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  1. PureGro1

    Wake & Bake

    Warm here too, foggy as well...around 55* or warmer today and maybe a lil rain- I will take it! I am smoking some water hash, need to go get some carts tomorrow, and may actually be able to start getting garden ready later in the week....Happy easter everyone!
  2. PureGro1

    Random Think

    It was 4/25- But the base was there on 4/20...lol and I was def stoned when the van full of stoners pulled up and said "Get In"
  3. PureGro1

    Wake & Bake

    And he didn't disappoint, we got annexed at vets office into another room...at least it wasnt my fault this time! gotta go check hydro girls water situation before lights on, putting it off long as possible because it is pouring rain here- flood alerts and all, were good but look out below!
  4. or a robe....lol Your gonna like the black krim, I was happy with ours- freds tie die tomato is good too if you see any seeds and Cherokee purple also. Be interested how thee beans do, I like the blue lake and I think its commedore beans I run also- cukes and peppers do good here, no good on cantaloupes or watermelons. I think i just really love growing things and the bounty they provide is just a bonus, cant wait to see yours this year!
  5. PureGro1

    Random Think

    4/20/19 Wow...7 yrs of 4/20s for us here at SH I got vape, bong, bubbler and 2 bowls, 1 blunt and 1 doobie- at 4:20 est its on....llol..watch for smoke signals!
  6. @GIOUA Dont see why that wouldnt work! FWIW- if you know someone who can sew...you can make those fabric pots pretty cheaply...
  7. PureGro1

    Wake & Bake

    Have a good 4/20 and Easter Roof and everyone else too! I am pretty whipped myself today, stayed up too late Thursday night with that help desk stuff and then got up early yesterday to try and fix that issue- by 10am I was feeling slightly better about situation but left me feeling stressed/aggravated all day long.Today is much better, I am already stoned...lol Dog has vet appointment today, he will bee handful this afternoon...
  8. sounding good @GIOUA, I will take a look at how that works on videos ASAP! Bubba Kush is a fave here too!
  9. PureGro1

    Perty Flowers

    there pretty, I was thinking delphinium...I think we called em blue bells
  10. PureGro1

    Random Think

    Sorry about the issue, Our SSL certificate expired and host didnt renew...then thier live chat and help desk were offline yesterday!
  11. PureGro1


    Looks good, Maybe getting a little warm?
  12. just a question, the pinhole on handle acts like traditional carb hole on most bowls/bongs while the other pinhole is for a kind of temperature control?
  13. PureGro1

    Wake & Bake

    Thats a good breakfast there! they dont, and you cant but it makes people feel better...lol
  14. PureGro1

    Random Think

    My time with RIU was pretty short lived, I think I got put on some list when wee started SH- and they crashed a few times losing my old posts...prob only 10 or so anyway. They seem to have gotten slightly better over time and I think we are probably to credit and reason for it. I was on overgrow and IC for awhile in the 2000s found RIU around 2011-ish and then a group of stoners found me or I found them and somehow we ended up here in 2012. Ive always loved online forums and message boards but just before stoner started SH, I was ready to quit it all- too much attitude, disrespectful stuff, medical growers who decided they were different than us other growers, the back biting and fighting etc... it was just becoming too much, not to say their were not good people to be found but more that it had become like walking through septic fields to pick roses. Roses are great and all- but there had to be a better way to pick them. I know we have a lot of lurkers (members who read but dont post often) along with a lot of guests and I wish more stoners would post more often because I really enjoy the different views and perspectives a community offers. This turned into a long post...Sorry , I guess what I am thinking and have always thought is good people are like gold- it dont take much too change your life for the better and I truly believe most all of our members are pure gold, The ones that post quite often I know are pure gold- I feel blessed and fortunate to interact with such stoners as often as we do. @roofwayne thats all the sappiness I will have till after 4/20...lol

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