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  1. chilimatt

    Bonsai weed
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  4. chilimatt

    What's going on with my plant?? This is what I use It's like magic
  5. chilimatt

    What's going on with my plant??

    Looks like ph fluctuations to me. My plants did that at 1 pt. I tested my well water and it was wayyyyyy low on ph scale/ I bought PHup from amazon. My water was 5.2. After using PHup it came to 6.8 and I never had another problem. Just something to ponder here
  6. chilimatt

    What's going on with my plant??
  7. chilimatt


    My poor San Pedro didn't make the winter
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  9. chilimatt

    How to resize pictures

    I didn't go this route. I stumbled into my camera ( Nikon) and found all kinds of settings. I thought it would make my pics small and fuzzy but it didn't. However. this is really good info that I was trying to figure out last few days.
  10. chilimatt

    Stoner Haven Sixth Anniversary!!!!!!!!

    Happy belated anniversary Stoner Haven. Hehehehe Stoner stick together
  11. Happy B day Stoner :)

  12. chilimatt

    Can you hallucinate with edibles?

    What Pure said aaahaha. Edibles can rock your world
  13. chilimatt

    New plant

    High Simplestoner18 welcome to SH. 1 thing you can do is run your lights on 12/12. 12 on 12 off and use auto flower plants. I have great results with this
  14. Oh wow hehe SH is lookin good:dance:

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    Manual over ride Welcome to SH ragg 420