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    flying sims. http://www.wgt.com/home.aspx. Fishin, tokin while fishin, God,growin stuff, gamer

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  1. chilimatt

    Random Think

    Those look niiiiice. Quality tent w/metal joints, like mine. 1000 watt led can't go wrong at all with led's efficient air handler simple to set up. Bingo on all 3 hehe and ALL for under a 1000 lol
  2. chilimatt

    Random Think

    lets get mummified
  3. chilimatt

    3 Word Story

    oooooooo Pepper Bong
  4. chilimatt

    World Golf Tour

    C'mon guys lets play https://www.wgt.com/
  5. chilimatt

    Words Of Wisdom

  6. chilimatt

    3 Word Story

    My two chilies
  7. chilimatt

    3 Word Story

    Hello Stoner Haven
  8. chilimatt

    Kinda weird request lol?¿

    faster if you go to smoke shop
  9. chilimatt

    Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds StonerHaven Competition

    Far out gents, Top notch growers there
  10. chilimatt

    Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds StonerHaven Competition

    I grew BBG b4 . it's ok. I got huge buds off that
  11. chilimatt

    What is she? Indica, Sativa or hybrid?

    Or FREE yessssssssssssssssssssss
  12. chilimatt


    A few pics from FB will give you an idea of how active he was. He had a fly fishing business, Loved the outdoors with his family, relaxing with his wife Nancy... looks like Costa Rica in a hammock, his new home in Las Crusas, on top of Mt Picacho, He loved his motorcycles, and last but not least HubCaps drive in Café that just recently opened. he had as much energy as I did when I was in my 20-30's. I have about 6 seeds of MHB - Montana Huckleberry . I will plant these and try to keep this part of his legacy going. I know some of you guys have some MHB seeds also. If you can make seeds that would be excellent. We love you Bruce and will miss you here at SH
  13. chilimatt


    It is very sad to say that Llama has passed away this morning. Here is a FB link to his passing from his son Derek. I'm in shock. Bruce Pershing 2 hrs · This is Bruce’s son Derek. I regret to tell you that Bruce has passed away. He passed from a heart attack at about 4am in his sleep. He was a great father, friend and husband. He will truly be missed. If you knew Bruce, you know he would want you to celebrate a life well lived. As I mourn his passing, I can’t help but be grateful for the amazing memories we shared.
  14. chilimatt

    Random Think


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