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  1. 4 points
    I pay $23 a pound for some good tobacco......rw
  2. 4 points
    @DarKwon I remember you roll your own and thought about you while I was wandering around the tobacco store. I wondered about tobacco price out there as compared to here. That's a pound of Turkish for $14 add tax and it's about a dollar a ounce.
  3. 4 points
    Read it that time. Again Damn.
  4. 3 points
    I buy "expensive"/cigarette tobacco. 'MericanSpirit. $7/oz. a 5oz can last a couple weeks. It hard to keep from turning to BullDurham. was teasing boy about getting him a pouch of Bull and making him learn to roll. That and a Cope tin to wear a circle in his pocket... Cowboy Up! lol He still likes his job. A prayer answered. Learning how to work, He did not get what you might think from being in the Army. What he learned was 1] Never volunteer for anything 2] Never do anything until it absolutely has to be done... or penalty of death come real. 3] It is OK, as long as you don't get caught Found a tub of unknown weed. A couple oz. No frig label. I hate when I do that.... "Oh, I'll remember this" ..... bullshit, you will Think it is PPK. Has that mango smell when you crush it. That what mine smelled like, anyway. Has seed in it. If it is PPK, this cross will run you to bed and hurry up to lay down and stay awake... It is crossed to ZuluSkunk/Crossroad Was working on a joint of Salli when I got the idea to open this tub. Just cleaning up. I have weed from 5 years ago. It getting pretty dry. Need to get a freezer and vacuum packer... seal-a-meal...
  5. 3 points
    It's good to be friends with the weed guy lol, he's so cool he wouldn't take a $20 cause it was old and worth more than $20. He's a super cool cat.
  6. 3 points
  7. 3 points
    Damn,ain't even read what you said, damn LOL.
  8. 3 points
    $20 bucks will get 3 grams of some still moist and funky OG kush, a little hunk of some really smelly dabs of some name I forget and a large brownie made by his sister with a warning eat at home. Good times.
  9. 2 points
    Me too lol @PureGro1 we were watching the 2 movie with Kahn when I had to know
  10. 2 points
    We know what you liked.....lol....rw
  11. 1 point
    ATMAN DIDA CBD/THC CARTRIDGES FOR OIL Atman has introduced a Cartridge for THC/CBD oil that is very impressive when reading the stats, I was skeptical of a tank making a lot of difference. I have used many tank brands you have heard probably heard of, I've also found myself going back to disposable tanks for dependability and in some cases a superior taste. For this review I had decided to try out a distillate oil which I wasn't particularly fond of flavor (Sunset Sherbet) I used this on your normal run of the mill pen style battery (* 900mAh Lithium-Ion Battery) The first thing I noticed about these cartridges was the no thread top which is very nice and you know what I mean if you ever had one with glass tank and oil on the threads. you simply pop the top off and fill it, I removed the oil from a disposable plastic tank using a syringe and needle. The weight of the Atman cartridge helps while filling it, It just sits nicely in comparison to plastic tank that doesn't want to stay upright. However the weight of it on a pen style battery feels a bit much, the shorter the battery the better it would be in this case- a long battery feels top heavy. Once the cartridge was filled I took my first puff off the Atman tank, I was surprised at how little resistance there was due to the top and down airflow design. Now here is the shocking part- This distillate I have hated the flavor of in a plastic tank was palatable in the Atman DIDA Tank, I was quite surprised by this fact and took a few puffs just to make sure I was really getting the full flavor. While doing the flavor test I noticed that I was blowing some huge clouds of vapor with no cough (Usually if I had blown a cloud this size, I would have really had to suck on the vape and would have coughed on exhale) I was bit surprised by this as well and realized the vapor is cooler than I am used to feeling on throat at that volume. This design is also nice in the fact that it clears all the vapor from the tank with every hit. Due to all the flavor testing then becoming intrigued by how much more vapor this tank was producing along with how cool it felt, I realized I was becoming quite stoned which was another surprise as this particular oil was not high on my list for potency nor flavor and both have just moved up a few notches just thanks to a different tank. The Specs for these Atman DIDA Cartridges are below, They come in a variety of sizes and maybe available in different colors. While I feel the price is on the high side, This is a quality product that saves time cleaning/filling and provides a great vaping experience. I believe it is a solid value for the money, at first glance you may feel the price is high. PPT= Pull-out and Plug-in Tech, easy to fill and refill This may or may not be important to you, If your refilling for sale it probably is, They have developed a system that will allow you to refill many more cartridges in same amount of time. TDA= Top and Down AirFlow, no leaking, but huge vapor and pure taste Patent-protected Technology. The air comes from top and down to take out all vapor hidden at the bottom, it will provide more vapor and a pure taste. It Will Rapidly cool down the vapor to ensure best taste and performance. The device guarantees ZERO leaking. HCC=Horizontal Ceramic Coil, ensuring huge vapor and pure taste Unique ceramic core to increase surface area between oil and the core, fully atomizing the oil and supporting bigger vapor, more puffs and superior flavor CFT= Cotton Free Tech, healthier for you These Cartridges come without a cotton element around the ceramic coil, which can give you a better vaping performance and decrease oil buildup on the ceramic surface. LT= Low Temperature, giving better taste to your oil Specifications: Ceramic coil element Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1.0ml/1.5ml/1.8ml/2.0ml Resistance: 2.1ohm Dimension: 11mm 510 Thread
  12. 1 point
    Colder this AM... but the damn wind laid down.These past 2 days of wind, wet ad cold sucked. The only warm place was next to the fireplace.... or the doghouse. We got relieved of childcare for a couple days. We have had the kid for 5 days. Grandpa loves the kid... but she has parents and I am not used to having young ones around, all the time. Wears me out, just watching her. And not being able to get outside for/thru this storm.... Woodwork gets started today. As much as I hate spending the $$$, it will be nice to have this shit done. And getting some work done inside will save me. Cleaning and heat. The kitchen has insulation, but no wall coverings. Wife had been watching too many of these home renovation programs where they go in with sledge hammers and buy all new. That works, if you have money. We don't. IF we had salvaged/saved the paneling, it could have be put back up and painted. I'm still in favor of panel and paint. Finishing sheetrock is one messy mofo. Need to search my seeds again. Have a few slots left and what I fill them with will prolly be an impulse thing. I am finding these volunteers gaining favor. Already plants. They are on their way and none are scrubs, by lineage.
  13. 1 point
  14. 1 point
  15. 1 point
    I was huge Star Trek fan, still am to a degree but I like the old stuff...Really liked TJ Hooker HMS- Happy Man Seeds is offering 20% off seedsman prices for pre-orders made today and tomorrow. This is 20% off anything seedsman offers that is in stock. https://www.seedsman.com/en/ You can contact him on FB or PM him here...or let me know and I can try to take care of it for you.
  16. 1 point
    me: Siri please show me a picture of William Shatner without his wig siri:
  17. 1 point
    I keep sleeping in, myself....lol Weather supposed to clear up and get warm. Hopefully get some work. Gelato bongs.....rw
  18. 1 point
    I keep oversleeping, May have to set an alarm now with DST...screwing me up! I gotta run by hydro shop and get some seed starter for veggies (the MJ gets root riot cubes) and wife wants some soil for house plants (I dunno why, her and daughter will have em dead soon enough) Tomorrow I need to run hose to workshop and fill reservoir and holding tank up, pump out res too I guess while I got water right there.
  19. 1 point
    They smell your weed and are just plotting how to get some, maybe a peace offering is in order...lol
  20. 1 point
    Pretty shatter kk! My IQ dropped by 50% just imagining blasting away on that this morning. Hey. This pic shows a scout for what’s probably and entire army of Burn Barrel warriors! He’s sneaking up slowly on my back porch. This one’s wearing a washtub for a helmet. It’s also got 8” blocks for feet 🦶 I knew this was gonna happen. Things are starting to get together and they’re looking for revenge.
  21. 1 point
    Hey FF, good to see you
  22. 1 point
    FISH!!!!! Good to see you
  23. 1 point
    Hi guys, hope all is well..
  24. 1 point
    I can say, he was my friend... I am missing the goofey bastard. RIP Brother I keep expecting one of his silly puns to pop up in response...
  25. 1 point
    Sure gonna miss you...


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