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  1. Random Think

    My does that but not every time! I never review them and they slow down! 1984 is really here! .
  2. Things to ponder, things that make you go hmmmmm.....

    What else is there to do on a tropical Island?
  3. 808, The Hi State

    Yes he was! He was going to Vietnam from there, so wasn't around much. What people don't know was the USA went to Vietnam straight from Korea! We were there 6 years before the public knew! I loved there! Then I moved to the Mountains of Colorado.
  4. 808, The Hi State

    I lived in Hawaii from late 1959 to early 1962! I went a half a year of Kindergarden! My first memories are of there! I remember I had a great relationship with the Natives! I upset when there wasn't on the
  5. Random Think

    I was interested in vapes! Now I am not. Oh well it will stop soon!
  6. Random Think

    About a week ago, I click on the ad on the site for vaporizer and for a whole week everywhere I go there is a vaporizer ad, on every different site! Like a idiot I checked a couple out. Now I am getting e-mails about it! A whole lot of people are trying to make money, a lot of them are going to disappointed!
  7. I enjoyed it! I lived in Arlington, Va 73/74! Came from the Mountains of Colorado. Shell shock doesn't quite describe it! I learn to drive among 5.3 million cars. That was more people than 7 western states at the time ! Bussed to almost all black high school! If you saw "Remember the Titans" that was the school I was supposed go to. The year following the movie! We played JL Williams the year after the movie! We beat them 42-10! Interesting part of our team was that it was half white!
  8. Wake & Bake

    That weed look good! Still waiting on the Vape Pen and wax, it really feels like the old days! About half the time that happened,wait till the following day to get the weed! I going to be sad when I run out of this Lemon garlic OG! On to next
  9. TexasT

    High @TexasT! It looks like you be able to grow Cannabis, it only a weed! Welcome aboard!
  10. What's going on with my plant??

    Dolomite lime control PH! The soil, if it's any good, will have it in there. If not add it, powder for quick change, pellets for long term!
  11. Random Think

    It does get to hot to be in a wood box. It works ok, but it saves me money, don't have buy another to see if I like vaping! Get a broom handle, a rope and a 5lb weight! tie the rope to broom handle, the other end to weight. and roll the broom handle so the rope wraps around the broom handle picking up the weight. Then do it a lot and maybe you can get stronger
  12. Yeah, I watched all of the wire!
  13. Florida Man Killed by Exploding Vape Pen

  14. Random Think

    Well I got it worked It works really good and it's simple! Plus I already bought it! I have been looking at portable vapes and there is a billion of them, I swear I am still waiting on the pen vape and wax. Man, for having Legal weed It sure feels like the old Days. "Hey man, is that dude back with the weed" " No Man, he went all the way to LA!" Not really funny because it is suppose to be Legal! And most of Califorina doesn't have a place to buy Legal Weed! 1
  15. Random Think

    Well Dark, I got myself a pretty good buzz going! But man am I