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About Me

Always willing to help A Stoner who knows be a Stoner who grows.


Give a Stoner a joint and they get High for one day, Teach a Stoner to Grow and stay lifted forever.


Positive energy, Good vibes, Great Bud and Awesome Stoner Friends- what more is there?


From The Mountain Tops, Where The Wind Blows
To The Green Valleys Down Below.
Where The Snow Melts And The Rivers Flow
I Just Want To Live My Life.
Where The Trees Grow, And The Air Is Clean.
Where Nature's Free Do To Her Thing, Everything Is One If You Know What I Mean.
I Just Want To Live My Life.
Im Proud To Be A Stoner, Im Proud To Be A Stoner, Im Proud To Be A Stoner.
Yes I Am, For The Rest Of My Days.


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