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  1. Llama's Retirement!

    congrats on the new business venture my friend! best wishes to you and the missus
  2. Random Think

  3. Random Think

  4. Llama's Retirement!

    they prolly thought somethin mighta got stuck in the s trap...possible i guess I knew a guy who got raided and da cops got a coat hanger and were fishin around in his septic tank! ...yuk they gave up pretty quickly
  5. Random Think

  6. Happy Hump Day!

    me too!! all the way to my room!
  7. Llama's Retirement!

    great story man! ima echo the absolutely HAVE to tell us bout this one @tiltswitch !
  8. Random Think

    ever try welding with flip flops on ? tis interesting....everyone should try it! gives the phrase "hot stepping" a whole new meaning! lol
  9. Random Think

  10. Random Think

    @Sunbiz1 what was the vendors ID? i've ordered lotsa bulbs from amazon with no problems so far *knocks wood. fyi biz, the ink on the bulb changes colors after use...easiest way to tell new from old, it's how the grow stores know if they're getting ripped......heres a pic new bulb right, old bulb left hth
  11. Llama's Retirement!

    no yellowstone for me then.
  12. Llama's Retirement!

    you didn't get Ambassador status for nothin! you've certainly earned it brother. good to hear you made it brotha.
  13. Llama's Retirement!

    i could see a grizzled old desert rat hauling "firewood" in his trunk looking a little suspicious :-)
  14. Llama's Retirement!

    i'd try to look up a member maybe? pm ttystikk maybe? idk? 300/zip is spendy fo sho, but if memory serves when I was in CO it was more than that @ dispensary.... Med card was cheaper tho. Dunno if they honor out of state? I agree with ya, after being a grower, the thought of buying the stuff is just wrong. Especially when the stuff they were sellin doesn't look as good as MOST of the stuff we've grown! I found it difficult not to bust out laughing when I first walked into the disp and saw these 20 something stoner college kids reaching into the same gallon cookie jars I often use for short term storage and using a pair of tongs to grab little bits out gram by gram! lol! several ppl in front of me were like...i'll take a gram of this, a gram of that...etc...LMFAO! I'm are you gonna do with a gram? lol? when i'm gettin in my jars i'm grabbin by the handful! lol quality just as good or better. Needless to say, I wasn't there to buy flowers. I wanted an oil pen and a few cartridges...and my old man wanted the same and some gummy bears and other candies. I happened to get a young college girl who knew her job. I paid for my stuff in a matter of minutes. It this place, after you have paid you are supposed to exit immediately. They only allow so many ppl in the room at a time. So I look over to see how pop is doing. He has this dreadlocked white bob marley wannabe 20 year old who was so fuckin stoned he was hard to understand. Keep in mind, dad is stage 4 cancer and hard for him to stand for long, even with his cane... This kid obviously doesn't notice and dad is getting visibly ill by the moment. Pop told him exactly what he wanted when he walked in but this kid insisted on explaining every last item in the case detail by agonizing detail. So I sidestep security and make this kid stfu and just get what dad wanted. I had to run out and pull dads car up to the door. I thought he was gonna vomit. but didn't thank god. hey llama, I've heard you say before you would like to run a disp that catered to a more mature clientele. ....I can say from first hand experience there is definitely a need for that. putting one idiot stoner aside...I have to say that while the idea of having to buy sucks, being able to buy legally is so cool. another thing, be very careful bout where you hide it when leaving the state. I have heard they are really cracking down on out of state drivers.