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  1. Words Of Wisdom

    Different strokes for different folks.
  2. 3 Word Story

  3. Words Of Wisdom

    You reap what you sew.
  4. Dogs!

    When I was deep in animal rescue--we did I don't know how many pettions--letter writing & phone call's everywhere trying to get military dog's home with their handlers that loved their dogs as much as the dogs loved them. An it literally took an act of congress to release the dogs & get them shipped back to the US. They gov didn't think they were worth shipping back! We got 4 back that I know of for sure an was a wonderful reunion when they met again. :wub:
  5. Here we grow again!

    @Llama Actually I did think of you when I saw this Llama!! :rofl:
  6. 3 Word Story

    Gone few days.
  7. 3 Word Story

    You ok Tommy?
  8. 3 Word Story

    Safe trip Toma.
  9. Here we grow again!

    Glad you wife is home an doing better Live--hope it was just a one time thing. You & your wife are in my thoughts an prayers.
  10. minnmom2pits

    Welcome Minnmom!
  11. Grapeseed Oil Tincture

    Thank you Kitty!
  12. 3 Word Story

    Tommy in Fl.
  13. De-Carbing

    Oh great! Thanks I will!
  14. 3 Word Story

    Your vacation over?