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  1. Torontoker

    Netflix When High

    Santa Clarita diet is funny n gross Trailer park boys is funny the ranch and pretty much all the marvel shows are worth watching
  2. Torontoker

    Happy Hump Day!

  3. Torontoker

    Happy Hump Day!

    It’s flowing all right !
  4. Torontoker

    Random Think

    That grape ape looked yummy rw was that a 12/12 fs plant?
  5. Torontoker

    Cutting back

    I think they call it weed because it’s “A” sexual and will reproduce and expand on its own but it does grow pretty good too
  6. Torontoker

    Onehit 57

    Please pass my condolences along to his wife and family. Onehit was a good person and great forum member. You shall be missed onehit. Rip
  7. Happy Stoner Birthday Torontoker!

  8. Torontoker

    Happy Hump Day!

    Sweet mother of jeebus
  9. Torontoker

    Random Think

    You should pop em all and find the best of the bunch there’s some nice stuff in those I’ve had a few different phenos now and they all had that funk
  10. Torontoker

    Happy Hump Day!

    God damn I’d like to see the other 45 if that’s 46 lol
  11. Wow if you have lost 50% of your yield I’d sell those boards and hang the 400 back up. That’s crazy I thought u were running 12/12 fs before this but 14oz off 5 plants is awesome.
  12. I understand exactly what you mean Personally I think it’s tough to really give definite numbers as to yield lost tho. There’s a few things that need to be considered and in your room(s) heat could be a major factor plus the fact that you run from seeds and just could have been a different pheno or maybe clone vs seed. I think your room is tough for the qb to penetrate because it’s more open and non reflective. They recommend the lenses or reflectors outside of tents. And I’m not sure about the can’t afford to buy bud comment rw when did u become snoop dog? How much weed u smoking these days
  13. Torontoker

    Happy Hump Day!

    Na usually I’m an equal opportunity kinda guy but that one puts no magic in my Johnson.
  14. Sorry guys but I disagree completely. And the equivalency thing is being misunderstood completely. I don’t know what kind of 400w you were using but even the good ones are rated for about 70% efficiency So only 280w out of that 400 is going into making light. Now we only need to replace 280 not 400. So if anything I’d agree that roof would need probably 3 boards running at about 100w each to yield better then the 400 With the price and availability of the products I’d agree that led isn’t a worthwhile investment for a smaller commercial guy but as energy rates continue to rise and bud price drops we shall see what happens Imo quality and terps are noticeably improved and that’s what matters most to me
  15. Torontoker

    Happy Hump Day!

    I’m in on the first two that third one meh I’d take a pass it’s just too much ass!