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  1. wolfpackblue

    Onehit 57

    Sorry to hear this about our friend. I knew something was up when he quit coming around here very often. I enjoyed watching his thread. Condolences to the family.
  2. wolfpackblue

    What am I doing wrong!?!

    Is that a tall oscillating fan I see or is that a humidifier/dehumidifier? The reason I ask is I have had similar looking plant issues when I used a fan like that. With the help of several here we determined it was wind burn. I only use that type of fan when its really high temps and I have no choice because I need circulation. Also, you said your water pH was 7.5/8.0. Is that before or after adding nutes? After nutes or if just plain water...6.5 pH is ideal. And lastly, have you checked the pH of the water that "runs off" once your plant is fully watered? 7.0 pH run off is good. Just some suggestions.
  3. wolfpackblue

    gettin ready for the outdoor season

    I finally got 1 of those SG x TW to make it. Been on 12/12 for 3 days. Waiting on sex now.
  4. wolfpackblue

    2018 gathering of the tribe

    Its very hard for me to do these meet and greets because of being a swing shift worker. Especially if its "WAY" out west...lol. Yall make the plans that fit your schedules and if it fits mine...we'll see.
  5. wolfpackblue

    monkeying around

    This subject could cause a huge debate so each to his own is my best response. We are all sinners.
  6. wolfpackblue

    Llama's Retirement!

    I am geared the same way so that's why I set up my retirement at work to leave at 65. I can always change it if I want. 62 does sound nice!! Good luck with the business. It will be the first place I stop if Im ever there.
  7. wolfpackblue

    2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    Is Seahawk going to come out with an identity since the season is over or are we left in suspense here? I think most of us say its OneHit.
  8. wolfpackblue

    2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    Glad we had a little better participation this year. Would still like to see more consistent play. You can set it to auto pick and never miss a week of picks. Super Bowl should be a good one. The 2 teams that played the most consistent ball have made it to the big game. Hard to pick against Brady/Patriots but you never know at this stage of the game. Look forward to next year. Will close with this...you boys better tighten up!!!
  9. wolfpackblue

    monkeying around

    Glad to see you back posting again. I understand part of your dilemma because I battle it every day. Ultimately, its up to us to choose right and wrong. Take care brother.
  10. wolfpackblue

    Spent a lil time here awhile back...

    You are correct. Your memory is still working...lol.
  11. wolfpackblue

    Spent a lil time here awhile back...

    Glad to have you back. Life goes on brother.
  12. wolfpackblue

    2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    I think they might beat the Colts this week! They got a decent team but they just aren't "clickin" right now.
  13. wolfpackblue

    2017 NFL pick-em Contest

    WHAT!!!!! RW has given up on his Broncos and picked the Jets. And then the Broncos won the game. Maybe you need to pick against them more often so they can win.
  14. Happy Stoner Birthday wolfpackblue!

  15. wolfpackblue

    My new bungalo

    Lots of nice campgrounds in Myrtle Beach, SC that would be close enough for me to visit yall. We have 3 small campgrounds within 30 miles of me near Ocean Isle Beach. The nicest one is Sea Mist, google it. My mom has her 19' camper set up there year round. Only thing is.....you have to be very careful and stealth to smoke at these places. Hec, I can turn the tables on you...now if I would visit your place I have somewhere to sleep...lol!!!