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  1. Choosing A Vape Pen

    Bringing this old thread back...anyone got any new suggestions on a good pen now that it's been 3 years since this thread started. Still looking for a dry herb pen my wife can use for this Blue Dream CBD I grew.
  2. Is your state Legal?

    Wish this map was the kind where u can hoover your mouse over it and it would show you current information on each state and you could click on it and show more information.
  3. Cutting back

    Well I squeezed 3 more into flower and hacked away at the other 3. We'll see how the take
  4. Cutting back

    If u just cut the branches in half, will they start growing again?
  5. Cutting back

    Wish I had the room to. I have a room full as it is. These were supposed to replace my batch coming out in 4weeks! I could probably squeeze 3 in there but they wouldnt get good light stuck in a corner.
  6. Cutting back

    I got some clones from my guy but he sent me some monsters. I usually get 4-6" size but he gave me some 12-16" ones. Problem is I can't fit them under my lights, let alone continue vegging them for 3/4wks. How do I go about cutting these way back without damaging the plants or losing alot cause these look nice branching wise. Here's what they all look about, some bigger.
  7. Onehit 57

    Man I hate hearing news like this...RIP Onehit
  8. 2018 gathering of the tribe

    Still waiting for that east coast gathering in my back yard or something. That probably be the only chance I'd get to do anything. Lol
  9. Spent a lil time here awhile back...

    Good to see you back and you survived divorce... I came from the darkside with Wolf back in the day.
  10. 2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    Was a runaway for Wolf but the 2nd-4th race was pretty close all season... Fly Eagles Fly!
  11. jstocker

    This guy is a spammer..Ban him
  12. Merry Christmas Stoners

    Reminds me of the Stoner Christmas contests...good times!
  13. 2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    I'm climbing back but still 50/50 on picks it seems.... We ever going to figure who the mystery player is?
  14. 2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    Will make for a exciting season of I think I was like 50% on mine
  15. 2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    I went from 1st to almost last in 1 week...hahaha