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    Retired and loving every minute of it. Fishing, reading, handgun shooting, growing and smoking dope, drinking fine bourbon.

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  1. Hey my friend. Happy holidays :SnowballSmile: hope all is well

  2. Hey brother. Noticed you dropped in for a bit. Hope all is good. Come visit more often and say hi!:lol: have a good one bro :default_smileys-passing-joint:

    1. BarnBuster


      Thanks, hope all is well with you. You should stop over to RIU too!!



  3. Hope all is well for you, and you cash out before the collapse, lol!!

    1. BarnBuster


      Nice to see you posting...somewhere!  Actually my IRA's are doing pretty good this year, no complaints

    2. ClaytonBigsby


      Good to hear.  I keep investing in ammo.  I saw a youtube video yesterday with these crazy little tablets that turn into wet wipes when you dip them in water.  Wysi Wipes.  I also bought a thermal imaging camera.  Getting ready...


      My Dobie just turned 9.   I am thinking about what to get next.  The wife insists on a pair of Frenchies,  and I was thinking about rescuing a couple of pits or American Bullies.  It will be weird not having a Dobie.  She is my fourth.  What do you like?


      Much love

    3. BarnBuster


      I've had 5 Dobes and 2 Rottweilers over the years. Never was around Pitbulls much but the ones I've seen were very loving and protective. I've rescued a few Dobes and thought rescued dogs knew they were given a 2nd chance as it were and were very attached to the new owner. Haven't had any dogs for about 10 years since I retired. Always keep telling myself I'm going to move somewhere else but here I stay in central Ohio...


      We all miss you at RIU :( You should pop in and say hi, REALLY.



  4. Happy Stoner Birthday BarnBuster!

  5. Happy Stoner Birthday BarnBuster!

  6. BarnBuster


    Hey anzo, welcome to SH
  7. BarnBuster

    If they were still alive..,

    individually: Albert Einstein Da Vinci or, together: Charles Darwin Jesus Christ
  8. BarnBuster


    Hey Rosie, welcome
  9. BarnBuster


    to Stoner Haven!!
  10. BarnBuster


    to Stoner Haven!!
  11. BarnBuster


    to Stoner Haven!!
  12. BarnBuster


    to Stoner Haven!!
  13. BarnBuster

    Raging Buddhist

    to Stoner Haven!!
  14. BarnBuster


    to Stoner Haven!!
  15. BarnBuster


    to Stoner Haven!!

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