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  1. Happy Stoner Birthday Batman!

  2. Batman

    What Does Your Screen Name Mean?

    Mine means I am Batman.
  3. Batman

    You Know You're an Adult When...

    ...when you have to own up to your own mistakes. ...when you can't punch someone in the face for taking the only eclair from the donut box. That asshole.
  4. Batman

    Let's Get This Started!

    envious of all your pieces, yall.
  5. Batman

    Lsd Is ? To Shrooms

    Was being suggested that we go for a nature walk somewhere with it. but since the weather down here in texas is fucking stupid, who knows?
  6. Batman

    Gotham's Dark Knight

    I coulodnt find if there were rules about necro-posting but I didnt feel like making a new thread just to reintroduce myself. Ok, so I was here for a while, then disappeared, only to pop back so sporadically that I might as well have not even done so. Here's my reintroduction: I've been without internet at home since last summer. I am now seperated from my wife, crashing at my moms. I dont liv ein the cool states, so I am now a closet smoker. BUMMER. But in my time away from the internet I embrassed my love of MJ. I should have named myself Spiderman. Dammit. Last summer I lost my job due to her, which I do not regret. I hated that job. Im now a full time crime fighter and pizza delivery driver. I've learned how to roll jays and blunts in my absense which is cool. I'm even considered to be the best roller among some friends. Which says a lot since they have been smoking since they were teenagers and I have only really been at it a year or so. (im artistic, what can I say?) Looking to eventually take in all the lovely info yall have posted about growing because I also became the daddy of countless seeds in my absense. I hear millenium is good? dude hooked me up with a lot of those babies.... Anyway. Im back. Im still a lurker primarily but yes. You will see my signal pop up occasionally again. Hello.
  7. Batman

    Lsd Is ? To Shrooms

    Ive never tried either, but hope to try shrooms on my thirtieth next month. i enjoyed readin yalls feedback/experiences, as im a little nervous about it.
  8. In regards to my life, since my wife and I started using together (she held out a lot longer than I thought) not only have we become closer, but its resparked parts of our relationship that hasnt been in the on position in a while. I really cant see how this study wont backfire unless they end up doing that bullshit kind of logic that says that violence is increased in households where drug abuse takes place, and many drug users also smoke MJ, so therefore MJ leads to violence.
  9. Batman

    So I Accidentally...

    Well, ill just call it a learning experience, cut my losses (which was zero anyway) and scrap the plant. thanks all for your posts!
  10. Batman

    So I Accidentally...

    Im sorry I sound like such a n00b (I am, though) but do male plants flower? All I read are people having to trash males. Now, I don't have to worry about cross mating with the pollen because I only have the one plant.
  11. Batman

    So I Accidentally...

    I wont be trying again until next spring. Im so bummed!
  12. Batman

    So I Accidentally...

    I just went back outside with a more intent look to see what you meant by the pollen sacs. And yeah... The tippy top looked like awesomesauce, so I was excited. Oh well...
  13. Batman

    So I Accidentally...

    well damn. i was hoping to have succeeded in gaining some bud. oh well. guess ill make a midnight dumpster run. haha
  14. Batman

    So I Accidentally...

    i did not. so this is a male, huh? so i should get rid of it?

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