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  1. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    Happy New Years! @Llama, you are making bad arguments, and I won't be baited. Got threatened by a cop's wife yesterday -- I called a hiring the appearance of questionable nepotism. Had my life threatened. Yay law and order?!? The police department was pretty good about it, when I filed the complaint. Since the officer didn't do anything, it must be handled through "legal channels," instead of "disciplinary channels." So much for those officers seeing a promotion any time soon! Grow is going STRONG! Got my renewal on Tuesday of next week, and we're sitting double licensed. I'm feeling good! Tallest girl is about 5 feet, it's the TKOx. I've got 2 really strong TKO variants, 2 really strong TKOx variants, and 4 SourDC, of which 2 look to be really solid, 2 are stretchers (they'd make beautiful VSCGROG, given their stretch and node placement!) I cloned everything, so I can decide who'll stay, and who'll go... I also have a ZSxPPD that's confirmed female, she'll be ripped down for a round of clones (8-16.) I got a new car, the payments are VERY scary. It is a fully optioned Jeep Compass Trailhawk. I off road with it, drive to the Sandia Crest with it, and deliver deli sandwiches with it. Hope everyone's doing great, it's wake-n-bake, and then off to the races. Just the usual stops -- bank, Vegan bistro, dog park, organic natural dog food store -- where I'll get complimentary dog washes, then meeting with a couple other local activists and politicians, to see about forcing repeal of the new panhandling ban. Sounds petty, but, when you get strong you start weak, small, and build power and strength. We can't go directly after the corrupt targets in our sights, if we haven't matured our organization and built strength and community ties.
  2. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    You didn't evolve to the top of the food chain, @Llama -- we're not apex predators, we're scavenger/hunter gatherers. The ONLY reason you developed the ability to rip flesh from other creatures is because your great ancestors climbed treas to reach fruit, sugar, the secret to our rapid evolution; the reward center. The necessity for cooking just further demonstrates your failed evolution to an apex predator. But, what do I know, I'm just an evolved vegan.
  3. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    I (think I) revived the vape thread, DK. Great info, thank you! I'm heading to the hydro store, need either an umbrella and 2 bulbs -- and then I have to swap cables to run the digital ballast with the umbrella, or just 2 bulbs, and run the hood for 1-2 cycles. Wish @joe mac were around, he was telling me to get something that my timer runs, in order to not fry timers with the 1800w (@120/17A) kick start, and to avoid running more than 1 timer. I definitely can't afford the umbrella, so I think I'll be running the hood for a cycle or two. I'm back to vaping 99% of the time. I've got a dab of oil left... And, I think I have days in a row off, DK. I'll triple double check my schedule, and PM you. (sorry for the call and hang up the other day, I was using hands free and it thought I said to call you.) I'm 2 months from HOPEFULLY pulling the first early finishers. That's forever away, in ounces... Today's my day off/night on. Then I'm off tomorrow, work Sunday, and I believe am off for a few days, again.
  4. minnesmoker


    I'm seeing if I can bring this back... Here's the BP list.
  5. minnesmoker

    Returning to work, after the cannabis works.

    Looking for the "Vape section," I found this thread... So, 12 months later... I have a full time job, I'm being groomed to manage a store, and I'm the guy they go to. Work's hard, but not in the "it's hard work" kind of way. I think @joe mac was right in discouraging my IT return. I'm looking at it, I'm actually meeting with a guy to help me narrow and image my consulting company, Saturday. I beat the case... And, I'm going after them. I'll keep my job, when I'm rich. Today, the mayor came in. I didn't really recognize him. Sorry Tim. He came in, came up, ordered a sandwich, and sat in the lobby, anonymously. I noticed who he was, after the fact -- when I had the manager send the news van on the corner some munchies.
  6. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    Hey @DarKwon where is that vape section?
  7. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    The hoops to get food stamps back? I'd rather go hungry right about now. I will tell you, the 180 a month ... I was able to get healthy again, on that money. Eating raw, mostly vegan (I'm back to vegan now!) :-) I feel great! At work, my salads are 2 dollars a day (28 a pay period isn't bad,) it's roughly what I was spending on lunch for the same period, when I was disabled and on food stamps. Frozen fruit is the same price, and oatmeal. Dropping meat and prepared food (buying only whole vegetables/fruits -- either fresh or frozen,) put me down to where I was able to afford to make it. I did get my address updated today, and my Medicaid, through March (we're actually not on the "open enrollment" schedule. We're renewed 2x annually.) I was only 3 minutes late for work, but, I forgot to take my medication this morning, I forgot to eat, and it was a long, rough day...
  8. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    Been trying to renew my medicaid for months, couldn't get through to anyone, always on hold. Now, I'm trying to unlock my account to renew my medicaid AGAIN, and I can't -- on hold. The "secret questions" aren't the ones I set up, and every time I call, I'm on hold until I have to hang up. I've gone in and sat in the office a couple times a week, since September, and haven't been able to meet with anyone. Now, I'm going to potentially be late for work, because of this shit. I'm smoking a joint today, I don't care about the fuckin' smoke damage right now.
  9. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    Good morning fam! It's my "day off." Which means I have my Dr's, my tattoo removal, therapy, bank, and looking at a car. I might make a really stupid decision on the car -- they have a lime green 2015 Challenger, Hemi, black offset wide race stripe... For the same price as both of the Jeeps I was looking at. Pros: It's a fuckin' HEMI Challenger. Cons: Rear wheel drive, we have 4x the auto theft rate as the next closest city (we're Number 1!!! In violent crimes, unsolved murder rate, auto thefts, property thefts, homeless population increase, spousal abuse, teen parents...) Winter has arrived. My driving record is " " this close to clean (April 15 of 2018, I have a crispy clean driving record.) Insurance will be sky high because of the above, and will barely drop in May, because it'll be an existing policy ding, and, I'd have to sign off on it now, when my credit will be about 70-150 points higher next month, and finally, I'm a delivery driver for a deli ... So, pros definitely outweigh cons; I'll probably try to buy it. 3 more treatments on my forearm tattoo, and 2 more on my upper arm. Whole front piece (everyone that knows me knows the arm tattoos I'm talking about) will be gone in about 6 months (it'll take 3 months to heal and continue to fade, after last treatment.)
  10. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    Morning everyone! Vaping away, another great start. Watching La Liga Premier (liv. v Eve.) and catching up on a little reading, while getting ready to go do some shopping. My check sucked, so it is a bit in the hydro store, and even less at the hardware store, and then the car dealership. I need a vehicle, mine's got 140k on it, an intermittent headlight issue, a slow anti-freeze leak, caused by a bad T-Stat, bad struts, bad tires, bad brakes, and is made by a company that no longer exists, with parts that no longer exist. Someone backed into it (or ran into it) in a parking lot, and busted my front bumper wrap... :-( Depending on price, incentives, and all that fun shit, I'll be looking at a Jeep Cherokee or Subaru (not sure.) Wu, 50 is a wonderful nighttime low -- I'm working on running 48 on my "nights," if I can get the rooms finished correctly!
  11. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    Colder than a witch's clit (tit?) Hey everyone! I'm no long a wake-n-bake, I'm not a Rize-n-Vaporize! I made some QWESO (Ethanol,) last night. put it on the glass, on the hotplate (160f) overnight, in the outbuilding (under the open vent.) Scraped it this morning, and tried it in the Stealth BHOmber E-Pen/vaporizer. Very... I work days all week (boo, tips hurt on full days, but, yay, I like the consistency!) Saturday I'm beer tending, that'll be a kick (I'm a server, now. Got my server's permit a few months ago.) Invited the mayor, DA, the interim police chief, and sheriff to have a beer and a polite conversation with the constituents ... I think we're going "official" on January 1, 2018 -- launching business, websites, social media blitz, and live casts. I'm glad to see @fumble !!! I'm sorry I didn't text back. It's been really really difficult getting used to a real life, again. Work, social, dinners, dating (just the one I texted you about,) and still back and forth with my health, I got a new doctor, again. Blah, more blood tests. Y'all stay safe, and USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS!
  12. minnesmoker

    Wake & Bake

    @roofwayne text me, I'm your side of Flagstaff. I'll be making California in a while, and we're going to get a Motel 6 down the mountain from you. Unless it's all on fire. Road trip is on road trip is real, of course I had a nice week and bake it serious Casey crossed to headband and I'm pretty sure the grower had a Hermie that's all. This has a lot of Hermes flowers in it.
  13. minnesmoker

    A last poke, goodnight smoke, or late day toke

    I'm learning that song, on my bass... It's long. Thank you. I've got a card, and have been a dick about the case the whole time... The most popular picture of me is of me, in my suit, getting ready for court (black on black, red tie,) with my fretless Jazz bass slung on me, glasses on, me taking a smokey toke while giving the camera the finger... It's titled "Hey, DDA, eat a dick, I'm going to win best dressed, most on point, and highest, again." I actually emailed it to him, when I posted it on facebook. As far as New Mexico is concerned, I'm 100% allowed to use cannabis. Even on bond! I saw this, or somewhere else, and texted him. He's doing good. He can't grow, and has found god. So, we'll hear from him again, but, for now it is a lot of stress and temptation.
  14. minnesmoker

    my mushroon hobby

    Nice lookin' LC you've got there -- to the sterility -- you can use a small amount of H2O2 in the LC to "clarify" it. H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) kills spores, kills bacteria, and kills immature mycelium. You've got "mature samples" of mycelium. I've written some pretty in-depth directions on how-to with an LC. I'll text @Mycobro offline to let him know we've got another mushy cultivator! If you read through my how-to directions, and halve the level of sterility (I'm overkill bill when it comes to sterility,) you'll have a pretty good baseline for pharma grade grow conditions. What all are you looking for, though?
  15. minnesmoker

    A last poke, goodnight smoke, or late day toke

    I have no negative. My family is gone. My kids are grown, and good people. I have a job. I have my health and sanity -- however frayed. I can stand up, quietly. Not always, but enough to get to say "I can stand up without going ugh." I have my new family -- that's y'all. The state is dismissing. I'm under no supervision, probation, parole, bond, bail, medical detainer, mental health hold. I'm just me. I haven't been, before. I had to become the baddest motherfucker on the block, I had to acquire skills that turn my stomach, I had to accept others' false rule, I had to deal with abuse, with hiding, with everything. I'm done, though. And free. That Talking Heads song "Once in a Lifetime." The conundrum of everything being right, after a lifetime of wrong. It's awesome. Thank you guys, and Fumble, for helping me through it.