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  1. Farmerfischer

    Poppies outdoor/indoor

    Yeah them little fuckers knot my head up every year moral and I agree, I'll take biting insects over nosy neighbors any
  2. Farmerfischer

    Poppies outdoor/indoor

    Some folks call them that here
  3. Farmerfischer

    Poppies outdoor/indoor

    The left bed in font of the garage has sprouts now.. they are either china white or swans down and Danish flags.. got alittle bit of rain this afternoon, this tells me that the black flies are going to be coming out in the thousands within the next few days. Lol.. for those who don't know what black flies are,, they are about the size of fruit flies maybe a tad bigger and love to bite the hell out of you while others dive into your eyeballs and down your throat all at once.. lol.. they're bad for a couple weeks at which time after the mosquitoes move in.. it's one of the downsides of being in the woods..
  4. Farmerfischer

    How much to grow outdoor?

    Strain will dictate to some degree on how much that particular strain will yield.. far as expense goes, you can grow anything fairly cheaply.. if you know people who raise livestock the chances are they'll have compost you could probably get cheap or free even.. along with the compost you could get manure for the same.. amendments and fertilizer all in one.. And like Darkwon had asked, Location is going to play a big part..
  5. Farmerfischer

    Mycos flower bed

  6. Farmerfischer

    Poppies outdoor/indoor

    It is awesome.. I'll be in the woods soon preparing a couple patches . Got to get my babies in the ground and out from under artificial light.. ive been hardening them off the last week getting them ready..
  7. Farmerfischer

    Spring is here(kind of) and got my veggies&herbs ready

    Thank you bro.. it is most of the time. Gets a little loud with eight year olds running around yelling sometimes.. I wish they had a mute button or other then that it's really peaceful..
  8. Farmerfischer

    Spring is here(kind of) and got my veggies&herbs ready

    Set this up this up today on my deck. I want to spend more time out on it and enjoy it without being blasted by the sun all summer.. it has some fancy sides that go on it but I like it this way better..
  9. Farmerfischer

    Spring is here(kind of) and got my veggies&herbs ready

    I'm thinking about turning this kennel into a secure greenhouse.. just picked it up yesterday and set it up but without two sections that were damaged by a tree that fell.. the people I got it from had it set up for years but never used it.. lol.. I didn't set it up square obviously ,, I just set it up for this boys birthday party is here at the house and I have a bull mastiff/ pit bull mix so he's going to spend afew hours in jail just to keep him safe.. lol. I'm thinking two sections wide and three or four sections deep would make for a good size green house.. just would have to fabricate a roof for it.. in the background you can see part of my current greenhouse.. the pink pool had in there over the winter.. I had planned on composting in it throughout the winter but decided not lol.. hit the wrong button..
  10. Farmerfischer

    Poppies outdoor/indoor

    If you look closely you can see this year's first outdoors sprouts. The white Poppies are loving being outside.. they have grown quite abit the last few days
  11. Farmerfischer

    Poppies outdoor/indoor

    That shit is silly.. I don't understand it either bro.. makes no sense..
  12. Farmerfischer

    Spring is here(kind of) and got my veggies&herbs ready

    They look happy and healthy..
  13. Farmerfischer

    Spring is here(kind of) and got my veggies&herbs ready

    Got afew types of corn seeds Aztec ,, red and black ornamental, peaches and cream, country gentleman, and something else I don't also planted Brussel sprout seed and planted two zukenees( spelled wrong) still got to plant some cucumber sprouts and four pumpkin plants.. and a lot of garden bean sprouts.. I'm really thinking about planting it all but frost is still possible yet.. I have burlap cloth that I could use to cover everything if frost is in the forecast..
  14. Farmerfischer

    Spring is here(kind of) and got my veggies&herbs ready

    Yeah that should work good.. probably a good way to get a lot of beneficial microlife growing in you soil.. was considering doing something similar to the back flower bed at the end of this season..
  15. Farmerfischer

    Poppies outdoor/indoor

    On a positive note,, my back flower bed has island spice company poppy sprouts coming up. a not so positive note,, is the black flies are coming out big time