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  1. Tight Node Spacing.

    agreed i told that to purps like a week ago..raise the light 400's are good for 3ft of penetration.. same with veg if you got 200w worth of cfl or led raise that shit up! i start at 6" and then week 2 go to 12 and just let them grow into that.. 12" seems to be the magic number for me..for cfl and 16-24 for 300w led i have same prob with the snowdawg real close spacing until flower and i spread it out then it stretched a lil..
  2. STONERHAVEN recently being offline.

    im on both mobile and home seems fine to me..had a few glitches while scrolling but they seem to have stopped
  3. An Interesting Comparison of LED vs HID

    oh and hell yeah, I enjoy reading your post..funny AFK endo
  4. An Interesting Comparison of LED vs HID

    mine i run both,see here:
  5. Cannabis Nutrient Disorders.

    Lol everyone gets so testy..
  6. Dank's New Setup

  7. Dank's New Setup

    real talk
  8. Dank's New Setup

    bro i so resemble this remark HAHAHA! i buy tents and build cabs too im a tinkering mofo!! i frinken tinker with everything lol
  9. Do you recycle your soil?

    ill keep it sweet and short: yes/no for food garden yes for cannabis no all used cannabis soil goes outside for food production. no real reason.. other than it cuts down on the outside garden work lol and im a paranoid mofo when it comes to recycling..never really tried it other than running buckets twice which worked just fine with no dire consequences
  10. LEGIT medical test, led vs hps

    I agree snork to each his own..its the grower not the equipment, when your dialed in your dialed in.
  11. Kiss weed goodbye

    ⬆You da man.
  12. Kiss weed goodbye

    exactly we would not deture you from seeking help be it here or anywhere.. stick need positive vibes brother. we are good at helping broken peeps find they're path and place in the's more than a song brother.
  13. Kiss weed goodbye

    yeah mushrooms have been proven PROVEN to help your mental state if out of balance..literally brings your levels back up.. not to mention they're fun
  14. Kiss weed goodbye