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  1. The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

    Something blew life back into one cold December night, I was surrounded by all encompassing love. I knew where I was, not allowed to see. It makes sense to me that if you are God, a good one at that to humble yourself down to the level of servant. Bestowed with all that the universe has to offer but does not use it for vanity sake now that's a religion. Christianity is the only religion that doesn't require you to do anything. Just believe, all others require you to purify yourself some how food for thought. I myself believe and I have 0 problem with someone who doesn't. He's just always been with me very closely for some reason. Maybe because I've never had a problem talking to people about him. I should be on my path to being a preacher but I have my own demons I'm dealing with. So God bless y'all, or live long and prosper, may the force be with you, or watch out for the flying spaghetti monster whatever floats your spiritual boat. Kinda like Forest Gump that's all I got to say about that.
  2. Wake & Bake

    I will brother! It's got a smell that's kinda like the oven cleaner Zulu Skunk has but not, it's softer on the chem side but still in that spectrum if you can smell what I'm stepping in. The first green hit has kind of a white pepper note but not spicy. Not much cough very smooth. Buzz is almost robotic lol, you just get to doing something and it's like your watching it Idk. I feel the need for a to high emoji.
  3. Wake & Bake

    Got some Jack Herer at least that's what I was told lol. This is about as good as it gets around here.
  4. Mycos flower bed

    Well here it is. A Afghanistan poppy in full morning bloom. Really got me to thinking. No other plant in the history of man that I can think of has caused more death and destruction than this simple humble flower. But we cannot blame the flowers, they are only trying to be flowers. I'm not into opiates, and I think the creator left it for us to be left in this form. You hurt bad enough make some tea from the pods and puke. The puking will keep you from getting to liberal with them for most folks. I dunno. Growing these for seed and one laced bowl of weed with opium just so I can check that off my bucket list. Should have plenty of seeds if anyone wants any. Completely legal if anyone new happens upon this just hit me up and I'll get you some. Y'all have a good one brothers!
  5. Mycos flower bed

    Here's a recent shot It got turned over one day, gotta get some bamboo stakes going. Never have time said the man poking at his phone lol.
  6. Random Think

    Now for something completely different....
  7. Random Think

    Our chopsaws are Stihl, only people harder on stuff is firemen. That's just cause their stuffs on fire.
  8. Random Think

    W Rose man myself, like Marshalltown handles.
  9. Random Think

  10. Mycos flower bed

    Hooking Afghani poppy. Definitely not in cabbage stage anymore. Won't be long now.
  11. Koh Samui super strain

  12. Wake & Bake

    I finally have the ol Forest Gump style Snapper lawnmower fixed and waiting in the back yard. I don't have to pushmow this hilly yard or watch my super cool neighbors mow it cause he can't stand to watch me pushmow the thing. Going with some Blue dream and new batch of Gorilla glue. Found a few seeds in Blue dream. 2 so far, I kept one and tossed the other in a dirt pile i was close to as I fished it out of my dugout. Don't have to work on my side job today. They found black mold. I chucked cause I found that when I started ripping brick out. Anyways y'all have a great weekend brothers.
  13. Random Think

    For the random thought I've been thinking. I was in the porta potty the other day and someone had written the word Popeye on the wall. I added a r behind the first p and turned it into Propeye and included the stoner man. If I wasn't Mycobro I'd like to be Propeye the stoner man. One could draw little toothpicks holding his eyes open as his corncob pipe smolders.
  14. Random Think

    It's bad here, these hillbillies are see this stuff for the first time and it ain't good. Xaxnax and methadone are killing several also. Crazy.
  15. Random Think

    When I was growing shrooms I gave micro doses to one of the foreman. About every 2. Weeks he'd be in the ER with a migraine. Couple few times and he ain't ever had one again and I ain't been growing shrooms in a minute. So WTF modern medicine.