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  1. Llama's Retirement!

    Gotta love BB!
  2. Random Think

    Hey DK - the guy has come back to me and said no... for 5000 words, he charges 100 dollars.... he wrote it as 0.02c (but the c had the vertical line). Apparently this is 2 cents per word. Strange! So i guess your cents are written like our pence.
  3. Random Think

    Yeah it was expressed to me as 0.02 with a vertical line through the c.... that makes sense! Cheers!
  4. Random Think

    I'm confused by how american currency is written... can someone please confirm... is this the way 2 cents is written? .02c ??? Had a message from an author recently who charges .02c per word... so I calculated this as .02c x 5000 (words) = 100 cents? = 10 dollars? Turns out I'm wrong about this... it's written as .02c same as we write .02p but technically... for him to edit 5,000 words would be 100 dollars?
  5. Happy Hump Day!

    hahaha in your dreams! Edit: and mine actually!
  6. Random Think

    Lol - What a brilliant film... gotta love the Griswolds! “Can't see the line can you Russ?”, “No dad“, “Russ?!”
  7. Happy Hump Day!

    Roof... why are all yours numbered? Have you got them all categorised somewhere and in order??? I've got no problem with it... but that is commitment!
  8. Random Think

    We use it over here on a regular basis! Short for buddy! But I agree.... the shortened version is far more suitable and indeed... suits you perfectly Wu!
  9. Random Think

    Thanks bud!
  10. Random Think

    Johnnie? You can't pull the wool over my eyes!
  11. Random Think

    Oh "The Thing" was amazing but I found it really hard to watch "Wolf Creek"... just for the sheer realism of the situation and the hopelessness of it all... and the fact it was loosely based on a true story that was reported by a man who was found wandering a highway in Australia. In terms of rollercoaster rides of films that , it has to be Requiem for a Dream. I don't think I've seen another film like it that rips your heart out, tears it up and then makes you choke it down. I watched it with 4 friends and at the end of it, we were all just looking at each other with absolutely nothing to say. It's a hard hitting film about addiction, in a variety of forms. Talking of "Aliens"... any of y'all read my ski fi story yet? )•Shiva•(
  12. Random Think

    Hey guys.... HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN TO YOU ALL! So... I told you I'd written a Halloween related Sci fi story, so here it is - it's called 'LIMITED SPACE' and you can read it on my blog here: I'd love for you to comment but no references to drugs please as my mom reads this and although she knows I smoke it, she is not aware that I have you all as friends! Cheers )•Shiva•(
  13. Random Think

    LOL - Poltergeist... brings back a good memory. So, I was pretty young, maybe 12... and watching poltergeist with mom and dad in the lounge... my brother was out with friends but due back... this was mid evening about 8-9pm. It was also the day that we had to put out the trash as the refuse guys were coming in the morning to collect. So the film finishes and I follow my mom into the kitchen... it's dark outside and she's standing at the kitchen sink doing the washing up. My dad goes outside to put the trash out, though my mom doesn't see this. On the way back up the driveway, while my mom is looking down at the dishes.... (and bearing in mind i'm standing behind my mom in the kitchen doorway). So I see what my dad does... as he walks back up the drive, he stands on a couple of bricks and presses his face up against the glass in front of where my mom is standing and pulls a scary face. My mom looks up, perhaps expecting to see my brother if anyone... hadn't seen my dad outside and is still scared shitless from the film - so as she looks up, she sees my dads face pressed against the glass with this scary face on and she just goes mental.... she lets out this gut-churning noise that isn't a scream or a shout.. its just like 'AUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'! and in tandem with this she loses control over her lower legs and feet because her feet stamp the ground really fast and in turn, so left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, but really fast and for ages... clenched fists too. And she jsut does this in the middle of the kitchen. Like a mini frig-out! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. I don't think mom thought it was funny though, as she was crying once her feet had stopped moving.... lol
  14. Random Think

    Will take a look!
  15. Random Think

    Cheers wu!