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  1. DarKwon

    Random Think

    @Kushkush here try this .... after careful examination that can of weed I found is.............. ...................good seems to be CrossroadF1 Immaturish. Some hoppers chews. Seeds are too big to be Driz. And the buzz is way too good to be Driz. Taste too spicy to be anything but Crossroad. Evil was... um..... kinda caustic smelling. A good oz that escaped notice until now... a few years? 4 - 5 maybe
  2. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

    Sunny and nice, here. Shooting for 85`. Hope the wind lays down. Hit a bowl of Crossroad kief in the SSV... Pretty wound up. that CR kief was on top of a half cooked bowl of Salli. That how I do it. Try to keep it away from the screen. It will clog it very fast.
  3. DarKwon

    Random Think

    That's good, wu I wasn't hunting.... just nosing around in the doghouse... found a[nother] can of weed. Honestly, I am trying to clean the place up. I am dumping lots of old dried out crap. This can... I dunno. It would be safe to presume it to be Drizella [there was soooooo much] but this has a spicy smell. Could be Crossroad... It NOT Evil. Still culling. I could cull with a lawn mower... lol Down to 5 ZS/ZSCR X Evil females. That's a start.
  4. DarKwon

    Random Think

    very cool. We used to find things under the lanes and other secretive places, at the bowling alley. Pull tab soda cans, etc. Once in a while, you can find a steel beer/soda can... the ones that took a "church key" in old dump sites out here.
  5. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

  6. if you have a sewing machine and a little time...you can learn to sew. It not too difficult to stick fabric together... make it look good takes some practice... but for your purposes, you could muddle though it and end up with something that will work. It not like you are tailoring a suit...
  7. DarKwon

    Wake & Bake

    I'm being gentle [NOT]... Salli in the SSV Love the Durban in it. It really, really stinks when you burn this stuff. So bad, you can smell it on yourself.
  8. DarKwon

    Random Think

    now I understand the "See you on the 21st" comment Have a good time and don't take the blue acid.. Am I remembering Woodstock correctly? can't say our weather disagrees with me. About time it warmed up. We went 160 days between 90` temps. lol Come June, we will see how many days [in succession] we get 100` days. Blew up a bowl of SalliF2 in the SSV. I'm ready for something....
  9. DarKwon

    Random Think

    Oh... that's one gooey mess I'll help you clean it up
  10. DarKwon

    Random Think

    precisely why I live in a "remote" area. the eastern seaboard and SanAngeles are crazy. Chicago/Milwaukee....and the smaller metropoli... I'm not a good urbanite...not even suburbanite. I took the garden scissors to a bunch of bulls. "It WILL kill" to quote Doug Akaida [Forged in Fire] just for fun, I left one...... and tied an overhand knot in it. I bet it lives...
  11. DarKwon

    Random Think

    gonna be? How long have you been asleep?
  12. DarKwon

    Random Think

    is it time to mow the lawn? let this guy do it for you
  13. DarKwon

    Random Think

    uh huh Had to reverse the heating/cooling scheme today. Do NOT open the doors and windows to let the house warm up... it's 95` Sunny and breezy. The kids are groovin'. They get water tomorrow AM. Think I may have this timing close. Still may need to be cut back a little. I'll keep an eye one them. It not unusual to see them sag in the heat of the day and perk up when it cools. They aren't sagging... a couple are praying to the sun... that may be a stress indication.. No water until they go wilty... Too much water is worse than too little, w/i reason...
  14. DarKwon

    Random Think

    a lot of working off ladder/scaffold?
  15. DarKwon

    Smell The Difference

    I'm reading the benefits... ... a lot of anti-fungal. from the plant's point of view. Those are there to protect the seed from mold I bet a lot are 2 fold. They don't taste good . I have seen this. Mice do not like seed with the calyx...

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