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  1. Amywilson

    What is she? Indica, Sativa or hybrid?

    Can you sell it legally?
  2. Amywilson

    Edibles for Christmas

    Thank you all!!!! I made brownies, it was perfeeeect
  3. Amywilson

    Beginners guide to concentrates

    Pull and Snap consistency works better for me. I use concentrates , some strains really didn't help me manage my chronic pain. But now I want to try vape pens. Please give me some advice which one is better or really it's a good idea to consume it?
  4. Amywilson

    Edibles for Christmas

    Pleaseeee advise some cannabis edibles to cook for Christmas!
  5. Amywilson


    I am a huge fan of this strain!

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