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  1. RW...Did I miss something here? Don't see anything from Wu Wei....
  2. Chris628

    Kinda weird request lol?¿

    I can ask my buddy. Probably smokes a pack a day. Lol
  3. His lady only wanted a fry and a diet Coke I guess...
  4. Wow...stay away from Idaho! Y'all get assloads of potatoes to make delicious french fries and chips but charging ppl with crimes for even being around someone who has any drugs whether u partake or not.
  5. Chris628


    Saddened to hear of Llamas passing. He was a great guy and willing to help and share his knowledge with everyone. Another good one taken too early. RIP my friend.
  6. Chris628


    Keep a eye on this guy...he's a friend of mine.
  7. Chris628

    Yellowing Leaves, Mid-Flower.

    Keep it simple homie... Start with a good hot soil (Nectar Of The God's #4, Vermifire, or FFOF). 3 or 5 part liquid ferts (General Hydro, Elite, FoxFarm). Start early in vegg like week 2 with 1/4 strength, 1/2 strength, then full dosage.
  8. Chris628

    Pix/vids That Make You Lol !

    Who's new glass peice?
  9. Chris628

    Carbon Filters

    Let's get some suggestions here. What Carbon Filter are you guys running and how often do you have to replace it? What did it set you back? I'm in the market for something a little better then the cheap $50 ones I been getting off eBay. Moving into a new spot so gotta up my stealth. The neighbors are a bit closer, kids are gonna start bringing friends over, ect...can't have any smell lingering anymore. Can't see spending $200/300 on a top of the line Cann filter but the eBay ones don't do that great a job or need replaced like 3/6m later. I saw some good reviews on TerraBloom filter in the $120 range I believe. If it's decent and I can run a good year before replacing it then it's a investment I will make. Do the top end brands last longer then a year? ....And go!
  10. Chris628

    Burning Man and Marijuana Laws

    Some solid info here...be safe out there!
  11. Chris628

    New forever home/grow room advice

    Hey @Torontoker , was just looking over this section and reread this thread. Did u ever go any further with your underground green house or any other plans?
  12. Chris628

    I'm home

    Hey Dank, good to see you back! You may not remember me but you helped me out alot in my early days here and CC.
  13. Chris628

    Choosing A Vape Pen

    Bringing this old thread back...anyone got any new suggestions on a good pen now that it's been 3 years since this thread started. Still looking for a dry herb pen my wife can use for this Blue Dream CBD I grew.
  14. Chris628

    Is your state Legal?

    Wish this map was the kind where u can hoover your mouse over it and it would show you current information on each state and you could click on it and show more information.
  15. Chris628

    Cutting back

    Well I squeezed 3 more into flower and hacked away at the other 3. We'll see how the take it....lol

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