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  1. HMSGenetics

    Wickedly Good

    this gorgeous lady is a fire cross between Norstar's Pretty wicked and Phoenix seeds, It's superb. looking at her is almost blinding with her adorning and dense ruby purple buds. She has sweet mouth watering aromas of a mellow fruit melony, she's breath taking. aromas: sweet smooth banana, mango flower time 8 weeks
  2. HMSGenetics

    Sweet Sin

  3. HMSGenetics

    Wickedly Good

    sorry ive been playing catch up but info is updated in the description in 5 minutes here
  4. HMSGenetics

    3 Little Birds

    3 Little Birds is a sativa testing in at a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, producing huge dense can sized buds, laced with beautiful purple hues throughout glorious flowers. Her sweet aromas smell of bubble gum and are just as desirable to the nose as she is to look at with your eyes.
  5. HMSGenetics

    Pineapple Fizz

  6. HMSGenetics

    Sweet Belly

    Very sweet smelling hints of citrus (full review coming soon)
  7. HMSGenetics


    Tangerbean is a awesome cross between Jillybean and Tangerine Kush. Her aromas put off a very pungent sour orange smell with a after tone of skunk. her huge dence buds are covered in trikes to complete her beauty. she is defenitly one to add to the collection if you are a sativa lover but be careful as she come in at well over 20% shes not one for the timid! test in at 27-29% flower time around 9 weeks sat dom.
  8. HMSGenetics

    Few Randoms

    just a few randoms i found "projects from the past"
  9. HMSGenetics


    Hello guys and thank you for the welcome! sorry if there is any delays in contact as im new to this and learning it as i go, ive got to say so far im pretty impressed with everything and very please to be apart of this community!

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