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  1.  have a new tact for telephone solicitors sell home improvements.  They promise a free estimate. I say "Fine" and ask when I can expect a representative to come down... click

  2. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

    I hope everyone in harms way, on the BigIsland, is out of the way... that being said I find it ironic that the geothermal generating station being shut down because of a lava flow encroaching
  3. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

    Vaping is like doing oil... Just, not so much at one time. reason I think the kitten is still here ... the other night, I went to bed .. and I swear a cat laid down with/on me. I felt weight... reached down to get a handful of empty. No cats on the bed at all. Yesterday one of the others cats was running around the house acting weird ... like he saw something. Kinda trying to get away. This AM, Frank [the kitten's brother] was in the office and he squawked and came in all puffed up. IDK I said in an earlier post, strange shit happening around here. Evil '15 again. Time has a way of mellowing those nasty tasting strains. This one was a tire fire chem. It take a long time for that to cure out. Not a fan of that flavor. Kinda a wuss that way. Some flavors put me off ... real bad. That one of them. Salli is sort of that way ... but, there is a lot of other smelly stuff going on in her. That strain is just noxious smelling. It doesn't smell like weeds, that not a problem ... the EPA might wanna see what you got, tho.
  4. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

    I hate to say it, oil, hash are by-product to me. I like my flowers. Vaped or smoked. Concentrates .... Edibles??? Hitting Evil from '15. A chem. It has some seed in it. To Maku. Maku is good weed. It just got outclassed that season. I not a big believer in ghosty stuff ... but, I think the kitten I had put down is still with us.
  5. DarKwon

    PM Treatment and control

    I see it in the fall. Like you, we are high and very dry. I still haven't made a weather connection to its appearance here. I do think damp and cool are a factor.
  6. DarKwon

    PM Treatment and control

    I see it now and then. Mostly in the fall. Never had any serious issues with it. You can't grow Zinnias w/o them getting it toward the end of the season. here's something that just crossed my mind ... I wonder if pm is an age related [maturity] disease? You know how plants change fragrance from veg to flower ... maybe they come susceptible after plant chemistry changes - puberty thinking out loud
  7. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

    coffee and cannabis Elvira, Kudzu, Salli. Dunno about Kudzu. I think I want to try doing that cross again. This doesn't quite pass muster. That Mex/DH was one pungent mofo and came thru too strong with the tire fire chem. and Salli that has to be some of the smelliest weed I have ever burned. So strong that you don't have to go out of the room and come back, to notice. Actually, when you walk out of the room, you can smell it clinging to you. "Hey everybody!!! I just smoked some WEED!"
  8. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

    our DL is same. We could be in trouble if the BP insisted on proof of citizenship. And we will be on the "no fly" list also. I think we have until 2020 to get our new improved/approved state issue ID... or buy a passport.
  9. DarKwon

    Sign In

    I do once in a while ... then try to remember my password. Usually happens when I clear browser history and cookies.
  10. DarKwon

    Things to ponder, things that make you go hmmmmm.....

    I recorded the first two BeverlyHillbillies the other day. around here... McGyver is always in play.... he works beside Murphy.
  11. DarKwon

    Things to ponder, things that make you go hmmmmm.....

    I don't think deeper than a teaspoon simple things, like a Rainbird sprinkler amaze me. This is a simple device that has me dumbfounded. What gets me is the reversing direction.... I like to think I am a pretty good mechanic, until I get to this thing.
  12. DarKwon

    Germinating Seeds Part One

    I do mine the same as rw ... except straight in the garden I give mine a week or so to push up. When "direct" seeding to the garden, soil temp is important. They can take a little longer than in a controlled environment.
  13. DarKwon

    Things to ponder, things that make you go hmmmmm.....

    I dunno, Loops I am rarely surprised any more. I have to admit to being amazed almost daily. People do really stupid things and say very interesting stuff. was looking at my prickly pear with thoughts of eating some of it. Some young pads are ready and there are blooms/fruit coming, too
  14. DarKwon

    Random Think

    If y'all had not gotten me this computer, I would have let it go. Not that you folks aren't great friends and I am glad for some things the 'puter does ... but, it is getting too invasive/pervasive. I laugh at myself with this new car that is devoid of a lot of the tech bells and whistles. And the stuff it has doesn't do me any good anyway. Do I need a car that hooks to the cell phone that I don't own? I still have my land line. Same ph # since 1970.
  15. DarKwon

    808, The Hi State

    grow 100 would be fun. Trim 100? - pass 10 good ones give me more than I want to clean. I try to keep things to a modest size... sometimes the plants don't cooperate my prob isn't state. We have more feds than you can shake a stick at around here. I make jokes about the BorderPatrol seeing my garden more than I do ... and it's in my yard. Proximity to the border... lots and lots of overfights. They are busy with other things, but .... they still make me nervous. All they have to do, is change their mind about leaving us alone.