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  1. That whole story reeks of bullshit. Who’s the author? What are the sources? Trolling,trolling,trolling, keep them bullshit stories rolling.......
  2. Trump The Chump

    The subject of Trumps bellicosity towards NOKO had the media wringing their hands in collective horror...now it’s the same people squealing about pulling out of the Iran deal....There. is a reason 60 million people voted for Trump......he is getting things done that he promised. He’s got the worlds leaders in a tizzy second guessing him....they need to listen to the song....they will understand what we need to deal with rogue countries that threaten us and our interests in this day and age....someone who is unpredictable!
  3. Bill to End Federal Prohibition!!

    Trump has always affirmed that mj shoul be a states rights issue. I concur!
  4. Trump The Chump

    Watching the news about the Russian collusion investigation.... It looks like the only players missing from the Russian investigation are the Russians! We are learning daily that this is the biggest hoax and scandal perpetuated on the American people in an effort to undermine and remove a legally elected president! The only collusion has been committed by the Democratic Party
  5. Random Think

    Now I’m getting the munchies!
  6. Random Think

    Damn... that sounds like a review on food network!
  7. Random Think

    The sample I have was dried to 0% moisture content and no cure, no trim other than picking out the stems....and yet it has a nice lemony flavor that is really pronounced with a brain smack potency I haven’t found in quite awhile!
  8. Random Think

    Yes, it’s Ripper seeds. I read about it and was just wondering if anybody else has tried it.
  9. Random Think

    Has anybody ever tried the strain called Criminal? I recently tried some and it’s pretty damned good! We have one in flower that should be ready in July.
  10. Random Think

    It’s currently 93• here in Las Cruces and I am sitting under the tree smoking weed and reveling in how comfortable this is!
  11. Random Think

    Yea, I do that too. Wu, that sounds like a reality dysfunction
  12. Karma

    I was going to say what an asshole dad...... I love karma!
  13. Choosing A Vape Pen

    I have a PAX and to be honest I am a little disappointed. I'm like Loops..I like a big lung busting rip...I don't think any vape pens do that. The PAX works well and as advertised however, it does not hit big enough to be very satisfying to me. I'd rather use a bong or the Arizer Q
  14. Trump The Chump

    Well the mainstream media continues to wail and gnash their teeth about Donald Trump undoing Barack Obama’s legacy! Oh the horror! What the media has not yet realized.........Donald Trump is Barack Obama’s legacy!!!