of being accosted by angry voters are greatly minimized.
      And under the Trespass Bill, passed by Congress in 2012 and signed into law by President Obama, if you dare to exercise your First Amendment right to speak freely to a politician, assemble in public near a politician, or petition a government official for a redress of grievances, you risk a fine or a lengthy stay in prison.
      Talk about self-serving.
      Under the guise of protecting government officials from physical attacks, the Trespass Bill, a.k.a. “the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act,” criminalizes First Amendment activity by making it a federal offense, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, to protest anywhere the Secret Service might be guarding someone.
      Mind you, the Secret Service not only protects the president but all past sitting presidents, members of Congress, foreign dignitaries, presidential candidates, and anyone whom the president determines needs protection, but is also in charge of securing National Special Security Events, which include events such as the G8 and NATO summits, the National Conventions of both major parties, and even the Super Bowl.
      The law essentially creates a roving bubble zone where the First Amendment is effectively off-limits, thereby putting an end to free speech, political protest and the right to peaceably assemble in all areas where government officials happen to be present. Thus, simply walking by one of these events could make you subject to arrest.
      “What that means in practice,” as The Intercept rightly points out, “is that campaign rallies for Donald Trump, who was granted Secret Service protection in November, and Hillary Clinton, who will be guarded for life as a former first lady, are the very opposite of free speech zones under federal law. (The restrictions also apply to all appearances by former presidents and first ladies, as well as those of two other candidates, Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson, who are currently protected by the service.)”
      Consider yourself warned: If you do dare to show up to a Trump or Clinton rally and even appear to be the kind of person who might engage in any kind of protest, lawful or otherwise, you could find yourself quickly dispatched to a “free speech zone” out of sight and sound of the candidates. (“Free speech zones” are government-sanctioned areas located far away from government officials, into which activists and citizens are herded at political rallies and events.) In fact, that’s exactly what happened to a group of black students at a recent Trump rally in Georgia. They were escorted by police to “‘free speech zones’ in a field shielded from the venue by a set of tennis courts, or outside a church about a quarter of a mile away.”
      The message is clear: in an age of robber barons, “we the people” are expected to just shut up and vote.
      The powers-that-be want us to be censored, silenced, muzzled, gagged, zoned out, caged in and shut down. They want our speech and activities monitored for any sign of “extremist” activity. They want us to be estranged from each other and kept at a distance from those who are supposed to represent us. They want taxation without representation. They want a government without the consent of the governed.
      They want the police state.
      The system has been so corrupted and compromised that there are few left in the halls of government who hear or speak for us.
      Congress does not represent us. The courts do not advocate for us. The president does not listen to us. And the First Amendment’s assurance of the right to speak freely and petition our government for a redress of grievance no longer applies to us.
      So if representative government has become an exercise in futility, where does that leave us?
      One of the key ingredients in maintaining democratic government is the right of citizens to freely speak their minds to those who represent them. In fact, it is one of the few effective tools we have left to combat government corruption and demand accountability.
      If there is to be any hope of righting the wrongs that are being perpetrated against the American people, we must make them—our elected officials—hear us.
      But where to begin?
      Start by opening up a dialogue within your own community about what’s wrong with this country. Stop focusing on the issues that divide, and find common ground with your fellow citizens about issues on which you can agree. Focus less on politics and more on principles. Stop buying into the false and divisive narratives that are being promulgated by political windbags and start thinking and speaking for yourselves.
      Once you’ve found that common ground, whatever it might be, make enough noise at the local level—at your city council meetings, in your local paper, at your school board meetings, in front of your courthouses and police stations—and the message will trickle up. Those in power may not like what they hear, but they will hear you.
      Remember, there is power in numbers.
      There are 319 million of us in this country. Imagine what we could accomplish if we actually worked together, presented a united front, and spoke with one voice?
      The police state wouldn’t stand a chance.

      Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book The Freedom Wars (TRI Press) is available online at amazon.com. He can be contacted at johnw@rutherford.org. Information about The Rutherford Institute is available at rutherford.org

    • By PureGro1
      Hey [you] Below you will find links to the GAME and the Discussion thread for the Game as well as a link to the NFL 2014 thread, Lets try to keep the pick'em discussion thread about the pick'em contest itself and use the general 2014 NFL thread for just general football talk.
      Stoner Haven Pick'em Discussion Thread
      Stoner Haven Pick'em Game and Leader-board
      2014 NFL Season
      Thanks for playing and being a Stoner of the Haven!

      Good luck [you] !!


      *You must have at least 2 posts here at Stoner Haven to Play Stoner Pick'em*
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