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  1. PureGro1

    Wake & Bake

  2. And maybe the patient should have some say, being its their fcking life!
  3. PureGro1

    Wake & Bake

    Foot cramps this week here- usually just as I am going to bed. I think its the heavy boots I been wearing walking dog but grabbed bananas at store just in case its potassium related.
  4. I agree...Its a weird time, People who use MJ today want the government to be source of their information. High times helping is just another crazy turn in this fcked up system. Hard to tell who is good guys and who is bad guys now.
  5. PureGro1

    Wake & Bake

    Up early today, had to set alarm...very unusual spring for me to have hard time waking up. Daughter has Dr appointment today, if she goes- if not I am rushing around like crazy for no reason...lol
  6. PureGro1

    Yield estimates?

    Mine talks to much and doesnt...oh, you weren't suggesting we do it...never mind
  7. PureGro1

    Random Think

    I had a 70 something year old man yell Fck Your Mother at me when I was 16ish...I laughed so hard...he thought I took his parking spot.
  8. PureGro1

    Random Think

    No, in Maryland I was at times...I do agree you have many different people with different reasons to carry but mine is just like toolbox analogy, I dont carry because I think I will have to use it or even fear of needing it but more in hopes I never need to. There are bad gun owners who carry for right reason too, but imo at the end of the day- if bad people can get guns the best defense is many good people with guns. Someone breaking into my car or disrespectful attitudes would never see my gun, someone attempting harm to myself or family most likely would, I actually stay away from bad areas and such too avoid this ever happening. I think a lot has too do with where/how you grew up, I spent my formative years fighting for my life in Baltimore city schools. I was tall, thin and white...quite an abnormality where I lived. Always carried some type of weapon usually brass knuckles or coins/baseball in sock because it was fairly common too be jumped by gangs of people- sometimes having a weapon helped, sometimes not. One guy on six is never going to work unless your big, no matter what skills you have but one small guy with a gun is on level field with six people and a 5' 120lb woman is on even ground with a 6'5 240lb guy intent on harming her.
  9. PureGro1

    Ph pen faulty?

    I've heard their customer service is really good, Because it is so new- they may replace it, maybe take back to hydro shop and see what theey say. I just forget about mine between grows- while harvesting and trimming, Best idea ive seen for this is keep it in 1/2 gallon mason jar with a lil 7.0 water in bottom and put cap on the jar. We understand on legality, but people use ph pens for so many reasons...I wouldn't hesitate to use amazon or someone for something like that.
  10. PureGro1

    Yield estimates?

    I think he means in an apples to apples comparison. If we both have same lights and strain and I veg just slightly longer than you- my GPW will go up, doesn't really tell the story though if you dont know how long I vegged for. I think hee is right on in the regards of comparing one grow to someone else grow. If your only trying to compare your own to your own its much easier and you can use a multitude of formulas to do that. I dont like comparing mine to someone else due to so many variables..But I do compare my own and use GPW to tell me if I had a good grow or poor grow or compare lights, or nutrient systems...etc.
  11. PureGro1

    Ph pen faulty?

    Ive went through 3 Bluee lab pens, I love them for feel and the light on em, being able to click hold on them...But if they dry out at all- trash. I went back to cheap pens for PH and drops for back up. BUT water ph can change just from container its in or whatever-maybe check it against a bottle water and see what it does. I havent gotten more than 2 grows out of blue labs pens.
  12. PureGro1

    Yield estimates?

    Way to go @tokeycones! Thats an awesome haul and gorgeous plants to boot
  13. PureGro1

    Words Of Wisdom

    Haha...a good Dad joke. Heres a couple for you.. What does a Thesaurus eat for breakfast?.........synonym rolls Why did the Thesaurus go to Kansas?............To find Ant-o-nym, Ant-o-nym (wizard of oz...lol)
  14. PureGro1

    Random Think

    That resembles me...lol I will tell ya why I carry 99-100% of time. The guy that got me into guns, told me you dont get to pick when bad stuff happens- kinda like carrying tools in your car/truck- might never need em but if you do- your glad you had your tools. No one ever knows I am carrying a pistol except wife. For Maryland it was an overwhelming number of bad actors around, for Maine its just being so rural and time it would take to get help any other way than do it yourself.
  15. That is insanity for sure, See this is what I mean by they chnged the rules oof this game...we didnt want or bring the violence to this before they did. If you make a war, you create warriors. If you aim to kill me over a plant, bring your 10 best and at least one or two of you aint going home either- Now is it still worth it? And leet me add I do understand the popo is just doing thier job and if the law says...yada yada yada...Nazis were just following orders to, just because your told to something dont make it right- they dont ttreat rapists or child molestors this way yet dare smoke/grow MJ and your life is worthless to this type.

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