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  1. tiltswitch

    Pushing TDS for better results ?

    Yeah I'll give it a try sounds good. Heaven will work best with less nutes I think. I e grow bloom boosters, I wouldn't use any other micro nute, but I use all bio bizz really and I'm not sure if it just compliments their nutes well. I'd have to look into it, hard to find time lol. Big bud liquid, but only because I'm lazy. The powder is cheaper and slightly more powerful per equal dose too from what I remember. I like Dutch masters just expensive lol. Heaven is expensive but I use it only once a week now, its the least you can give to not have any issues, honestly it's that good, stop using it and I'll see deficiencies.
  2. tiltswitch

    Pushing TDS for better results ?

    Yeah bio heaven, its great stuff, helps nute uptake , energy, micro nutes etc. I grow in soiless bio bizz light mix,but Iv used most soiless makes, plagron is probably the one I'd use after bb I feed as a rule every other day, I feed hard (every watering)until one/two weeks before finish then w w feed( boosters only) yeah I'm thinking of changing overdrive to something else as I'm sure the difference it does is small. Sweetnr is amazing, I can't recommend it enough, I had so much sap coming out this run. Trich production is like it's grown under led. I like advanced stuff, I'm not a big fan of their base nutes but their additives I have used have been good, not used those , pretty expensive for me as a commercial grower, need to keep expenses down to a minimum etc lol. Hammerhead was good
  3. tiltswitch

    Pushing TDS for better results ?

    its the lights pure. I've never done hydro under gavitas. Be interesting to see. I only use three nutes,grow,bloom, big bud or overdrive and Iv read overdrive doesn't do much but don't want to try not giving it. Once a week I'll add heaven and sweetnr. Cal mag at week 4 but tbh I doubt I need to give that because I forget sometimes and nothing happens infCt less salt build up in some pots because of it and they do better. Over the years Iv started to notice that it's all about genetics, 95 percent of the grow is based on that and my input is negligible. Change to gavitas, do soil but with a hydro feed system and I doubt you'll see much difference once you get used to it. Yes overdrive is technically not organic (big bud is mostly from what I remember) tbh it's only your base nutes that matter, their is no difference to end product growing totally organic nutes to base nutes with chemical boosters, but I only have one so the difference would be small anyway
  4. tiltswitch

    Pushing TDS for better results ?

    God I hate hydro 😔 Weed smells weird , I call it the hydro smell, even if I flush a swimming pool through em, bloody impossible to do a commercial grow in different places because of all the potential problems you get and one thing goes off and everything is dead 💀 lol. At first it was definitely bigger yields faster healthy growth but over the years Iv managed to achieve the same results in soilless running organic nutes
  5. tiltswitch


    (180°F - 82.2°C) 4 - 5 hours(200°F - 93.3°C) 3 hours(220°F - 104.4°C) 1.5 hours(240°F - 115.6°C) 1 hour these are guides dependent on strain
  6. tiltswitch

    smoking tea

    Yeah spliffs are big here, joint with tobacco/cigarette. Maybe he means as a drink? I smoked tea once and it was absolutely disgusting, didn't help it was Tetley tea, should of gone for lap sang sou shon for a more regal milder taste 😂
  7. tiltswitch

    Double ended hps

    They're doing a deal now on the bulbs where you get a brand new reflector free. Just use something very fluffy to clean them as they recommend not doing it as there's some coating on them that can scratch and rub off if your not careful. Definitely worth the money, best I pulled off one in a 1.2 m tent was 42.9 oz on a 8 week strain. Frequently pull 39/40, on the six weeker 28/32 oz
  8. tiltswitch

    Double ended hps

    They're probably the best light for its price along with solis tech. Yield is monumental with them, bulbs last over 12 months of continuous use and quality is fantastic. I never looked back after I started to use them, but it's a commercial growers light really as they're not cheap 550 gpb each.
  9. tiltswitch

    Double ended hps

    I'm not too up on the reasons why it caught fire but your probably right. On gavitas these a slider on each end that you push over the bulb that then pushed it into its housing. Guy did not push one all the way through, an easy mistake as they can be stiff. You won't use another light again pure if you do but a word of wArning don't buy the cheapest 1000 w model, get the next one up as it has a different ignition system, Iv had lots of problems with the lower model when there's too much draw from the mains
  10. tiltswitch

    Double ended hps

    Just a post to let the people who use double ended hps lights/bulbs. Be very careful when changing bulbs(especially gavitas) I know someone who didn't put the bulb in properly and when the light came on it set on fire melted the light and set his tent alight. Luckily it didn't burn the place down. There's always (usually) a manufacturers instructions on their web site with how to fit and use their model lights properly
  11. tiltswitch

    Llama's Retirement!

    Mint pics lama
  12. tiltswitch

    We Are...

    Excellent news dark. As a recovering junky myself I can relate. Keep busy busy. Well done to fozzy, it's easy stopping and getting clean, it's hard to stay off it and change your life etc
  13. tiltswitch

    Llama's Retirement!

    Wow pics look great on new site. Is that your son lama? Great way to see the world I agree!
  14. tiltswitch

    Llama's Retirement!

    Lucky bugger! I live to travel( if it's where I get to go, bloody women!ffs) not hit the Americas since I had huge culture shock as a kid living in Atlanta for a bit and around Georgia, didn't help I was drunk all the time and stoned and arguing with everyone I lived with lol. but I'd love to go to South America, I keep saying to the wife "but cocaines legal there,what's the problem?" 😂😂😂my god she's so anti drugs😂 It's the thing to never be spoken about in my house, so when inevitably I come home stinking of weed she's not happy hahahaha. Great pics wow 😳 great view man
  15. tiltswitch

    Onehit 57

    I think it's probably a pointless excerise to have a thread for dead members, nobody will want to visit it and the people who were friends would know anyway.